An Unexpected Life

By Sulia Serafine

Started: 4-8-01. I do not own the Rival Schools characters (darn). I'm not making any money off them. I'm doing this for entertainment purposes only. Original characters and plots belong to me.

Author's foreword:

There aren't that many fanfics for this great game, and I've always disliked that fact. And it also caught my attention that some characters don't get enough attention (although they do not deserve the attention). Sure, we see violent, knife-happy Edge. He fights. People in Rival Schools fight. I like that. But it's been done. By every single Rival Schools fanfic author I've seen. And I think its time for a totally new and bizarre idea to come into play. Edge, the star of the story. Okay, well, not really… but, yeah, essentially that's it. Of course, people can't stand his attitude for long. Have to change that, don't we? Edge… the star… getting tamed. You heard me right. Enter: a new character from who-knows-where. Love interest? Probably not at first. I mean, this is Edge we're talking about. Big blonde hair, only half a decent looker (I say half because he's more handsome than the guys at my school are, and because the hair is just too much, really…). He'd probably pick a fight with this person rather than get close to them. (The motto of so many in this game. Sad, but true) who could this character be? It had to be a person, whom Edge could argue with, but not necessarily beat up and end the scene in fifteen seconds. That's where I run down a list of people Edge can't hit. 1) The elderly. Exception is the ancient masters of martial arts (Edge and a grandma? Don't think so.) 2) Some relatives (ew… can you say "incest"?) and 3) the character I'm about to introduce and I can't tell you why he can't hit her because that would spoil her entrance. Oh, and don't think that I share Edge's chauvinistic ways. I'm a female. So, enjoy.

Italicized words: thoughts.

Chapter 1: She Came At Noon.

Edge ambled down a sidewalk; heading for home after a fight with some guy with a smart mouth who had thought his hair was strange. He happened to like his hair a lot. And anyone who didn't would regret telling him. Naturally, Edge had won the fight. The unfortunate fool had less experience than he did. His opponent had no style, no skill compared to him, one of the most dangerous people in Gedo High School. The only reason Edge had gotten a split lip from this wanna-be tough guy was because of a lousy, cheating sucker punch.

"Stupid wimp," he muttered under his breath. He gingerly touched the ginger spot on his face and continued to say other profanities. After a few minutes, he looked up to tell the time of day and found the sun still in its late morning position. Why did it have to be so bright and cheery? He couldn't stand it. This was a worse morning, compared to his usual weekend mornings spent hanging out with Gan and the still-missing Daigo.

He arrived home five minutes after it struck 12. The sun was still hot and bright. Only two more months before school ended and he'd welcome summer vacation. He fumbled with his keys for the door. His family lived in a decent apartment complex, with his family on the bottom floor. There was a second building no less than five feet away. It was also apart of the complex. Edge impatiently found the right key and inserted it into the lock. It would only take five minutes to eat lunch, and out again he would be to get a job that would last most probably three days before getting fired for his behavior, or lack of.

There were voices within. He pressed his ear against the door. His parents had guests. It couldn't be his older brother or sister. His brother's car was not in the driveway and his sister was out of town. He hesitated before listening in through the door again. It sounded like those annoying neighbors next door, the Kishida couple. They were middle aged, very quaint and annoying as hell. Edge couldn't stand them—much like he couldn't stand many things.

His stomach grumbled. It wanted lunch, regardless of the company he'd have to keep while eating. Too bad for him he was too lazy to take the food out the door and eat while walking. He opened the door and stepped inside.

"Son!" his father greeted, a bit nervously. 'Son' was what he used, for he could not call him Eiji for fear of argument, and he could not bring himself to call him Edge or otherwise admit the truth to himself that Edge was as temperamental and troublesome as everyone at school said. His 'son' could care less.

Edge kicked the door closed and casually moved towards the coffee table to pick up an unopened soda. The blonde purposely dragged his feet on the floor. His parents hated that. Then he popped the lid of his soda can and drank thirstily. Not until he was halfway done did he lower it from his lips.

"Son, you know the Kishidas," his mother gestured toward the couple seated at the small dining table a few feet off. The said couple smiled and waved. Edge snorted. They were both thin and had short black hair. Mr. Kishida wore a tie with a fish on it and Mrs. Kishida wore a white blouse with pink flower print. If they were any quainter, he swore he'd probably use their pots of flowers on their veranda for target practice. He'd taken a slingshot from an underclassman about a month ago and wanted to try it out.

"And we'd like you to meet their new guest," his mother continued in her common high pitched voice. "She's going to be staying with the Kishidas for a while. Her name is Rei Shimura," her mother introduced. "And Rei, this is… Edge."

He rolled his eyes and supposed he might as well see whom they were talking about so that if he had need to, he could yell at her by name. Rei sat tall, clearly not intimidated, in her seat on the far side of the dining table from him. From what he could see, she was wearing a long, light green summer dress that buttoned down the front. Her delicate hands rested on the table, neatly folded, as she had finished a triangle sandwich his mother had prepared for her. The newcomer also had a pleasant face with creamy skin and very dark brown hair. Her lips were full, not too full, but sensuous enough. But her dark brown eyes contradicted her soft face by being fiercely intelligent. She was blatantly beautiful. But Edge would die before he admitted it.

His father spoke up. "We were hoping that you could show her around the city and be her guide when she needs to go somewhere."

"Yeah, right," he scoffed.

His father turned away from his wife and guests and subtly patted his pocket, indicating silently without insult to the Kishidas that he would pay Edge. That changed things considerably.

"Well, I guess. But don't expect too much. You'll be disappointed." A lot, he added silently.

"That's fine," Rei said. Her voice was like her face, pleasant. But once again, there was that something that made it sound like she was used to short, witty phrases or something else intelligent of the type.

He grunted in response and stood up to go to his room upstairs. He tilted his head back as he drank the rest of his soda. The Kishidas and Rei also stood up. The youngest guest stepped carefully out from behind the table. His eyes widened. For a girl her age, she had a large belly. But that was very strange, because her limbs were somewhat slender. And then realization hit him like a sack of bricks.

"You're pregnant!" he exclaimed as he spat out his drink all over his parents. Their faces scrunched up. His father reached for napkins and handed him to his mother. Rei sighed with a bored expression.

"What do you know… he has eyes."

"Y-you're pregnant!" he said again, in disbelief.

Rei smiled tartly. "Almost seven months."

"You're my age!"

She thought for a moment, unfazed or perturbed by his shouting. "From what your parents have told me, I'm just about two weeks younger than you."

Edge fell back onto the couch behind him and stared at her. He didn't have anything else to say.

"Well," Mr. Kishida began. "We should let Rei settle in. Perhaps you could show her someplace decent to eat this evening on your first tour."

He wanted to talk back to the neighbor, complaining of the situation, but once again, no words came to his lips. The Kishidas and Rei left, calmly as they had arrived. It was noon. His stomach grumbled.

He sat in his room, staring at the ceiling. So, Rei Shimura was a pregnant teenage girl. He'd heard of them at his school. Guys boasted that they'd gotten the best of some over-trusting girl. Edge had never listened, mostly because he'd had other things on his mind… like getting into fights. Actually, he mostly avoided the topic of girls on purpose. Girls were all emotions and wimpy stuff. Weren't knives more interesting?

Determined to pass the time, he drew an army knife from his inside jacket pocket and started tossing it up in the air. Edge expertly caught it by the blade and then by the handle, over and over. A lot of underclassmen were terrified of this trick when he casually did it at school. He liked scaring them.

The phone rang. He let it ring. It was most likely a call for his parents. Then it stopped. There was a holler from below. It sounded a little bit like his name, though the doors and walls muffled all understanding. Rolling onto his stomach, he lazily reached for his phone and picked up the receiver. "Yeah?"

"There's going to be a fight between Taiyo and Gorin High Schools. Akira wants to watch… wants to check them out for any information on Big Boss," Gan's deep voice said.

Edge scratched his head, under the purple band around his head. He glanced at the clock.

"I'm there."

A ghost of a smile flickered across Edge's features as Roberto's fist met Batsu's face. He, Akira, and Gan stood in the middle of the throng of spectators, not looking to get noticed (though Edge desperately wanted to kick someone's butt, anyone at all… he wasn't picky). Dozens of taunts and calls for the two combatants echoed in his ears. Up went his adrenaline. Man! He felt like hitting something just to let this energy out.

Gan and Akira were for the most part calm. They were willing to wait around patiently until all the fighters from each school had fought and spent their energy before pouncing on them to interrogate. Akira was dead set on always keeping order in their searches for information on Big Boss. Gan would go along with either Edge or Akira, he usually didn't choose. But this time, he chose the younger boy's choice of action.

The blonde, knife-wielding junior shifted from foot to foot, itching to lash out at something. He really had to start controlling these bursts if he ever wanted to get anywhere in life. But the thing was, he didn't. He couldn't care less about his future. Besides, weren't those smart old guys always saying 'live life now'?

He caught a glimpse of someone's watch. A reminder went off in his head.

"Aww, shit," he muttered.

"What?" Gan asked.

"It's almost 6 o'clock. I have to do something. None of your stupid business, Gan."

Akira nodded. "Go on. You can leave."

"Like I need your permission, small fry," he replied. He never liked Akira. Something seemed wrong about the Big Boss's supposed little brother.

"Well, watch out. These punks from Taiyo and Gorin may hang around the area after the fight. You could run into them," Gan said, all of a sudden taking a wise approach. For a guy who never paid attention in class, he was pretty smart with everything else in the world.

Edge waved him off. "Yeah, yeah. I'm out of here."

He put his hands in his pockets and pushed his way through the crowd. From the other side of the fight, another student with red hair and a white jacket pushed his small intellectual looking glasses up the bridge of his nose. He narrowed his eyes at the departing figure, then turned back to the brawl.

That evening:

Edge pocketed some of the money his father had paid him in advance. He fidgeted in his black and gray attire- essentially the same jacket and shirt, except in different colors- meant to obscure him in the crowd beyond recognition, should anyone he knew brush by him. As for his hair, well, he couldn't help that. And ultimately, it was probably the one thing that would give him away. The irritated Gedo High School student walked next door. He paused before knocking.

Where the hell should I take her? It's not like any of the places I know are decent for a girl carrying a baby, he thought. Why did he have to agree to this? Oh, that's right. I'm being paid. This must be one of the worst "jobs" I've ever had.

The door opened. Rei stood before him in a long blue dress, much like the light green one she'd worn earlier. Over that was a slightly overlarge jacket. Edge vaguely recognized it as belonging to Mrs. Kishida, from the times he did notice his neighbor. His eyes strayed briefly to her bulging middle, and automatically darted upwards. It was an awkward topic to talk about, and he didn't want to spark any words. Besides, all he had to do was show her around right? What did he care for her story?

But he couldn't help but be curious. Edge had never known anyone pregnant before. He had a feeling that there had to be special treatment for fragile future-mothers-to-be. And that put a damper in his mood. He didn't give people any special treatment. So she was going to have a baby. That wasn't an excuse.

"Where are we going?" she drawled, equally as bothered by the situation as he apparently was.

"Somewhere," he replied ambiguously. They walked down the quiet street toward more neon colored lights ahead.

Rei nodded. "You have no idea, do you?"

"None at all."

"Thought so."

He narrowed his eyes at her. His short temper flared. "What's that supposed to mean?"

She shot him the same look he gave her. "Nothing! I was just saying-"

"That I can't plan a night out? That I never know where I'm going? I'm a lost boy?" he clenched his fists. Then he forced himself to relax. "Damn it! This sucks so much. I can't even do much more than yell at you, can I? Let alone fight you like everyone else!" He kicked the ground and picked up his pace, causing Rei to catch up to him.

"Hey, Mr. Temper, calm down. I didn't mean anything by it."

"Hmph," he huffed, putting his hands in his pockets. Nearly twenty minutes later, he nodded toward a diner up ahead. "There's your stupid fucking restaurant."

She folded her arms across her chest. "Stop with the language."

"I'll say whatever I want!" he loudly responded.

"Fine, fine. Is the food here good?"

He shrugged. "Didn't eat the food. Worked there." And got fired five days later.


They walked in silence until they reached the diner's door. Edge didn't bother opening the door for Rei, though she paused for him to do so. She glanced back at him thoughtfully and walked ahead to claim a table by the window. A few of the diner's patrons stared shamelessly at her, while a few whistled catcalls. They found it even funnier that she was pregnant as they did this. Edge had the strong urge to beat up the guys, but in doing so would show that he actually cared what they said. And he didn't. So he cursed some more under his breath, kicked the table leg of some random couple, and sat down across from Rei at the table she'd chosen.

He leaned his chin on his palm, taking a knife out from his jacket, and carving something into the table's surface. She frowned at him.

"Do you always carry knives?"

Edge looked up. "Do you always ask annoying questions?"

"Only when the person is annoying," she retorted, her eyes roaming over the stained paper menu on the table. A waitress came by, and took Rei's order. He noticed how the young girl was purposely avoiding looking anywhere but at Rei's eyes. It was pathetic what people would go through so as not to bring any embarrassment. However, Rei was not bothered at all. After the waitress left, she spoke up. "All the people who've met me divide up into two categories."

"Oh?" he asked, not really paying attention and still knifing the table.

"Yeah. People who resent me… and people who pity me."

"Wonder which one I am," he muttered sarcastically.

"Anyone who tries to be nice is really just pitying me," she said softly, trying not to get mad at the truth of the fact. "At least I know that you don't pity me. I prefer resentment much more. It's easier to deal with."

He leaned back in his seat. "Then we have an understanding. I resent you. I hate this. I'd rather be home snacking on potato chips or something." He went on, still uncaring of her feelings. "If anyone here recognizes me, my fucking reputation will be at risk. And then I'll really be pissed."

Rei glanced around them. "Do you have any friends who frequent this place?"


"Then don't worry about it."

"Aw, shut up," he spat and stabbed at the table. She simply rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on her chin.

After four minutes of awkward silence, the waitress came back with Rei's food. She quickly set it down and went on her way to another table. Rei ate hungrily. She didn't spare a crumb.

Definitely eating for two, Edge thought as he looked up again from his unique table drawing. It was the skull on Big Boss's motorcycle helmet, or rather now Akira's helmet. It would be funny if anyone who next sat there thought that either of the Kazamas had made the mark.

From across the diner, Gan and Akira stepped inside.

"I know I saw that guy from Taiyo in here," Akira insisted.

"Are you sure?" Gan sighed.

Edge flinched upon hearing the two voices. He decided on a course of action that would kill two birds with one stone: escape from his friends' eyes and not having to deal with the bill "Are you done eating yet?"

She dabbed at her mouth with a napkin. "Yeah."

"Let's go."

He grabbed her hand and yanked her up. She let out a surprised sound as they glided past two other tables and out the alternate diner entrance. The waitress dropped her plate when she saw that, yelling at the two fleeing customers. The cook came from the kitchen and chastised her for the mess she'd made.

Akira and Gan, still looking around, came to sit at a table that a bus boy was still busily wiping.

"What was that all about?" the smaller teen asked.

Gan shrugged. He spotted something out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, isn't that a skull carved here on the table?"

"You asshole! What do you think you're doing!" Rei screamed at Edge as he pulled her after him, around the next corner. They were both out of breath. Rei's hands gently rested on her middle, unsure of how her body would take it. Satisfied that no damage had been done, she turned again to yell at her guide. "If you didn't have any money, you could just tell me! Argh!"

He growled. "I have money. Now just shut up! We're going home now. Unless her majesty," his words dripped of sarcasm, "wants to see any more of this loser place."

She hugged her jacket around her and shook her head. She decided not to provoke him to anger any more than if he already was. There was always a good chance she could get back at him later. Somehow. "No. Home it is."

Silence settled over them like a blanket once again as they walked. Haplessly, Edge had started heading in the other direction than from home. He didn't want to turn around and look like the lost boy she had inadvertently presumed him to be before, so he stuck to their direction. Rei, still unfamiliar with the surroundings, didn't notice. She blindly followed his lead.

When they finally reached her doorstep more than half an hour later, she didn't seem to want to complain. Her mood had turned different from when the night first started out. Who knew what was in her thoughts? He definitely didn't want to find out. It was probably girlish things, or stuff about the baby.

It always came back to the baby when he considered her in his mind. And it would always come back to that. Even when she stood before him with those glowing flushed pink cheeks and downcast eyes. She was a really stunning girl, looking so appealing with her biting her lower lip.

"Yeah, um, good night," she said, breaking him out of his thoughts. She searched the jacket's right pocket to find the key that the Kishidas had given her.

He shrugged his shoulders again, starting back down the steps. "Whatever."

"Thanks," she called back, trying to be polite.

He raised one hand to indicate he'd heard her, but not as much to indicate he cared. Rei nodded, disappointed for a reason she knew not, and went inside, yawning. Edge looked over his shoulder at the now shut door. He walked around the tiny fence that separated the two divisions of apartments. A light went on in a window on the second floor, facing his room's window. A girl's silhouette appeared. It was Rei.

Edge chose to ignore the coincidence and proceeded to his place, determined on eating something since he'd avoided eating at the diner. It was nearly 9 o'clock. His stomach grumbled.


Okay, so a few people are out of character (I think… I didn't play the game too much. My friend helped me out. She's the obsessive here, not me.) As you can tell, well, I hope, I dropped you smack dab in the middle of the game's story line and threw the rest in for good measure. It comes into play later. I think I really failed at trying to center this on Edge and his thoughts without perceiving him to be different than from his game's character. Argh.

Oh, and I don't know what happens in Japan to unintended pregnancies in teenage girls, so I'm setting it kind of against what I know in my society. Yeah. Okay. If I offended anyone, then don't read anymore. Just skip flaming me through reviews and go skip off on your merry way. This was a big experiment anyway. Just please, please, someone out there tell me what you think. I hate it when a lot of people read, and only three review. Happens all too much for my tastes.