1Ch2: "Why's" and "What's"

"W-Why are you here? I-I thought you left for good..." Sakura took deep breaths to calm herself down. "I came back because I killed Itachi. I don't need power anymore, so I left." Sasuke simply replied as Sakura clung closer to Neji. The silver eyed boy knew that fear was written all over her. "If you don't mind, we'll be heading back on our way." Neji stated with no emotion. "Yes, I do mind actually." Sasuke formed a jutsu. Neji used his Byakuuran to see what he was forming. "Get outta our way, you rude, impudent, murderous traitor." Neji stated once again. Sakura knew they were about to fight, and couldn't risk Neji getting hurt. She thoughtlessly ran in between them, like the time Naruto fought against Sasuke. "Sasuke! Ano, maybe we should do this another time..." She turned back to Neji. "Neji-kun, I can't risk you getting hurt. Hinata-chan's waiting. We should go now." Sakura grabbed Neji's arm and left. The black-haired boy stared into the silver-eyed boy with a death glare before Neji left.

"They should be coming by now.." Kakashi could sense Neji's powerful chakra coming nearer. "Okay! You all know what to do!" Hinata turned off the lights and everyone scrambled o their places.

"Neji-kun," Sakura stopped in her tracks. "Nani?" He turned around to face her. "Before we go in, I wanna say, no matter what happens, I will always love you." Neji blinked at her and smiled. "Me too, Sakura-chan." He placed a light kiss on her forehead and walked with her to the estate. "Nani? Why are the lights off?" Sakura checked to see if anybody was there. "I guess we took too long..." Neji turned the handle of the door. He opened it and took Sakura by the hand. "Neji-kun, I think we should wait for them." Sakura shuddered. She was afraid of the dark, ever since her childhood memories of what happened in the dark, but a shinobi musn't show his/her enemy their feelings. Neji turned on the light and out jumped from hiding: Ino, Choji, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Kakashi. They all said at once, "Happy late-engagement!" Sakura stepped back and so did Nej. "Are you guys shocked?" Naruto laughed. "Why wouldn't we be!" Sakura squealed happily. "Wow! This is so good!" Sakura went on praising the work. Neji walked up to Hinata, who was talking to Naruto. "Hinata-sama, may I talk to you for a few minutes?" Hinata agreed and went to the 'private' corner to talk. "Did you forget to buy the sake on accident for purpose?" Neji asked. "Of course I forgot it on purpose, just for you and my bestest friend!" Hinata chuckled. "Oh, okay. That's all I wanted to know..." Neji looked to where his fiancee was. "Is something wrong, Neji-niichan?" Hinata asked with concern. Naruto was approaching him until he heard Neji say that Sasuke was back in town. Kakashi noticed that Naruto was standing ominously still, and approached him. "Doustanou, Naruto?"

"Eh? Oh, ano, Kakashi-sensei. I heard Neji saying something about Sasuke coming back. I doubt it. Ha!" When Kakashi heard 'Sasuke' he was shocked. "Nani! Sasuke-kun is back!" Kakashi yelled loud enough for everyone to hear. Sakura chocked on her cake and Neji came to assist her. Ino dropped her glass of sake, Choji banged his head on the refrigerator roof, and Shikamaru just glanced at him. Hinata was aware of it about a couple of minutes ago, so she wasn't really surprised. They all turned to Neji and Sakura, who were about to leave the scene of the crime. "HOLD IT!" Kakashi pulled them back by their collars. Sakura and Neji sighed. "I guess we should inform the Hokage..."


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