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Better Summary: A small curious boy named Ryo (oc) awakens to find himself in another world where he meets a cold solitary demon, a cursed mermaid/nymph, a loud mouthed dragon boy, a neko jin with a groping habit towards a certain crush, a optimistic demon hunter, and a tempermental boy with powers. Will Ryo ever get home? Read along on a journey of comedy, romance, yaoi, and action

The Portal to the Unknown

Chapter One

Ryo was always the curious type, always trying to figure out what things do and touching things. But, curiosity can get the best of anyone if one does not know how to use one's resources.

Today is like any other day of Ryo's 7 year old life, going to the museum with his mom. Apparently it is a law that parents bore their children to death with artifact exhibits before going to other exhibits, like the dinosaur area or the trains, if the children survive through boredom.

Ryo yawns and brushes his shiny black hair from his big brown eyes as he walks along with his mom. Ryo warily watches the paintings and sculptures go by at a slow pace as his mothers continues on through the boring exhibit (AN: Actually, art isn't that boring...except when your 7...) A glitter catches Ryo's brown eyes and he moves closer to the object when his mother lets go of his hand to look closer at a painting.

A shiny silver key gleams on the floor with a little card by it. Ryo opens the card and picks up the key.

A journey first begins with a step, or the right key to the door of imagination and wonder

Ryo's brows furrow together after he reads the message written on the card in golden letters. He flips the card and sees a little arrow pointing to his right. Slowly, Ryo's eyes follow where the arrow is pointing. A tiny door with a red phoenix, blue dragon, green turtle, and a white tiger surrounding a key hole encircled by a moon goddess and sun god. Ryo tilts his head to one side as he fits the key into the key hole and turns the key.

Swirling colors surround Ryo and engulf him, pulling him into another dimension. As Ryo is pulled through, images and scenes pass him until all goes black. One image stays however, an image of what looks like friends grouped together. Ryo can vaguely make out shapes of a female and five males, and all of them look like their happy and being goofy. Ryo desperately wants to be with these people for some reason, he can't figure out why either. Why does he want to be with these people? Does he even know them?

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