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Chap 2 Pure Luck

Everyday, it was the same thing. After work, Tsuzuki would stop by the zoo just so he could visit Hisoka. The moment he found out his name, he felt like it suited the beautiful creature. He actually went home after their first meeting vowing that he would remember Hisoka's name and vowing that he would visit him whenever possible. He would stay with the youth longer, but he would get shooed away by the security guards sooner or later.

It was always the same thing. Tsuzuki would wait for the crowd to part after the daily 'show' that he hated so much. Then he would go up to Hisoka and comfort him. Hisoka, on the other hand, always waited patiently for Tsuzuki to come. No matter how painful it would get during the show, he knew that soon he would get what he was waiting for. And that, was to see Tsuzuki again.

Their meeting would get more and more intimate every time they met. Hisoka even allowed Tsuzuki to stroke him sometimes. Whenever they had to part (because of those annoying security guards… twitch twitch), Tsuzuki would reach into the cage and pull Hisoka into a hug, promising him that he would be back the next day.

And now, we meet another character in our fanfic… Tatsumi Seiichiro. The only nice security guard in the whole place. Luckily for Tsuzuki, he's in charge of the security team and is quite lenient with Tsuzuki's everyday visits. If he wasn't in charge, poor Tsu-chan probably would be shot dead by those other annoying guards, who by the way, don't agree with Tatsumi on letting Tsu get so close with one of their 'displays'.

Tatsumi, on the other hand, thought it was cute and sweet that the poor boy finally got the love that he deserved. Tatsumi can't do what Tsuzuki does. Because if he did, he would probably get fired for 'communicating with displays' and some other idiot would probably be put in charge, and Tsu would be shot.. and bla bla bla… you know what I mean.. ( )


"Yes, Hisoka?"

"Do you have the feeling that someone's being extra nice on letting you visit me all the time?" (Empathy acting up again..)

"Hmmm…. Never really thought about it. Why?"

"uh.. well.. Have you ever noticed that one particular guard always looks at us and smiles, while the others see us and start patting their guns lovingly…?"

"umm.. no? But don't worry about it, Hisoka. I'm sure that smiling guy is on our side." And with that, Tsuzuki smiled reassuringly.

"Yeah", Hisoka agreed, though clearly still worried. I hope so..

Just then, the clock tower nearby sounded and it was time for the visitors to leave. Almost immediately, the annoying guards jumped out of nowhere with their guns aiming at Tsuzuki.

"Oh crud.." Tsuzuki started to panic.

Tatsumi came from behind and commanded them to hold their fire. The annoying guards sulkily lowered their guns. Tatsumi looked at Tsuzuki, signaling to him that he'd better leave before they change their minds about shooting him.

Tsuzuki got the message almost instantly. After all, it wasn't his first time being shooed away by guards… He reached into the cage and pulled Hisoka into a tight hug, giving him the same promise that he gave every time they had to part… and then, he ran for his life when he saw one guard start to raise his gun again…

A/N : I have nothing against security guards, they do a great job in protecting the peace. Its just that I needed them to be the sort of bad guy in this fic… "