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A/N: Roy/Ed (or Ed/Roy). This is supposed to be a prologue to a lengthy story set post-series. But, it may turn out to be a drabble if I can't get the rest of it done-I've been working on it since March. No spoilers yet.

Life in Progress: Prologue

A loud crack of thunder echoed in a dimly lit bedroom. Edward 'Fullmetal' Elric snorted and startled awake.

Ed slurped back in the drool he could feel seeping out one corner of his mouth and pushed his hair back from his face with his flesh hand. Noticing more drool wrinkling and splotching the pages of the book he'd been reading in bed, Ed meh'd in disgust.

On the bright side, he hadn't fallen asleep on anything important or difficult to replace. Not this time.

Ed blotted the damp page with the sleeve of his pajamas and laid the book open on the nightstand to dry completely. Then he yawned, stretched, and slid out from under the covers. Absently scrubbing at the side of his face that was still slightly marred with book-prints, Ed alternately padded and clanked across the chilly bedroom floor toward the bathroom.

A few moments later, bodily needs taken care of, Ed shuffled back into the room, clicked off the reading lamp, and crawled back into bed. He swiftly burrowed into the covers and snuggled up against his sleeping lover, who twitched slightly when an icy metal foot brushed his calf but was too accustomed to the sensation to actually wake up.

After a minimum of shifting about, Ed finally got comfortable. Draped across his lover's back with his face buried in short black hair that smelled of soap with a lingering hint of charcoal, Ed purred in contentment.