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The island in this chapter came from an anime film called Laputa; castle in the sky. I totally recomend it, it's brilliant.

Information overload V2


The winged horses approached a storm centering on a towering cloudbank. The wind was getting stronger,
and gusty, almost knocking Harry from his seat a few times. Harry was now slightly more comfertable on his steed,
but was by no means proficient. Lucius still called instructions to him as they flew. Harry was eyeing the storm rather nervously, and clinging a bit tighter to his horse.

"Shouldn't we turn around or land or something?" He asked Lucius, eyes still fixed on the storm.

"No Harry," Lucius replied smiling at the young man. " This is our destination!"

With that decleration Lucius looped his reigns onto the pommel of his saddle, maintaining his balence and directing has horse with his knees. He drew his sleeve away fom his left arm, revealing his dark mark, and touched the tatoo with his wand. As soon as Lucius did this the wind, wich had been getting much stronger as the approached the storm started to die down, and the bank of cloud began to dissapate.

Harry couldn't help the gasp that escaped his lips as the parted. An island was within the clouds, floating in the sky.
As the winged horses swooped down towards the island, they could see a village, with two stable blocks. One housing different breeds of
winged horse, the other hippogriffs.

As they landed Harry looked up at the sky and saw the clouds gathering again, and start to swirl around the floating island.

"The break in the storm only lasts a short time," Lucius commented. Looking at Harry with some amusement at the wide eyed expression
that the young man was sporting.

"How..?" Harry seemed too stunned to form a complete scentance.

Lucius laughed. "It's a combination of runes, carved in the rock of the island, a ritual performed by a group of seven witches and wizards
and a spell cast with the powers of the seven wiches and wizards merged together and channeled through one of them. It's rather complicated."

"I can imagine... wait! How many people know about this place? Are all the deatheaters here?"

"No Harry. The only people who know about this place are the ones who raised it, and now you."

"Oh. Who raised it?"

"The Dark Lord, Narcissa, Rodolphus Lestrange, Rastaban Lestrange, Bellatrix Lestrange, Theodore Nott Senior and myself."

"Oh," Harry seemed to be at a loss for words.

"Come," Lucius started to lead his horse away. "We must stable the horses."

Harry hurried to follow Lucius towards the stables housing the winged horses. Lucius talked Harry through settling his horse and cleaning and feeding it.
Despite the reassurance of Lucius' calm voice Harry was feeling more and more nervous as time moved on. He knew that once they were finished with the horses
it would be time to meet with Voldemort. They were done all too soon for Harry's taste. Lucius beckoned for Harry to follow, and he did without a word. Together
they walked from the stables to the little village and approached a structure that was set a little apart from the others. Lucius knocked at the door and opened it
without waiting for an answer. He ushered Harry in, then with a parting squeeze to his shoulder shut the door, leaving Harry alone with the Dark Lord.

"Come in," the voice came from Harry's right making him jump in surprise. It was the same voice that he had heard less than a year previously.
Though without the edge of insanity that had been there before. The pale figure of the dark lord swept across the room and seated itself in one of a pair of armchairs
in the centre of the room.

"Sit with me Harry Potter," Voldemort spoke a second time. "Don't keep me waiting."

Harry took a deep breath and walked across the room. Hesat gingerly on the edge of the seat, very uneasy with the presence of the dark lord.

"It might be advisable to keep breathing," Voldemort suggested with a hint of a smirk on his lips. Harry let out the breath he had still been holding
and flushed with embarisment.

"I was informed by Severus that Lucius was trying to corrupt you," Voldemort said all traces of the smirk had vanished. "I never thought that he would succeed."

"I wouldn't say corrupted," Harry said swallowing convulsivly as he met Voldemorts eyes.

"Please, continue,"

"You can't make a decision based on one side of an argument. Thats what i did, no-one ever told me why you fight. I just assumed, all of us, me and my
friends assumed that you were just terrorists. With no reason to fight other than to cause suffering. We... I was wrong."

"Indeed, now what do you propose to do with this new found enlightenment?"

"If I could... Um... Would you let me help?"

"Do you mean you want to change sides?" Voldemorts gaze suddenly grew more intense. Harry just nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He threw himself
Back in his chair when Voldemort started laughing. still the unnerving high pitched laughter that haunted his dreams but this time without the coldness and with genuine
amusement laced through it. The laughter abrubtly stopped.

"Welcome to the Death Eaters Harry Potter."