"Robin? Robin? Robin..."

From the suffocating blackness that seemed to stifle his senses, a high pitched and melodious voice, which sounded muffled and far away, kept repeating his name... insistently, urgently... she was calling for him.

"Robin... where are you?"

"Right here! I'm right here!" he tried to answer, but no sound escaped his lips.

"Oh, why does he not answer?"

"The process is simple for the most part. But it requires that I tap into your minds..."

"Will this 'process' hurt?"


"Are you sure you can do it?"

"The process is simple."

The process is simple...


"You are a royal glormsnark! I always followed your guidance! I looked up to you, and this is how you act in spite of me? I do not wish to speak with you any longer. You have betrayed me beyond belief. Leave my room at once."

"Don't blame this on me! It's not what you think, I-"

"I believe what I saw."

He narrowed his eyes at her calm response.

"You are wrong," he said, low and threatening.

"Yes, that is correct. I am always wrong, and you are always right. Always, Robin."

He seethed with anger. "There is no point arguing with you anymore. If you can't even trust me that I'm telling the truth, then maybe we shouldn't be together. I'm leaving."

"I had already asked you to go."

He gave her one last furious glance before stalking out her door. As soon as he left, she promptly burst into tears.

I believe what I saw...

I already asked you to go...

You are wrong...

"Robin, what should I wear to dinner tonight?" Starfire asked, green eyes shining with excitement.

"Something nice, obviously, Star," he grinned.

"You will also dress up, yes?"

"Of course... it's a special night, isn't it?"

"It is most special, yes. What would you like to see me in?" she asked playfully.

His first thought of course was 'nothing' but knew Starfire wouldn't appreciate that one too much. Robin placed a hand on his chin, assessing her, trying to remember what she had in her wardrobe other than small purple mini skirts... which of course he didn't mind at all, but this occasion called for a little more elegance than mini skirts.

"Don't you have a long purple evening dress? Wear that."

Starfire nodded. "If that is what you would like."

"I'd like it very much."

No... not that one... our anniversary... we had been dating a year... you can't take that one.

I have to. Otherwise she won't be completely gone.

A beeping noise sounded from the large screen in the Titan's living room. They had all been assembled for a slightly late breakfast, after having a late night stopping Overload from his usual caper of getting an electricity high in the power plant. Robin headed over to the control panel and clicked to accept the transmission.

"Good morning, young Titans," a jovial voice came over the wire with slight static. Robin recognized the voice as belonging to the amiable mayor of Jump City.

"Good morning, mayor. What's up?" Robin answered as the other Titans gathered round.

"I have a proposition for you. As you know, Jump City's founding anniversary is coming up once again, and we'd like nothing more than our resident superheroes to be stars in the parade."

Robin pursed his lips and thought for a moment. Jump City Day marked the anniversary of the founding of the city. He and the others had always attended the festival, usually frequenting the big carnival and watching the fireworks, and viewing the parade from the sidelines. The parade consisted of Jump City's citizens and their various activities, like the boy and girl scouts, various other clubs, Jump City's high school and university football teams and other sports teams, the police force, the fire fighting squad, and other civic personnel. He glanced back at the other Titans to see their reactions. Cyborg looked mildly amused, Raven had a sardonic eyebrow raised, and Beast Boy and Starfire had stars in their eyes and big grins on their faces.

"Dude! You mean we'd actually get to be in the parade!" Beast Boy said excitedly.

"Young Master Robin? Are you there?" the mayor asked.

"Yeah, I'm still here. Can my friends and I talk it over?"

"I can't believe there'd be much to discuss. It's only a simple parade. You don't have to do much more than walk- or fly- along and let the people of Jump City appreciate you," the mayor said in a sweet tone. A skill of cajoling he was blessed with earned him his political position, and he used it to its full extent in his office. Rarely was he able to not get his own way.

Robin sighed. Seeing as how Raven (and actually, slightly himself) was the only one who seemed to not be thrilled with the idea, he told the mayor they'd do it. Beast Boy pumped a fist in the air with a "yes!" and Starfire squealed jubilantly.

The mayor said "very good," sounding pleased. Robin leaned on the control panel with one elbow. He wasn't really one for public functions like parades. He straightened however when the mayor spoke again.

"Oh yes, there is one more thing I forgot to mention..."

"This is a nice place," Starfire commented, smiling at Robin over the table.

"It's beautiful..." he replied absently, focusing more on the way the candlelight reflected in her eyes than what she was saying.

"I would agree. The decor is very tasteful," she said, looking around. His gaze slipped to the chain around her neck, from which dangled a silver star charm, a necklace he had given to her exactly one year ago when they had officially begun dating.

She turned back to him, and caught him staring at her dipping neckline. He raised his head up sharply to meet her eyes and grinned sheepishly.

Starfire grinned back and brought a hand up to gently touch the little star charm. "I have not taken it off since."

"What! Absolutely not! Robin does not accept! Please, Robin, tell him you do not accept!"

"Starfire, I..."

She looked at him pleadingly. "But... what about us? Our anniversary is coming up..."

"I know Star..."

"Is there a problem, Master Robin?"

"Could you just give us a moment, mayor? I need to talk things over."

"Of course. But do know, my daughter has been dying to meet you for ages..."

Robin sighed. He took Starfire by the hand and they walked up and out into the hallway.

"I am leaving for Tamaran," Starfire announced, coming into the living room.

The others looked up quickly.

"You're not engaged to be married again, are you?" Cyborg asked hesitantly. Beast Boy's eyes widened.

"I am not. But... I am... needed on my home planet, in affairs which concern me, the princess of Tamaran."

Raven was about to ask 'what affairs' but refrained. Something in Starfire's voice told her there really weren't any affairs that Starfire was desperately needed for.

"When are you leaving?" she asked instead.

"I wish to leave tomorrow morning at sunrise. But Raven, there is a favor which I was hoping you could do for me," she said, looking at her friend with grave seriousness.

"What is it?" Raven asked, curious.

"I wish to discuss it with you in private, if you do not mind."

"Not at all. You can... come to my room," she said, an extremely generous invitation. Something was seriously wrong with Starfire, and if she were really leaving for Tamaran, letting her into her room one time to explain everything wouldn't hurt.

"Thank you. Please, I wish to discuss it with you at this very moment."

"It's simple really. I'll make sure she doesn't bother you too much. But she's been dying to meet the leader of the Titans, and you know how daughters can be."

Robin could visualize the mayor's smirk on the other end of the line. He glanced back at Starfire, who's green eyes were glowing furiously and her normal pretty smile was twisted into a scowl.

"Listen, mayor, I would be happy to take your daughter out, but I'm sort of... attached, you see..." Robin attempted to explain.

"Oh... well. She will be most disappointed. I didn't realize that you were seriously involved. That's a shame, really... she's such a big fan of yours, and it was she who convinced me to back the funds needed to repair your tower when it seemed you had a temporary lack in funds from your other sponsor... I of course would be willing to support you in whatever you need, but you know, I needed a little... convincing."

Robin got the message.

"Well..." he started.

"Tell him no," Starfire whispered into his ear.

Robin sighed. "I'll do it, mayor."

Starfire nearly fell over in shock.

"Wonderful! Rebecca will be so pleased," the mayor said happily.

"Great," Robin muttered. 'And my girlfriend will disown me...' he thought bitterly.

Starfire stood up and clenched her fists, then with one glare at Robin's back, turned and stalked out of the room.

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