Sequel Announcement

Hey everyone. I'm back with a huge update. I've gotten requests from fans, family, and friends to do a sequel to "A Rising Flame". I'm truly grateful and honored that so many of you loved the story so much that you want a continuation. Well, I'm here to tell you that your request has been granted. The sequel will be titled "A Burning Vengeance" and will be coming soon. All of the characters from before are returning, and new ones will also make an appearance. Here's somewhat of a synopsis directly from the antagonist:

"Eleven years ago, I was a prime super at my peak. I was considered to be among the very best and was well loved and respected. I won multiple awards and medals, was proclaimed 'Superhero of the Year' twice, and was well on my way to being inducted into the Superhero Hall of Fame. Then, in one night, it all went down the crapper when a routine mission went totally belly up. In the aftermath, out of a super team of six, I was the only one blamed, the only one charged, the only one stripped of all privileges of being a super and sent away to be locked up. Those five others, guys and gals that I once considered great teammates and friends, pointed their accusing fingers at me, lied through their teeth, and everyone bought it. No one wanted to hear my side. And so, for all those years, while I wasted away in prison, they were free to live out their lives, and the story was forgotten. But I never forgot nor forgave, and now that I was out, I was going to make sure everyone remembered, both the story and me. As for the five, well, I'm a strong believer of karma and that it could come in infinite ways, including from the person whose life they ruined. It will come to them, one way or another, and nothing, or no one, was gonna stop me from delivering it."

So there you have it. Again, look for it soon and thanks so much for all of your kind comments. They've been greatly appreciated. Take care.