Disney Mainia and The Waesley Concert

By: Golden Lass

Harry Potter fic

Hi, I'm Golden Lass and I have not been able to write much because I have been too busy. I've been out of High school for 3 years now and have a little more time on my hands. Well anyways I didn't really write much during that time. Most of you may know me by my Ronin Warriors fics which unfourtunally are unfinished. Hopefully I can get some of the stories I've written the past couple of years in also just so you know this fic here is my first Harry Potter fic that I am going to write. I also need some help. I need more characters for this no teachers or grown ups except for the Weasley children and their girlfriends and or best friends and boyfriends. I hope I can get some stories up and finish the two I already have. I love Disney and Harry Potter that will explain the title.

Disclaimer: I do not I repeat do not own Harry Potter or any of the songs that will appear on this fic.

Summary: After the war, everything is beginning to look up for Ron, Harry and Hermoinee. Percy apologizes to his family and now all the Waesley Children and together again. After watching alot of Disney movies with all thier friends, what is going through their minds now, a concert of course.

This is just what I plan to do I want you to help me.

Characters: Couples:

Percy Percy and Oliver

Bill Harry and Ginny They are absolute couples

Charlie Ron and Hermionee

Oliver Please help me choose my other couples












Songs appearing You won't know who is singing them until I start the chapters but you will get to chose whitch go next after three songs.

I want a mom


Circle of Life

I won't say I'm in love

Stand by me

We are one

Someday My prince will come

I'll make a Man out of you

Journey to the Past

I can go the distance

Can you feel the love tonight

You'll be in my heart

Look Through My Eyes

A whole New world

So you have a summary and plans for this fic please review and tell me what you think the rest of the couples should be and if I should add new characters or what. Also the top three songs will go first the rest are your choice.