The Game Begins.

At that very moment, Raynor and Mengsk were driving away from the planet Braxis, along with a large Protoss Fleet. Inside Hyperion, there was a war meeting being held. Those present were Raynor and Mengsk, Praetor Artanis and the recently cured Vice Admiral Stukov.

'The Protoss do not yet have enough forces to begin a direct assault. Since the crippling blow to Talematros and our defeat at New Gettysburg we have few warriors left.' Artanis stated. Stukov piped up.

'Well gentlemen, my forces are fairly unharmed since the cleansing of Braxis yet we need the Protoss technologies…' Stukov was cut of by a beep.

'This is Prelate Zeratul. Requesting permission to dock, Jim.' Came the voice over the com. Raynor accepted.

'Well that's good news.' Mengsk stated. 'But I have better. Char has been cleansed of the Zerg and I'm sure our friend Artanis has something to do with it.' Artanis looked confused.

'It was not me, and Zeratul's fleet does not have the firepower. That is most confusing.' A voice rang out from the darkness.

'Indeed'. Mengsk jumped and then sighed in annoyance.

'Zeratul.' The Dark Templar Prelate materialized from out of nowhere.

'Sorry. It's a habit. Although we cannot lead a full on assault against Kerrigan we can attack her borders.'

'What are you proposing Zeratul?' Raynor asked.

'I'm suggesting we start to retake some of the smaller areas. Possibly the space platforms over Korhal. Kerrigan has long since neglected overlooked their defence.' Mengsk nodded.

'Hang on; you're not going to do what Kerrigan did to me are you…'

'Don't give us ideas.' Raynor replied. Since the death of Fenix, Raynor had become more silent, having none of his previous good humour.

'Then we will go. Prepare the ships.' Artanis nodded. The meeting was adjourned.

Slowly, the ships began to travel through the warp field towards Korhal. The rebellion had begun.

Samir Duran marched along the corridor of the Aleksander. The Infested guards parted and the door slid slowly open. As he moved along, he bumped into a familiar figure leaving Kerrigan's chamber.

'Admiral. The bitch got you too.'

DuGalle did not reply but he felt an unsure hatred for this man. He left as Duran entered Kerrigan's quarters.

'Duran. Where have you been?' Kerrigan demanded. Duran replied smugly.

'It is none of your concern. What is the situation?' Kerrigan did not like Duran's tone but she ignored it.

'The entire fleet on Char was destroyed, and not by any signature we recognized. The weapon was similar to Protoss but it only targeted Zerg. Do you know of such force?' For a moment, Duran went pale, but then shook it off. 'No my queen.' Kerrigan turned to look at her consort.

'You are free to go.'

Duran turned and left. He knew who had destroyed the Zerg.

But how could they have returned?