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"Wow…" Hisoka let some tears roll down his cheeks. He gazed at the vast, sparkling ocean. It was the first time he saw something so beautiful in his life (other than Tsuzuki's eyes…). Seagulls were flying high in the sky. The sun felt warm on his skin. He didn't feel at all cold in his blue swimming shorts that Tsuzuki had bought for him as he thought he would. Instead, he felt content. Warm and happy. He hasn't felt so good in such a long time. He also felt Tsuzuki wipe the tears of awe from his eyes.

"Hisoka… you okay?"

The teen turned around to look at him and smiled happily before embracing him once more. "I'm fine, Asato. It's just so…" he turned to indicate that he was talking about the ocean "… beautiful. And overwhelming." He added.

Tsuzuki kissed the top of Hisoka's forehead. "You're even more beautiful," he said, sending a blush creeping to the youth's cheeks. Tsuzuki chuckled. "Ready to go play in the sand or the water or something? Go on! You choose which one first."

Hisoka's expression suddenly changed itself into a worried one. "But… there are so many people. Everywhere…"

Tsuzuki sighed and groaned at the same time. He had forgotten about that. After mentally smacking himself on the forehead, and idea came to him. Well, it seemed better than any other idea that had previously come to mess with his head…

"Tell you what, Hisoka," he began, sliding his arm around Hisoka's shoulders "We'll find a nice, secluded spot, okay? We'll make sure that it still has the ocean view and everything. And while we look for that spot, we're probably going to have to go through that noisy crowd of people. But you'll be alright. I won't let anyone touch or hurt you. Just stay focused on my emotions and you'll be just fine."

Hisoka nodded as they made their way towards to crowd on the shore. Almost immediately, he felt the familiar whirl of emotions being emitted by a huge crowd. Happy, angry, proud, annoyed,… the list of emotions was endless. He started to feel dizzy and willed himself to remain conscious as well as to keep himself from emitting any dangerous form of energy from himself. He was dangerous. He knew that. That's why he wasn't exactly sure of having any kind of relationship with anyone. But Tsuzuki changed that. Still, his thoughts started to stray away as his dizziness returned. Tsuzuki steadied the teen before he fell.

"Woah, easy there," Tsuzuki calmed the dizzy empath "Focus only on my emotions, remember? Come on, Hisoka. You can do it. I know you can."

Hisoka scolded himself for forgetting what Tsuzuki had said before so quickly. This time, he obeyed and focused on his lover. Instantly, Hisoka felt it work. Tsuzuki seemed as though he was trying to keep himself calm in order to prevent Hisoka from panicking. Hisoka felt his love for the older man renew itself at the sheer realization of how much Tsuzuki cared for him. He smiled and allowed Tsuzuki to lead him through the crowd.


Somewhere else in the hotel that the lovers were staying in, two pairs of eyes watched Tsuzuki and Hisoka from the privacy of the hotel room they were in. The man with more authority watched them closely with interest.

"That's the empath?" he asked his minion who stood not far behind him.

"The young blond, sir, yes," came the reply.

"Then…" the 'boss' chuckled evilly "This should be interesting."


"Finally, the perfect, secluded spot!" Tsuzuki exclaimed proudly as he set down his picnic basket and started unfolding their picnic blanket over the ground. Hisoka then began to help him take the food out from the poor overstuffed picnic basket... Asato and his sweet things…Hisoka thought to himself with mild amusement. As soon as the huge array of food was laid out in front of them, Tsuzuki quickly grabbed some pastries and started shoving the sugar balls into his mouth, with the excuse that he was too hungry to wait. Hisoka soon followed suit.

"So what's the plan for today?" Hisoka asked Tsuzuki as he ate, although he would be fully happy and perfectly content with just sitting on the beach with the older man. He watched as Tsuzuki started to swallow his food and gave a look as though he was in deep thought, trying to remember what he had planned for them.

"Mmm, well," he started "we have a massage scheduled in about 3 hours from now, we have some time after that, so if you like, we can come back to the beach and make sandcastles or something," he grinned sheepishly.

"What's a massage?" the teen inquired.

"Huh…? Oh, well, basically you lie down and this misuse, uh, that's the person who's gonna massage you, comes to you and starts rubbing your back or whatever until you feel completely relaxed."


"What? What's wrong?"

"Uh, well, its just that… it sounds so… perverted in a way." (blushing)(slightly)(:P)

"Ahah…," Tsuzuki scratched his head sheepishly, a tiny blush creeping up his cheeks "I guess it is, kinda. But it'll feel really good, Hisoka. I've tried one before, and all my tense muscles and knots felt fine after I was done."

"Well, if you say so…" Hisoka replied, still somewhat blushing.

They finished their lunch and packed up their things before they went to the shore and played chase-and-run-away-from-the-wave-before-it-touches-you. Before long, they were fairly exhausted and both of them collapsed on the sand, panting and laughing at each other. Tsuzuki smiled with relief as he realized that Hisoka was having as much fun as he was.

"You wanna swim in the ocean, Hisoka?"

"Mm,… not really. Not now anyway, we just ate, and I heard that you should only go swimming about an hour after you finish eating, or you'll get cramps."

"Well, yeah, you're right. The waves are kinda rough now anyway. So then, wanna go shopping?"

Hisoka stared back at the older man incredulously while Tsuzuki stared back at him with begging and pleading eyes so strong that Hisoka had no reason in the world to object to his wish.


"ugh… so many people…" Hisoka mumbled to himself as Tsuzuki led him by the hand towards various shops, mostly selling souvenirs. After a long time of window shopping, Tsuzuki decided that he was hungry again, and so he dragged Hisoka to a nearby café which sold, yes, pastries. He eyed each one of the sweet things with hunger and wanting. Hisoka merely chuckled.

They went in and placed their order. Suddenly, Tsuzuki a sharp pain in his stomach as he sat down. He bent over the table, holding his stomach tightly.

"Asato?! Are you okay?" Hisoka asked him worriedly. Oh my God, if anything happened to him, I…!

"I'm okay, Hisoka," Tsuzuki replied wanly "I think I just have a stomachache."

"It must be from eating all those sweets…" Hisoka suggested "Maybe you shouldn't eat so much-"

"NO!" the older man retorted stubbornly "Didn't you see how wonderful those pastries looked? I'm gonna eat them! No matter what! ( his stomach gave another sharp pain ) well… after I visit the little boy's room…" he added while taking out his wallet.

"Here," Tsuzuki said as he reached over the table and gave his wallet to Hisoka "Hold this for me till I get back, okay? In case they want us to pay early, just take some money out and give it to them."

"Alright, be back soon, okay?" Hisoka called out to him as Tsuzuki ran out of the shop. The green-eyed teen stared at the wallet. Before he could contain his curiosity, he opened the wallet and began flipping through the compartments. Man, he really has a lot of money (sweatdrop). I feel bad that he's spending so much of it on me though…

As he continued his search, he stumbled upon Tsuzuki's identity card. Taking it out carefully, he studied his full name, address, career, gender, nationality and photo. He looks so weird in this picture… did he have a cold or something on that day? He stared at Tsuzuki's photo where his nose was slightly red. He stared with slight amusement. :P

Then, his eyes fell upon Tsuzuki's birth date. Green eyes widened as he realized the present date and started to compare the dates (Tsu's birthday and the present date). Oh my God…

Little did Hisoka know that somewhere in the background, someone else was watching the teen with great interest…

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