Sarah Kerrigan has successfully taken over the Koprulu Sector, eliminating all in her path. However, her consort, Samir Duran shows other interests, and disappeared to the Ice World of Braxis.

The Dark Templar Prelate, Zeratul has discovered the existence of the mysterious Hybrids on Braxis. Eager to learn more, he hunts the creatures through the galaxy, wiping all that he finds.

And the Terrans Raynor and Mengsk seek to destroy Kerrigan and all she stands for.

But another race has arrived in the galaxy….

The spaceships moved ever closer to the planet Char. The blast ray focused.

'You may fire when ready Commander'

The pilot adjusted the controls and let loose the blast ray, causing a mass disturbance on the planet. There were huge explosions rocketing the surface.

'Mission accomplished sir.'

'Good. That evens the odds.' The voice crackled over the com. 'Prepare to land on the Protoss Homeworld of Aiur.

'Yes sir.' The colossal ships moved ever further from Char. The Xel'Naga had returned.

In the Tarsonis Orbit, Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades held her head in pain. Five whole broods had been wiped out. Quickly getting over the pain, she clicked her fingers and what was previously a man moved towards her. He was tall and gaunt wearing a blue uniform stained with blood.

'Yes my queen.' The Infested Terran asked.

'Hunt out the Prelate Zeratul and dispose of him. If would be easier if we had one less enemy. The Infested Terran nodded and left the room as swiftly as he came. Soon, Kerrigan thought.

Soon no one will question me again. Soon, this galaxy will be mine. She looked to the stars outside her infested battlecruiser, the Aleksander. There was something out there… something of immense power if it had wiped out most of her broods on Char. And then there was Raynor and Mengsk to deal with.

Ah, yes. Raynor. His fall would be most satisfying. The vile queen of blades grinned an awful smile. Everyone thing was coming together.

So what do you think?