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Chapter 17

Harry licked his lips nervously while Blaise silently watched his friend. Harry didn't know what to say or do, true he was in love with Draco; but he also had to acknowledge that he had developed somewhat of a crush on Blaise, but first and foremost he didn't want to lose the friendship he had cultivated with his roommate.

While Harry was trying to formulate an opening to the conversation Blasie said, "Look Harry, what happened between us last night in no way changes our friendship, well not from my perspective anyway. I have kind of been crushing on you since about fourth year but if you don't want more that's cool we can just put it down to experience and too much alcohol."

Harry looked at his friend a moment and grinned, "That's a relief. I so didn't want things to become uncomfortable."

He then raised an eyebrow and drawled "So Zabini, been crushing on me since fourth year, eh? You kept that one quiet."

Blaise took a swipe at Harry; who with his seeker reflexes dodged him. Soon both boys were engaged in an all out pillow fight. They only stopped when Draco started shouting at them to hurry up or they would be late.

The next few weeks passed by uneventfully but occasionally Draco would watch Harry and Blaise interactions and scowl. Harry noticed and tried to ignore it but one night he called Draco up on it.

"Dray, what exactly is your problem?"

The blonde looked quizzically at Harry and drawled,"I have no idea what you are on about Harry."

Harry smirked and raised a disbelieving eyebrow "Come off it, you scowl at Blaise and me quite frequently. What gives?"

Draco had the good grace to colour slightly but refused to answer so Harry sighed and said "If your jealous; don't be, no one is stealing my friendship away, we share a dorm, he's a good bloke and not too shabby on the eyes either. And besides I need someone to speak to when you and Pansy get all couple-y; don't I?"

While inside he had his usual internal debate about his feelings for the blonde not that Draco ever noticed thankfully. Draco smirked and drawled, "I so do not need to hear what blokes look good, thank you. Besides you were my friend first and it only took us 6 years to get here." Harry just laughed in response, reminding Draco that he treasured all his friends, or at least those who he had left.

Pansy on the other hand thought Harry and Blaise were a couple and often commented how cute they looked together, though not of course in the hearing of said boys. Of course being Hogwarts, word soon spread and the two boys thought it was hilarious. Nothing had happened since Halloween; well apart from some playful flirting and a few light touches here and there.

Harry couldn't deny the mutual attraction, but seeing as he had told his dorm mate about his feelings for their blonde friend, felt it wasn't fair to do anything about it. Of course when ever anyone asked what was going on both boys refused to confirm or deny anything, which left people believing they were an item especially Pansy.

When she brought it up with Draco, he wasn't in the least amused and drawled, "Really woman get a grip of yourself, stop acting like a Hufflepuff." He then paused a moment and said "If Blaise and Harry are together that is their business but until such a time as they decide to tell us they are we will keep out of their business and assume they are just friends."

Pansy huffed but agreed nonetheless and silently pondered why her boyfriend was so bent out of shape. Meanwhile Blaise had noticed Draco getting quite jealous when he and Harry were together and inwardly smirked. Oh he would get Harry for himself and show Draco just what he was missing and by that time it would be too late.

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