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Alchemy no Jutsu: Hagane no Shinobi

Chapter 4: Training Blues

No pain, no gain; Equivalent Exchange; the Law of Conservation…they make sense…but I don't think they apply to the heart.

-Haruno Sakura

His arms felt dead. His legs felt dead. Every single muscle in his body felt dead. For goodness sakes, HE felt dead.

Ed groaned. How he seriously regretted ever asking for training sessions from a ninja – they were pure hell. Even the warm-up exercises had been inhuman, much less the training itself.

The pink-haired girl, Sakura, had written up an acceptable training schedule to instruct him in the fine arts of the ninja at first. Unfortunately, her two friends, Naruto and Sasuke (the dobe and the teme, respectively) decided to help and, ahem, accelerate the learning process.

Now he was completing an obscene training schedule that was most definitely pushing human limits. Running 40km a day with two metal limbs in midsummer was crazy by itself, only Ed had to do about 250 one-handed push-ups and 1050 sit-ups. However, before he could complain, Naruto showed him his training schedule, which suddenly made Ed very happy with his.

However, as Ed trained, he usually carried a few scrolls describing ninjutsu and this strange concept of chakra with him. Apparently, judging from his three shinobi friends, his rate of learning was unbelievable, making him a genius. Ed shrugged it off as beginner's luck, but they were not convinced. He didn't understand what they meant until Sasuke explained that Ed had mastered a fairly difficult Chuunin technique in half a day. It usually took normal shinobi two months.

Ed joked about the obscene training schedule finally paying off until Naruto mentioned that they had only given him half the usual amount, considering that it was midsummer and he had two metal limbs. Ed shuddered – to think that he thought Izumi-sensei's training had actually been difficult.

Therefore, Ed would train and learn ninjutsu every working day of the week, but he would have to teach Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura alchemy on the weekends. Ed was also amazed at how fast they picked up the concepts, even if he did laugh at their first attempts. Naruto had tried to transmute water into ice, which was about as basic as alchemy got, and ended up blowing up the entire area surrounding the hot springs.

Once the fog had cleared away, Ed had laughed at Naruto, who was charred from the explosion. Naruto had then said the taboo word: short. The entire area surrounding the hot springs had exploded again, this time – intentionally. Sasuke and Sakura watched in silence as their short blond friend was chased by their shorter blonde friend and made mental notes never to mention anything about height around Ed.

Then everything had halted to a stop when the owners of the hot springs had arrived. They were NOT amused.

Ed was reading deeply into one of the scrolls that he borrowed from Konoha's vast library and forming complex theories about ninjutsu in his head. Apparently, in this world, people had a gate inside them that drained energy from them physically. However, people in this world, having gone through ridiculous training, had much more energy than normal people EVER should.

The people who could use the gate inside of themselves were called shinobi, roughly equal to alchemists back in Amestris, Ed concluded. The energy and concepts of ninjutsu and alchemy were roughly parallel, except that drawing energy from yourself was executed in a different fashion than drawing energy through a gate.

In alchemy, the power of an alchemist depended completely on how well they could control the flow of energy from the gate. This provided a theoretically infinite supply of energy. However, shinobi drew chakra from their own bodies with techniques that physically manifested them. When Ed learned about summoning techniques, he realized that, if a shinobi had enough energy, they could actually pry open the gate and pull something out of it, as crazy as it might sound.

In equivalent exchange (which Ed was still sure held true in this world), the user would lose the amount of energy, or chakra, needed to summon whatever it was they chose. However, summoning usually needed a more complicated process than normal ninjutsu, often involving summoning arrays. Ed had studied them and found, so his surprise, that they were somewhat equivalent to transmutation circles.

Then revelation hit him. The people here had summoned him using an array. There were a lot of them working together to do it, so Ed assumed that a lot of energy was necessary to complete the task. These people had forcibly pried open the Gate and pulled him through.

Ed's eyes widened, then he smirked to himself, feeling a wave of accomplishment wash through him. If the people here had enough energy to bring him here, then they probably had some means to send him back.

If he completed whatever task they brought him here for, then, reasonably, they should send him back. Equivalent Exchange, right? Flawless.

Then Ed was jerked out of his thoughts by a sudden explosion near the west gate. He looked up from his reading and found Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura dashing towards him. Upon closer inspection, all three of them had drawn their weapons and were covered in dirt and grime. Naruto was bleeding slightly from his left shoulder and Sasuke's eyes were in that strange, red-comma mode again. Sakura was running next to Naruto, hands emitting a blue glow as she healed his shoulder.

"Ed, we need to get you out of here." Naruto shouted once they reached him. Ed's eyes narrowed as he remembered the explosion near the west gate.

"Why, and what happened?"

Naruto continued again, slightly out of breath from running all the way from the west gate, which was on the other side of the village.

"Konoha is under attack."


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