Chapter One: Swords of Fate

He growled low in his throat, as his sword tokijin was ripped from his grasp. Having stumbled across Inuyasha and his friends, Sesshoumaru had baited him into yet another battle. The youkai no longer desired the sword his brother carried; he just loved to bait his hanyou brother into fights. Amused at how easily his brother was drawn into a rage, Sesshoumaru flipped backwards, avoiding a swing from the Tessaiga.

Smirking, he drew the only other weapon now, the Tenseiga. Never having used it before in battle against his brother, he held it out hoping that it would prove to be useful. His sword pulsed. Frowning, he drew his mouth into a tight line. An answering pulse came from the Tessaiga, and then his sword pulsed again in response.

Inuyasha was staring at his sword in annoyance, then over at Tenseiga and back to his own as the swords seemed to communicate with one another. Both brothers growled and their frowns deepened.

Snarling with rage, both brothers jumped at one another both hefting their swords in tune with each other, and their swords met. Tenseiga, hummed, and Tessaiga sang, both reverberating from the impact, and both responding to the other. The swords flared to life and both brothers gaped in shock and surprise as their swords hissed.

They pulsed in unison then flooded both brothers in a bright white light. Hissing again, the swords gave a final explosive pulse and sent both brothers back at the impact. They flew back with such ferocity that they left indents in the earth as their bodies connected with it.

Tenseiga flew from Sesshoumaru's hand, and flew towards Rin and Jaken who stood gaping at the now dust covered field.

Tessaiga flew from Inuyasha's hands, landing feet away from Kagome, and she stared from Miroku and Sango, to Shippo, and then at the sword in wide eyed wonder. Whispering, she took a shuddering breath. "What just happened?"

Sesshoumaru groaned, and took a deep breath. Rolling onto his stomach, he lifted himself into a crouched position. He froze however when his left hand connected with the ground. Blinking, he stared at it in horror. 'I don't have a left arm!' He shouted into his mind.

Inuyasha grunted, and growled at his stupidity. Sighing, he sat up. Looking around he saw a lot of dust and shook his head waiting for it to settle before searching out his irritating youkai brother. He looked up when he heard shouts threw the dust, and he yelled out in response. Startled, he bit his tongue warily. 'That wasn't my voice.'

Lifting his hands to his eye view, he gasped. His claws here gone, his fingers were 'Chubby?' He felt his eyes widen in terror.

Sesshoumaru growled, however his growl died in his throat at the pitch and sat back on his heels. 'What th-?' Frowning, he lifted his gaze at the dust and noticed it was starting to settle around him. He saw Jaken and Rin both running towards him, but they stopped horrified. Sniffing, he wondered why they looked terrified. Jaken squawked. "Lo-lord Sess…houmaru?"

Snarling, he glared at his retainer. "Who else wou…" He froze. That was not his voice.

A cry caught Inuyasha's attention and he looked over at the horrified faces of his friends. "What?" He frowned. His voice was far too high. Clearing his throat he tried again. "What?" He flinched. That didn't work.

Kagome started laughing. "He is so cute!"

Inuyasha growled. He stood up but found he didn't have far to go. Blinking rapidly, he stared. Lifting his gaze more, he realized that his friends had either gotten a whole lot taller, or he had shrunk. He felt his eyes widen to unimaginable sizes.

Sesshoumaru sniffed and pushed himself to his feet, expecting to reach his full height. However when he looked up, he stared right into Rin's eyes, and he winced. Looking down at himself, he noticed his different clothing, his lack of fur, and the fact that he was indeed standing on both his feet.

Blinking again he lifted his gaze slowly, meeting Rin's eyes dead on.

Rin grinned. "Are you Lord Sesshoumaru?"

Snorting, he narrowed his eyes at her. The dust finally settled, and he looked over his shoulder. He felt his mouth drop open, and blinked trying to clear his senses. He saw red, but he wasn't expecting to see Inuyasha as he was.

Inuyasha stared at his brother in surprise and horror. "I want an explanation." Inuyasha shouted out to no one lifting his head to the sky. Groaning, that definitely was not his voice.

Kagome and Sango turned around and stared at the former Lord Sesshoumaru. "Well this is interesting." Kagome muttered, giggling.

"Do you think they realize what happened yet" Miroku asked standing next to the girls looking thoroughly amused.

"I'm not even sure what happened." Kagome whispered.

The two separate groups had finally all turned around and stared at the two forms of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. They definitely weren't who they used to be. For standing there now were children.