Chapter Two: Cranky Children

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, and stalked over to his brother snarling. "This is your doing isn't it?" He cried out in rage.

Snorting, Sesshoumaru took a step back when Inuyasha stuck his nose right to his. "Right. I would really do this to myself. Fool."

Inuyasha frowned. Both brothers stared at one another for a moment before their gazes shifted and landed on the Tessaiga and Tenseiga laying only feet away. The swords were pulsing back and forth to one another happily.

Inuyasha growled, and tackled Sesshoumaru; they fell to the ground in a heap, both wrestling with each other.

Kagome and Sango smirked, shaking their heads. The girls walked up to the two children, Sango reaching down and grabbing Sesshoumaru by his sash, holding him up into the air, while Kagome did the same to Inuyasha.

The brother's stilled at this strange action, and stared into the girls eyes. "Put me down." Sesshoumaru growled.

Sango lifted a brow. "Stop being so rash." She scolded both of them. "We have to figure out what happened. That means that both of you have to stop fighting, at least until we can set things right."

Sesshoumaru struggled in the exterminators grasp to no avail. In his current state there was nothing he could do.

Kagome grinned. "Hey Miroku?"

The monk walked over with a giggling Shippo.

"How old do you think these two are?"

Miroku grinned. "No more then seven I would think. How old are you Rin?"

"Eight." Came the response.

"Boys are generally taller then girls at this age, so perhaps between six and eight years." Miroku felt his grin widen.

Kagome nodded and pulled Inuyasha into a tight hug. "You are so adorable." She cried.

Inuyasha struggled. "Let me go!" He said pushing against her arms.

Sesshoumaru snorted, still being held up by his sash in Sango's hand. "Are you going to put me down?" He snarled.

"Be a good boy will you?" Sango smirked. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes.

They were finally released, and both brothers glared at each other for a moment. Inuyasha barred his teeth. Sesshoumaru found that quite amusing. Grunting, he looked away. 'Good grief, I have resorted back to my childhood.' He groaned at that thought.

"What are you growling about?" Inuyasha snarled.

"Drop it Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru ground out between clenched teeth. He flinched at the high pitch of his voice, and the tone that erupted from his mouth. Had he been in his regular state, he would have sounded much more menacing. "You sound like a pup."

"We are pups! If you haven't noticed!" Inuyasha cried out, arms out stretched widely. "We sound like pups, look like pups…"

"Shut up!" Sesshoumaru stalked off as best as he could with his much shorter legs. Walking over to the Tenseiga, which now stood higher then him, he tried to pull it out of the ground. Grunting, it didn't move. Frowning, placing both his hands on the hilt, reaching it only by standing on his toes, he then planted both his feet on the blade and pulled backwards. It toppled over, right on top of him. The hilt smacked him firmly in the forehead and he yelped.

Inuyasha felt his eyes widen at the sight, barely containing his laughter. "Smart one."

Sesshoumaru sat up struggling to push the sword off him and glared at his brother, then turned his glare at his sword, and got to his feet. Reaching down, he dragged his sword over to where the sheath lay, but before he could react the sword was yanked out of his grasp.

"Children should not play with such dangerous things." Kagome smiled, holding the sword above her head.

He gaped. "What? Are you jesting with me?" Sesshoumaru snarled.

Shaking her head, Kagome walked over to the Tessaiga and picked that one up as well. "Stop your growling you two." She sighed when they both stared at her in disbelief, growling in disapproval. "We should get to Kaede and see if she can help."

They began walking out of the field, leaving both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru staring at their retreating backs stunned, baffled, startled, confused, and…the brothers shot each other a look. Breaking into a run, they caught up with the others. Inuyasha sneered at Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru shot his arm out and pushed Inuyasha into the dirt.


Kagome stopped and saw Inuyasha laying on the ground and Sesshoumaru walking by her with a satisfied smirk on his face. Shaking her head, she rolled her eyes. "Hurry up, Inuyasha. You'll get left behind."

Picking himself up he ran after them. Snarling under his breath as he approached his brother, he smiled broadly at a sudden thought. Slipping his foot to the side, Sesshoumaru stumbled and fell face first into the dirt. Inuyasha quickly raced forward. "Wait for me."

Growling, Sesshoumaru hissed under his breath. "Oh, just you wait until we are back to our normal selves you twerp." Pushing himself to his feet, he followed them slowly. This was not a good day. The only reason why he was following them in the first place was because that human girl had his swords. Thinking on it more, he realized that there was little he could do at the age of six or eight, or however old he was. He didn't even have use of his energy whips at this age. Both Rin and Jaken had stopped and waited for him, and he growled, barring his teeth. "Not a word!"

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin grinned. "What happened to your fangs?"

He muttered under his breath ignoring her. His muffled words were snarls and curses, mixed in with furious growls. Sesshoumaru grunted slightly, feeling a yawn try to escape and he quickly bit it back with another snarl. 'There is no way I am falling asleep in their company.' Lifting his hand to his head he scratched at the tight knot that bound his hair up. "Oh for the love of…" He muttered the rest unintelligibly as his eyes narrowed at his newest discovery. 'I have a dratted pup's top knot again!'

Kagome looked back over her shoulder, sighing at the irritated growls and snarls erupting from Sesshoumaru's mouth and she giggled at the 'cute' sounds he made. She would never voice it out loud but both brothers looked absolutely adorable as children.

Sighing again, Kagome also knew that it was going to take them a long time to reach the village, due to the fact they had three more in their company, and no Inuyasha to carry her on his back.

Kagome grinned widely, reaching her hand down and petting Inuyasha between his small dog ears, and he whacked her hand away. "Stop that!"

"You and your brother are cranky." Sango smirked looking over her shoulder. "Do you two need a nap?" She was thoroughly enjoying teasing Inuyasha. Knowing she would have to eventually face his wrath, she continued to tease him. Shaking her head at his growled response, she remembered teasing Kohaku when he was young too.

Inuyasha stared at Sango's back. 'Oh, she is going to pay. Yes.' He nodded with a smirk. 'They are all going to pay.'

Kagome giggled. "Stop pouting, Inuyasha." She lifted her gaze to the two swords in her hand, Tokijin was strapped at Miroku's side, but the two swords she carried were still pulsing back and forth. "It's like the swords are talking to each other."

Miroku nodded. "It seems that they had enough fighting and decided to intervene."

Kagome nodded. "Well Sesshoumaru had never drawn Tenseiga during a fight before, so why would that sword be tired of the fighting?"

Miroku shook his head. "I think we will need to talk to Toutousai or Myoga about this. Perhaps they will have an explanation."

"Hey Sango? Can you send Kirara to find Myoga?"

Sango smiled and nodded. "You heard her Kirara. It is one of those times when your exceptional skills are needed." Winking at her two tailed cat, she heard the answering meow. Within minutes, Kirara was off on her search, leaving Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Inuyasha staring into the sky where she had vanished.

Rin and Jaken both stopped suddenly, as Inuyasha glanced back at them frowning. 'I had almost forgotten about those three.' Lifting his gaze further, he smiled as he watched Sesshoumaru struggle with the topknot on his head. Sesshoumaru was only making it worse, and finally Inuyasha saw his hands drop to his side.

"Hey Kagome?" Inuyasha muttered. "We had better be on the look out. It would do no good to be caught unawares." He waved his hand over in front of him in emphasis.

Kagome nodded. "How old were you when you were left on your own?"

Inuyasha winced. He didn't like that particular memory. "Older then this." He grumbled.

"Are we going to continue?" Sesshoumaru hissed, walking up to them.

Sango lifted a brow. "You were never disciplined were you? Such foul language." Turning away she began walking again.

Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. Golden gaze met golden gaze, and both brothers stared at one another. Smirking, Sesshoumaru's eyes trailed to the large rosary around his brother's neck. Lifting his hand, he used his finger to lift it to Inuyasha's view. Inuyasha blinked, and then shuddered. Stepping back from his brother's reach, he turned away with a sniff.

Sesshoumaru knew exactly what that thing did. During their battle over Sou'unga, the necklace had ripped apart, but now it looked like new. Kagome had noticed this interaction between the boys, and shook her head. Thinking that it was going to be another wrestling match between them, she had stopped walking.

"Sesshoumaru, don't you dare start anything." She scolded firmly. "I'll have Kaede make you one if you do."

Snorting, Sesshoumaru glared at the girl. Remaining silent, they finally continued walking. It was getting late. The sun was beginning its descent over the horizon, and Sesshoumaru found himself glancing at the sky, searching for the moon that would be making its appearance in short time. He barely remembered his childhood, but he knew he used to watch the stars with his father. Shaking his head, he sighed. 'This is not a good day.' He thought absently.

Here is a repost. Sorry folks. I want to thank Taiyoukai Lady for pointing out a mistake. It was a slip nothing more. I knew that Tokijin didn't have a sheath, and me being tired didn't help…thanks again.

Just to clear something up. I know Tenseiga can't kill, but being weaponless, I know in my case I would draw whatever I had to protect myself. In movie 3 Sesshoumaru drew the sword to kill Takemaru, it didn't kill him; rather it took him down, but he came back to life with the use of Sou'unga. However this didn't stop Sesshoumaru from using the sword to fight him even though Tokijin was nearby for his use. So I used that little bit of knowledge for him drawing his sword whenever he is weaponless.

Hence him drawing Tenseiga in battle against his brother. Plus I thought it would be an interesting twist to the story.