Demon Diary: Krayon x Erutis

This is my first Demon Diary fanfic, and I don't know much about it so please bear with me as I blunder through this. I am buying the whole set though in a few months. Also this is an AU type of ficcy.

Summary: Basically Erutis is on her way back to her village when she catches ill and has to take cover in a nearby castle. But, in her weakened state, she fails to notice it is Lord Krayon's castleā€¦ And from there on Krayon tries to win her heart.


Life was not a fair thing, Erutis always said that whenever she heard someone complain. It is not intended to be fair, and sure as hell isn't going to give favors.

In any case, she had to keep repeating this advice to herself in her head, as the cold sleet that pounded her shoulders and scalp kept causing her to trip and tumble. Night was deepening in darkness, and Erutis was not close enough to the village to run for it. She'd simply have to ho- AAAAAACHOOOO! Great, just lovely. Now she was developing a cold, probably from the damn rain that wouldn't just leave her alone.

Too dark, she thought. Too cold- no, life is not fair, I can't expect to be. Again she sneezed, and pulled her sopping green cloak closer around her neck. Waterproof my ass, she grumbled, inwardly cursing the man she bought it from. Another sneeze, this time followed by a strong round of coughs and thick sniffles convinced Erutis that her piece of advice was a piece of reality. Realization hit her full force when she started feeling dizzy, woozy, and totally disoriented. She'd have to find a place to recuperate- immediately.

She looked up from her spot on the ground, scanning the foggy and now blurry countryside. Nothing there, is that- oh no, just a tree, wait a minute, there! Hurriedly Erutis picked up her pace, dropping her useless cloak off to the side. Her auburn semi-wet hair was now plastering it self to her in dripping ringlets, surrounding her face delicately. Her forest green tunic and leggings clung to her every curve, accented with her sword that added just a hint of danger to her. She fled across the soggy fields, stumbling slightly in her watery moccasins. A massive stone castle with an elegant archway greeted her frantic dash, and without thinking Erutis pushed open the door exhaustedly. Not a moment after the door was closed, she slumped against the solid oak unconscious, her cheeks flaring red in a warning fever.

In her sleeping state, she failed to notice a certain concerned demon lord racing towards her, his face a portrait of complete worry and arms a welcoming source of comfort. Indeed, to her, life was not fair. But to Demon Lord Krayon, it was as if life had dropped his heavenly angel to him directly, taking pity on his selfless love for her.

A/N: Oh my do I sound like a fangirl. (Sorry, just had to say that for some reason.) Fluff rules I must say.