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Summary: Mariah is clinging to Rei like nuts at the Beyblade New Year party and Max can't help but feel depressed. Mimiko(myself as an o/c) isn't doing so well in love either so Mimiko and Max team up to get their crushes attention. (YAOI! Ma/Re rules!)

Max sighs as he watches Mariah cling onto Rei.

'I thought Rei was my guy, not Mariah's. At least that's what I thought.' Max always hated these Beyblade parties because Mariah would cling to Rei and Max would watch as his crush is clanged onto by Mariah. Max sighs again and watches as Tyson and Kai head onto the dance floor happily. 'Why can't Rei and I be like them? At least, I think Rei likes me.'

"Just doesn't seem right for Mariah to be clingy onto Rei like that. He should be with you. I guess tonight we both aren't doing that great with love." Max jumps a little in surprise and turns to see a smirking Mimiko. Her brown blonde hair frames her pale face as her one green one blue eyes with hints of violet sparkle like stars. Her pale green strapless dress shimmers with glitter at the rims of the dress. In Max's opinion, Mimiko always seemed to sparkle like her optimistic personality. Max notices a hint of sadness as she motions for him to look at what was causing her sadness. Max looks where she's pointing to see a grimacing Inuyasha and babbling Kagome. Max turns back to Mimiko and stares.

"You like Inuyasha?" Max asks and Mimiko blushes.

"I guess you can say that." Mimiko gives a flustered reply as Max smiles lightly. Mimiko suddenly brightens.

"I've got an idea on how to make our guys notice us." Mimiko's eyes flash with mischief as she leads Max out the door.

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