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Disclaimer I dont own harry Potter this pleasure belongs to JK Rowling If I did

I would be lying on my own tropical island being attended to by sex gods. also

this story may contain male male pairings later on this is set in 6th year I

have not got Hbp yet so this is not canon just light relief if you will

rating M (not to sure yet but this is to be on safe side)

Harry Potter: life after Sirius

Harry Potter was lying on his bed writing a short note to the order members with

his muggle relatives breathing down his neck

Dear member

I am fine muggles are looking after me ok will see you at a later date


He sent it off with his snowy owl Hedwig who hooted disapprovingly and flew off.

The truth of the matter was Harry wasn't fine in fact as in previous years the

Dursleys made Harry do all their chores and even Dudleys summer school work and

if he spoke out of turn he was beaten about his back and legs places where the

eye didn't see not to mention the mental abuse.

They tortured him about such things as being a worthless freak but this wasn't as

bad as the torturing he did himself you see just before the school year ended

Harry and some friends went to the ministry of magic most especially the

department of mysteries Harry had thought his beloved godfather Sirius black was

in trouble but it was an elaborate trick on behalf of Lord Voldemort a very dark

wizard you see there was this prophecy written about him and Harry stating that

one had to kill the other.

Harry himself wasn't entirely sure if it was true but lets just say Voldemort had

believed it to the point of attempting to murder him as a one year old and Harry

was known as the boy who lived as he is the only known survivor of the killing


But I digress unfortunately for him this trap was successful and the order and

Sirius included came to his rescue once again but Sirius died and Harry whole

heartedly blamed himself as well as the esteemed headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

So he took all his beatings without saying a word well for a few weeks anyway.

The day after he sent this letter off he woke up to cracked ribs and an empty

house 'oh joy those damn muggles are out perhaps I can make good my escape' he

thought as he silently packed his school stuff and focused hard on his magical

energy and thought 'I want to get away from here and fast to somewhere safe and

warded where no one from the order can find me not to mention deatheaters.' and

with a pop he was gone. (Now those of you who have heard of the underage use of

magic laws will be pleased to note Harry was granted special dispensation from

the minister of magic himself to use his magic and he had been practising late

at night when the relatives were asleep)

Well imagine to his surprise when Harry arrived in a heap somewhere in Wiltshire

at the edge of a huge stream right next to His school nemesis Draco Malfoy