Chapter Thirty-Five

Secrets Revealed

Immediately Inuyasha was dropped to the ground, coughing and gagging in the air he had been denied for several minutes.

The youkai whirled around to face the miko. "He's what?" He raged. Shock coursed through his veins.

Kagome tightened her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide, and she shook her head frantically.

"Speak!" The youkai snarled ferociously, with such a commanding tenor that left no room for disobedience.

Kagome dropped her now seriously shaking hands and she trembled. "H…he…s…yo…ur…so…n…n" She couldn't stop her voice from shaking along with her entire body. Her knees threatened to buckle and her whole body trembled violently.

The golden eyes narrowed to slits and his mouth curled into a snarl of rage and disbelief. The low growl soon grew in intensity, and rose to one of fierce rage. The small pebbles on the ground vibrated from the rise in the youki and the earth shook beneath her feet.

Inuyasha felt the hair on the back of his neck rise, and his ears twitched at the sizzling charge that was flowing out of the youkai, his father. Wincing, Inuyasha shrunk back against the wall and pulled Kagome back with him.

The youkai wrinkled his nose and sensed their discomfort and drew his youki back slightly, allowing them a bit of breathing space. Lowering himself to their level again, he smirked. "You are my son?" He glared pointedly at the hanyou for a long moment, before the Inu nodded. He was angry, there was no doubt about that. It wasn't the fact that before him sat a hanyou. It was the fact that he had bred with another female. Had decided to produce another child, and had decided to do so with a human female, not another Inuyoukai.

There was no lie in their words. The evidence sat before him, his own scent flowing through the boy in front of him. The golden eyes were the same, and the hair was no doubt from his line of silver inuyoukai. The small ears sitting on top of the head were somewhat a surprise and he lifted his gaze to them curiously. If he had been in his true form, the ears would have looked similar, but nothing like that.

He lifted his hand and touched one furry appendage and the ear twitched out of the way for a moment, and the youkai chuckled. Before he could reach to touch them again, the ears flattened against the hanyou's head and he dropped his gaze to the golden ones of this boy.

"My son…" He whispered his voice echoing the awe that now coursed through him. "How can this be?"

Inuyasha frowned and tried to shrink back against the caves walls. Was his father disappointed in him being a hanyou? Would this change the out come of his life? Swallowing nervously, he waited.

The youkai traced the hanyou's cheeks and blinked. "You have my facial structure. But yet you did not know who I was until Sessho made his appearance, why is that?"

"Keh!" Inuyasha scoffed, trying to get away from those wandering clawed fingers. They looked rather menacing to him at that particular moment.

Kagome spoke softly, her voice filled with sadness. "He has never met you before."

The youkai jolted. "What?" Those clawed fingers twitched and Inuyasha winced as one scratched his cheek.

Kagome nodded.

Inuyasha was surprised at the reaction and he took a deep breath. "So what. Not like I care or nothing."

Kagome glared at him and the youkai frowned.

"If I am your father, why have you not met me before?" The youkai pressed.

Inuyasha swallowed. "Because you are not around in my time."

The youkai allowed his breath to slip through his teeth slowly. "I have died then." He whispered, staring at the two beings there, long and hard. "I see." Without another word, he stood up and walked out of the cave with measured steps. With all that had just happened, why the hell would his father just leave the cave? His life had almost been extinguished by his own father if Inuyasha touched the little pup, so what would stop him from attacking the little brat now that his father was outside?

Gulping, Inuyasha allowed his eyes to trail after the one person he had never met, and had so many questions for. Of course, his father was at least twice more powerful than Sesshoumaru, so his father was probably even faster. He cleared his throat and sat up, partly relieved that the intense aura had diminished, and yet he still felt uneasy and worried.

"What do we do?" Kagome whispered, her own fears echoing through her voice.

"Hell if I know." Inuyasha growled softly. "It's not like I have answers for everything."

Kagome nodded and bit her lip. "Did we really come back so far?"

The faint trace of salt filled the air and Inuyasha twitched. "Oie, don't you start crying on me, wench. There has to be a reasonable explanation for all this."

Kagome shook her head and sniffled, hiding her face with her long black hair. "I'm scared, Inuyasha. What reason would there be for us coming so far back in time?"

"Keh. Look, you were brought back to my era to bring the jewel back, shatter it and help gather them together. You set forth a chain of events that obviously were meant to happen. Perhaps this has something to do with it."

Kagome gasped. "Do you think the jewel exists here in this era?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "If it did, it is probably still in one piece."

"Maybe if we find it…" Kagome began.

"No!" Inuyasha barked sharply causing Kagome to jump startled. "It's shattered in the feudal era, we can't mess with that. This is something different, but maybe linked in some way. I don't know for sure." A soft shuffling across the cave broke his train of thought and he glanced over at the mound of fur. "Somehow, I think this has to do with him." He pointed over to the fur, which was now moving about frantically.

Kagome smiled softly and nodded. "You could be right, but what?" She watched as a section of the fur fell and a small tiny form rolled out head over heels.

Inuyasha shrugged and watched the small pup that in fact was his great and terrible older brother. The small pup sat with both his legs extended, panting from his exertion of getting out of the massive fur. Another section of the white mass fell towards the pup and he yelped trying to get out of the way.

Kagome giggled as she watched, and saw the small child once again enveloped in the fur.

"Is that thing alive?" Inuyasha asked no one in particular. Once again the boy managed to shuffle out of the fur with a rather impressive growl.

The intense presence filled the cave again, and caught both Inuyasha and Kagome's attention immediately.

Golden eyes scanned over them quickly and scrutinized them silently. Then he spoke. "Sleep. It seems that there are several questions we all seek, without any answers to provide at the moment."

Inuyasha snorted. "Who can sleep with that youki pouring off you? It makes my skin crawl."

His father raised a brow and stared at him. A soft yip stole everyone's attention and they glanced at the small pup that was once again wrapped up inside the fur. The great youkai chucked then, and walked over to his fur. "Did you honestly think that you could escape?" He asked, kneeling beside the fur and lifting a section to reveal the small pup. "It protects you, this you are already well aware." Another small yip exited the fur. "Enough, you can release him."

Inuyasha watched with curious wonderment as the fur seemed to shift on its own and the small pup crawled out of it.

"Better?" The great youkai asked the small pup.

The small boy got onto his feet and glanced over at them silently, the large golden eyes taking in their appearance. Inuyasha noticed the tiny nose work with the scents in the air, trying to shift through them. A small frown creased the forehead and the eyes changed to confusion.

Those golden eyes shifted back to his father and the silent question was asked, as the small hand lifted towards the two sitting against the wall.

"Who are they? I am uncertain Sesshou. You have no reason to fear them, they will not harm you."

Once again the head turned and faced Inuyasha in particular, causing the hanyou to shift uncomfortably. He almost jumped startled when the small pup slowly walked a large circle towards them, keeping a safe distance, and yet his curious mind wanted to get closer. Inuyasha kept his eyes on the pup, but remained still.

He remembered being small and curious about everything, and yet caution always won out when it came to other people. It didn't take long for the small pup to inch his way closer to the hanyou, now an arms length away. Inuyasha noticed the small nose still working with his scent, as though trying to figure out why he smelt similar to their father. Almost certain, the pup didn't understand the conversation earlier, or had not heard it, Inuyasha allowed the curious pup to move even closer.

All the while the hanyou was aware of the intense golden gaze of his father, watching every move and anticipating anything and everything that could happen. Kagome shifted, only slightly, and faster than the eye could follow the small pup was gone. She blinked surprised and glanced around her curiously.

"Oie." Inuyasha grumbled. "You scared him."

"My foot was falling asleep." Kagome apologized.

The rest of the night seemed to go by without any further incident, and no sign of the small pup that both Inuyasha and Kagome tried to discern where he had vanished came to sight. Their father seemed unconcerned and leaned against the cave wall with his eyes closed. Inuyasha knew he was awake though, with the measured breaths and twitching nose. He sighed. Nothing made sense to him right now.

Soon the sounds the rain made came to a halt, and Inuyasha turned his head to the entrance, listening to the drips the remaining water made on the ground. It was soothing, almost as much as Kagome's soft sleeping breaths beside him, and his gaze trailed to her form curled up beside him. Currently she was wrapped in his fire rat, sleeping soundly, either from exhaustion, or just due to needing sleep, he wasn't sure. Once again his eyes traveled to the outside, morning was still a long way off and he sighed again, shaking his head.

He felt eyes on him and he looked over at his father, but the stare didn't come from the youkai. Shifting his eyes around the dark cave, he came across a set of gold orbs from deep within the darkness, staring at him. 'So that's where the little shit was hiding.'

All too suddenly the eyes were gone, upon being discovered and Inuyasha groaned in irritation. Even he wasn't that cautious as a little pup. "Get it over with already." He said harshly, now frustrated with being stared at. It wasn't like he was unused to the looks and hushed whispers he got whenever they had traveled in his time, it was just getting annoying now that this pup continued to do so over the course of the night. Inuyasha had figured the pup would be satisfied already but apparently he wasn't.

A soft growl drifted out of the shadows in response to his words, and the hanyou rolled his eyes. "I won't bite, just get it over with." He said irritated. "I don't like being stared at."

Another soft growl exited the darkness, and soon a small white clad Sesshoumaru emerged from the shadows.

"Besides I'm sure he won't let anything happen to you, do you?" Inuyasha tweaked his nose in their father's direction, which made the pup stop for a second and stare at the youkai lord. The golden eyes slipped open for a second reassuring the pup and slid closed again, it had happened so quickly Inuyasha wasn't sure they had opened in the first place. Soon the pup was crawling towards him slowly, stopping every couple seconds or so as though thinking Inuyasha would rear up and attack.

Before too long, Inuyasha found himself face to face with his brother. The small being pushed to his feet and stepped into his lap, curiosity now getting the better of him, and all caution flew out of the cave. Small clawed hands gripped the front of his cream colored haori and pulled himself closer to Inuyasha's face, the small nose sniffing furiously. The boy barely came up to his chin, and Inuyasha found this to be rather amusing.

The large golden eyes peered into his, and Inuyasha saw the confusion in them. "What?" He whispered to the small pup.

The small head tilted to the side and the eyes wandered up to his ears. Grunting, Inuyasha lowered his head to show the curious boy the objects of interest. It was always the same; everyone seemed to find the ears to be the most interesting thing about him, even though he could never understand why. Most times, he wished he had his brother's ears, or a normal humans ear, maybe then he wouldn't be stared at so much.

The clawed hand released his haori and lifted to the ears with curious wonder. A small finger ran over the appendage and it twitched out of the way at first contact. Sesshoumaru's eyes shifted to Inuyasha's again, as though asking for permission to touch them. It was as though he knew the hanyou's discomfort with them.

"Keh." Inuyasha breathed.

Taking that as his go ahead, the small finger ran over the ear again, feeling the fur that covered them.

"Soft." The pup whispered.

Startled, Inuyasha lifted his head at the first word the pup had uttered. "You can talk?" He blinked.

The head tilted again and his brow creased in confusion. Sesshoumaru patted Inuyasha's shoulder and climbed off his lap, somewhat unsteadily, and made his way over to his father.

'Well now that that is out of his system.' Inuyasha mused silently. "Satisfied?"

The pup glanced back at him and flashed him a smile, and the hanyou almost swallowed his tongue in shock.

"Damn, I'm loosing my mind here." Inuyasha grumbled.

"How is he?" A baritone voice asked.

"Huh?" Inuyasha lifted his head surprised.

"Sesshou how is he?"

"Uhh, hell I dunno." Inuyasha grumbled.

"He is still alive in your time, and you do not know? He is your brother is he not?" His father asked, the gold eyes open and staring at him.

"Half brother." He muttered. "It's not like we talk or anything. In fact every time I see the bastard he has a sword in my face." Inuyasha growled, why was his father asking him this?

"So you do not get along?" His father asked curiously.

"Hell no. That's an understatement." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked away. "Well we didn't. I don't know now. Too much has happened." Inuyasha muttered quietly, more to himself than to the youkai lord.


Inuyasha blinked. "Whenever the bastard showed up, he wanted to kill me. Lately though, something changed."

The golden eyes hardened slightly. "Why would he want to kill you?"

"How the hell should I know? First time I ever met him; he loomed over me after my mother had died. I had no idea who he was and he dragged me into the forest. I thought he was going to kill me, but he tossed me into the woods and said 'learn to survive on your own.'"

Their father's mouth drew into a small line, as though holding back his anger. Inuyasha didn't miss it.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"You are referring to Sesshou as bastard, I do not approve of this term. If in fact you are at odds with one another, at least call him by his name. He is not the Sesshoumaru you speak of." His father indicated the small pup beside him. "What changed?"

"At odds?" Inuyasha stood up, ignoring the last question, and walked to the entrance of the cave. "I hardly call it, 'at odds'. He despises me, the blood that flows through my veins. He reminds me of it every time we cross paths. Constantly reminds me how my tainted blood is an insult, and that he will kill me. How weak I am, useless, pathetic." Inuyasha lowered his head, why was he spouting out his feelings? It wasn't like he knew his father. He certainly wasn't looking for pity.

Then a thought came to him. Inuyasha whirled around angrily. "Oh, and what the hell were you thinking with giving us those damn swords?" He accused, remembering the main focus of Sesshoumaru's hatred for him.

"Swords?" He smirked. "I do not carry such objects."


Inuyasha slumped his shoulders sinking back to the floor, 'Well so much for that.'

"You are still alive, are you not?"

"What of it?"

"So this Sesshoumaru has not taken your life yet."

"Oh, trust me, he's tried, many times, and I send him packing with his tail between his legs every time. Only thanks to the great memento you left me. The one object he desires and hates me even more for being in possession of it." Inuyasha shook his head. "There is just so much between Sesshoumaru and I, we both despise one another, and so it's not all his fault." Did he really hate his brother, after all they had recently gone through? Or did they now have a fragile understanding? Did his brother still wish to take his life?

"I can understand some, you being a half breed. Thus the wisdom being you not being as strong or even useless in battle is a point to be taken. However, if you have trained yourself to defend, protect others, then being useless and weak hold no argument. Have you proven yourself?"

"Excuse me?" Inuyasha lifted himself off the ground and stared at his father.

"Have you proven yourself?" He said again. "If you have not shown your alpha that you are indeed capable of defending yourself, and protecting those in your pack, then you are nothing more than a useless extension that must be discarded. However, if you have shown the alpha that you are indeed able to stand up and fight, then you should have no worries." The youkai lord stood up and dusted his hakama. "Youkai and humans look upon things quite differently. If this Sesshoumaru took you into the forest telling you to survive on your own, and you did just that, it was a test of strength and wisdom. If he tells you that you are weak and useless, prove him otherwise, by using judgment and intelligence. Do not be so quick to think his actions are out of hate. Perhaps he feels betrayed, or maybe he has yet to understand himself. Living so long as an only child may have left him feeling that when a brother, a rival heir was born, his position was in jeopardy. Perhaps he felt that this brother was a threat, or that his place as sole heir was being taken away.

Were you in my pack, you would be unfit. You are quick to anger. Although you have full capabilities of protecting, I saw this with your woman. Because you are a hanyou, your heart is conflicting with reason. You do have patience, however I do not know how that stands in battle."

"Keh." Inuyasha looked away and crossed his arms.

"You are also rude, and uncouth. A mere child with no respect for his elders."

Inuyasha lowered his arms and sighed. He really didn't think about the differences with humans and youkai, but his father did have a point. "Am I such a disgrace? I really didn't look at it like that. I only wanted to be accepted by him. Even the humans treat me like that." He whispered more to himself.

"A disgrace? No. Young however. I do not know the humans customs when it comes to training their children, nor how they show signs of affection. In the youkai world a sign of emotion is a weakness, allowing your heart to guild you instead of wisdom is a weakness. Allowing anger to guide your actions is immaturity and carelessness. Is it not wiser to watch first and learn then rush into something and find out it was a grave mistake?"

Inuyasha remained silent and stared off into nothingness. Was that how it really was? Sesshoumaru was testing him? He couldn't shake off all the hateful words that his brother had said to him though. Was that a test also? The hanyou frowned and walked out of the cave lost in thought.

"Wasn't that a little harsh?" Kagome asked sitting up. "I mean there are so many things that happened in Inuyasha's life that not even I know of. Not only did he loose the only person who showed him love, but also he lost so much over the years. Only recently has he begun to trust again. Willing to believe in his friends. He was never accepted by either humans or youkai, so he was always alone."

The youkai lord glanced at the girl. "Trust can be taken as a weakness. So quickly can trust be gained and turned around in a sign of betrayal. Perhaps because you are human you understand things differently. For myself, I trust no one. Sometimes being alone is a build of character and strength. Sometimes I seek it to think and reevaluate what is happening around me. However I cannot fathom always being alone." His gaze went to the caves entrance and lingered there.

"When you go into battle, who watches your back? Who tends to your injuries?"

"Those who are employed to do their duty."

"So when someone heals your injuries do you not have a small tendril of trust in them to not take a knife to your back?"

He blinked for a second and turned back to face the miko. "Interesting." There was something about this girl. "Perhaps there are things you can help me understand about the human race, as I can teach you both about the youkai, and more importantly the Inuyoukai. I was not saying those things to him to be cruel. I only wanted him to understand that perhaps there was another reason for this Sesshoumaru to treat him as he does. It is not an excuse. Inuyasha is indeed an Inuhanyou. In order for him to understand what exactly happens in his life, he has to understand the customs and backgrounds of his people. Both human and youkai."

Kagome nodded. This youkai was intelligent, there was no question, and he was logical and sounded reasonable. Maybe he was right that they could all learn from each other. Was that the whole reason behind them being sent to this era?

"What do you know of Inuyasha?" He asked, slipping into a crouch close to her, but not too close to cause her discomfort, or to anger the hanyou should he be too close to his mate.

"Some, but not a lot really. I was yanked back through time to the feudal era and saw him pinned to Goshinboku."

"I recall you both talking about this Goshinboku earlier."

"It's a sacred tree that sits in Edo, and in my era." The youkai nodded signaling her to continue. "Anyways I found out that I had this jewel inside my body. Later, I was chased by a youkai who was after the jewel, although I still didn't know that I had it, and somehow, Inuyasha woke up from a spell that should have kept him asleep forever."

The youkai lord glanced at her sharply. "Spell? You mean a sealing spell of unending death?"

Kagome shrugged.

He frowned. "Continue."

"I broke the spell somehow, just by thinking that I didn't want to die there, and Inuyasha was released. I found out later he wanted the jewel to become full youkai. He really hated me then." Kagome let out a soft laugh. "I broke the jewel by accident, and we are collecting them together with our friends. But things got really complicated when Kikyou was resurrected by a youkai. She was the one who sealed Inuyasha to Goshinboku, and died after doing so. Apparently I am her reincarnation. Both Kikyou and Inuyasha had loved each other, still do really."

Again the youkai lord gave her a sharp look. "He fell in love with this human priestess, and she sealed him under the spell of unending death, to live forever in darkness and nightmare? And he still loves her? Kudaranai!"

"It's really more complicated than that though. They were both tricked into thinking they betrayed one another. This man was in love with Kikyou and he used them against each other to taint the jewel with hatred and power."

He frowned confused. "Wait. So this Kikyou knew this man, who loved her and yet did not return this love. Therefore in a jealous rage he used them? How?"

"I'm not really sure how, but he sold his soul to the youkai who were silently feeding off his hate. He used Inuyasha's image to steal the jewel and attacked Kikyou, and used Kikyou's image making Inuyasha think she had betrayed him. She died after she sealed him; it was all Naraku's fault. That's what Naraku does though. He uses other people against one another without soiling his own hands. Inuyasha swore an oath to protect Kikyou, because he had failed to do it so long ago." Tears came to Kagome's eyes. "We are trying to gather the jewel fragments before Naraku does."

The youkai lord settled back onto his heels pondering the girl's words. "So slowly Inuyasha began trusting you, and these friends, and now you work to gain these fragments to prevent this miss mash of human and youkai from allocating power. Interesting. Where does Sesshou stand in all this?"

"I don't know why Sesshoumaru hunts Naraku, I think it had to do with Naraku using him for his own purpose. He gave Sesshoumaru a jewel fragment and an arm so he could steal Tessaiga from Inuyasha."

"Back up. Arm?"

"Inuyasha cut off Sesshoumaru's arm protecting me. Sesshoumaru was after Tessaiga at that time, and tried to kill Inuyasha. Anyway, Naraku's plan to have Sesshoumaru kill Inuyasha back fired, and I don't know what happened after that."

"Sounds like an interesting foe."

"Interesting?" Kagome gasped, anger filling her. "It's despicable."

"Indeed, his way of things are indeed unbecoming, using others for his own purpose. He is smart, however, and he uses that, whether they are right or wrong."

"So this Tessaiga is a sword I left for Inuyasha? Sesshoumaru desires this sword, which Inuyasha says is part of his brother's hate towards him. Must be some sword. What did I leave Sesshoumaru?"

"Tenseiga, a healing sword."

The youkai's face seemed to enlighten as though he came across a great discovery. "Tessaiga, a sword to fight and Tenseiga, a sword to heal. Idiots, the both of them." He stated and stood up.

"Huh?" Kagome blinked.

"Do you not see? I gave them both a sword, which would in any reasoning be of sound advice. Inuyasha receives a sword to protect himself and grow stronger because of his human youkai heritage, and Sesshoumaru who is full youkai; I give a sword to heal. To heal his heart, his grief, and to understand life is precious. Both counter one another. Sesshoumaru didn't need a sword to fight with, he is strong already I would assume. They cannot kill one another when they are in possession of these mementos. Do they not understand this?"

"Apparently not." Kagome sighed.

"Fools, together they would be a force to reckon with. Perhaps Sesshoumaru sees this though. Maybe that is why he pushes Inuyasha so far. Testing him, trying him."

"But why all the hateful words?" Kagome asked.

"When Inuyasha learns to control his anger, they will stop. I indeed trained Sesshoumaru well. Sets my mind at peace, however I would have wished to have lived and be there. Do you know when I died?"

Kagome shook her head. "I think it was just after Inuyasha was born though."

"I wonder if I got to see him?" He mused and paced around the cave, his feet moving expertly around the small pup who was pouncing on his trailing fur.

Kagome shrugged and watched as the baby Sesshoumaru jumped around his father's feet, playing. Not once had she expected to see the great terrible youkai at such ease, but then again he was a baby. "He is adorable." She smiled.

"Do not let that fool you, his teeth are sharp and he is fast."

"I bet he could defend himself with his claws pretty good." She mused.

"He does not have those yet, they are too soft. Biting and speed are his defense. Should he be restrained, he would have no way to escape, he would die."

"What about the fur? Inuyasha commented if it was alive."

"To a certain extent it is. Almost like a parasite that feeds off my youki. Not that it is entirely living as you and myself. It does what my youki wants, feeds off the energy. It knows my wish to protect my pup, so it does just that, refusing to relent until commanded to."

"How come you have such a small child with you? What of his mother? Would it not be safer to leave him with her?" Kagome rushed the building questions out in one.

He chuckled. "Sesshou's mother is still alive, and dealing with her own lands. Due to her territory being in greater danger and her refusal to leave, the pup is safer with me. Not that I do not believe she is incapable of defending him and protecting him, but out here there is less blood shed, less to fight against than the mass amounts of armies swarming the gates."

"I never did think about his mother much, I wonder if she is still alive in the feudal era."

The youkai lord stopped mid stride and glanced down at his feet where a small pup was clinging. Currently, Sesshoumaru had his ankle in a tight grip with tiny fangs embedded in the leather of his mainland boots. He bent over and gripped the pup by the back of his haori and lifted him to eye level. "Are you finished hunting my feet?" He asked the small wriggling pup.

Kagome giggled as she saw the little hands rise to cover his eyes and his head shook. Inuyasha walked into the cave at that moment and stopped, staring at the sight.

"I see, so would you rather be outside hunting prey than my feet?"

The pup nodded eagerly in the affirmative.

"So it is, off with you and hunt." The youkai placed the pup on his feet and watched as he took off in a blur of white into the night.

"What?" Inuyasha blinked. "Are you crazy?"

The youkai lord turned his attention to Inuyasha and smiled. "Sesshou is fully capable of hunting."

Kagome sighed. "But he is so young."

"I provide for him, more than likely he will come back empty handed, but still it sharpens his instincts to do things on his own. Much the same as it was for you Inuyasha."

"Yes, but big difference there!" Inuyasha growled. "I had no choice but to go days without food because I couldn't find something. Most times I would come across an injured animal or somethingslow. I would go hungry because I had nothing to go back to, no home or family to rely on. I was alone!"

"Were you? Did you die of starvation?"

"Well no, like I said I would stumble across an injured animal, or recent kill. Then days or even a full week without food again."

"I suspect you were not alone, Inuyasha." The youkai lord stated. "Orphaned youkai children generally starve to death or are killed by youkai. I have yet to come across a youkai pup who survived on his own without some help."

"Keh, then I am your first." Inuyasha scoffed.

"You were not alone, I suspect that in the shadows you were watched over by someone, who provided you with food when you began to give up."

"What? Unlikely. Who do you think would do such a thing? Certainly not Sesshoumaru, I never smelt him, or heard him."

"What would the point of you knowing who was there be? You would grow soft knowing you would be provided for. You believing in yourself, enough to keep going and search was enough to allow you skills. How to hunt, protect yourself, provide for whatever future that was in store for you." He shook his head. "No, I think something was in the shadows following your every move until he or she decided you were able to continue on your own and grow."

"So how does this benefit Sesshoumaru if this is true? He knows you are here to provide for him. Where does he gain the skills needed?"

The youkai smirked. "Do you see food inside? Iie, if Sesshou comes up empty handed, it means we hunt together so he absorbs more, so he can eventually catch his own prey. One day I won't be here, and he knows that, so his desire to prove to me he is capable, is stronger than his desire to give up." His smile faded and his head turned to the side listening to some sound from outside the cave. Without a word, he was gone in such a flash that a faint image of him remained where he had been standing.

"Uhh, what just happened?" Inuyasha asked when his hair settled back around his face.

Kagome shook her head and stood, hearing a loud roar outside. "It's a youkai."

Inuyasha sniffed the air and turned nodding. "It foul whatever it is, the fresh smell of blood."

Kagome rushed to his side and gripped his arm. "What if it's after Sesshoumaru?"

"What about it? He's alive in my era so he obviously didn't die."

"Yes but what if we were here and saved him, and that is the reason he is still alive. Do you want to take that chance?" Kagome rushed out of the cave and down the slight slope into the darkness. "Come on, Inuyasha."