One shot for a couple of friends.

Golden Lass

I'm back after years of not writing. Okay had major writers block and also either the computer was acting up or my internet connection would be interupted but also at the time didn't accept the word pad so I had lady of contradiction put up What happened to Us. I think that it is my first Beyblade fic ever but so I wrote alot of small stories and I can't wait to put them up for you. I do not own BeyBlade.

So we thought we'd never get rid of Boris. The last battle of our Justice five tournament ended with Tyson winning it once again. The battle was fierce very fierce we even thought we lost Tyson after the battle was won. Poor Tyson was walking very slowly to us when we came up to cheer for him and we realized that Tyson needed to get to the hospital for treatment. Luckily when we got Tyson there on time the doctors were able to save him.

But that isn't the part of the story that is important for us. You see we began to notice things about everyone who was involved in it. Everyone seems to be hooking up with others in the group. Like me paring up with MingMing, yes you guess it. I'm Kenny. But the group I'm been watching very close is that of my best friends, Tyson, Rei, Max, and Kai. Tyson being Rei's boyfriend was pretty obvious but the relationship that is going on between Kai and Max is so mysterious that no one really knows if they love each other or not. My guess is that Kai really likes Max but he won't admit it. I just hope that what Boris said at the end of the tournament doesn't stop Kai from telling Max how he really feels. What is it that Boris said to Kai and the others at the end of the tournament? Well lets see….

At the end of the last battle Tyson was standing and Brooklyn was on the ground unconscious when we saw Boris come up to him and picked him up. "Well done boys, you have gotten very lucky now that Kai is with you. Without him you wouldn't have won boys." The police were ready to capture Boris but he manage to keep them away. Brooklyn looked up and hit the police with his ability's. "Your wrong Boris we would have without him if we wanted to. I know you remember the first World Championship that we won. We got to the top without Kai but we needed him for one of the most important battles that day. Because of him we were shown to be very strong in front of our fans and families…" Max said. "Oh, please you depend on him for mostly everything. And you are the one that he cares for the most." Boris said. "Huh!" "Boris enough of this." Kai said. "You know it's true Kai." Boris came closer to the Bladebreakers and looked at Max. "Don't worry I will make sure he is safe and sound where he belongs." "You will not take him away from me or any of the others for that matter." "Yeah, yeah Kai. But be warned now I will come for him and take him away from you and your friends." Boris said as he came closer to Max touching his face. Max was pushed back a second later, by Kai. Rei was holding Tyson during the time. "Get away from him Boris." Kai said. "Fine Then I will make sure I take away the things care about the most Kai. This I will promise to occur soon." Then Boris left. Kai looked to Max and Max looked at Kai with his eyes beginning to water. Kai reach over and pulled him into a hug to comfort him. "What are we going to do Kai?" Max asked. "Tyson!" Rei said. Yes he had fainted in Rei's arms and that is where we come to the present.

Now we are at the hospital waiting, Rei, Kai, and Max were all waiting for the Doctor to come out and tell them how Tyson was doing. Max was sitting in between Kai and Rei. He laid his head on Kai's shoulder and fell asleep. The doctor came out and said he wanted to talk to Rei and Kai by themselves. Kai got up and laid Max gently on the set of chairs in the waiting room. "Boys, I have some good news." "Is Tyson going to be okay?" Rei asked worried. "Yes, he is fine just that he was completely exhausted. He just needs to rest. He also had a few injuries but otherwise he is just fine." The Doctor said. Rei gave a sigh of relief. "That's good thank you." "Your welcome, he can go home tomorrow afternoon." "Thank you very much, sir, is there any way we can see him." "Yes but one person at a time okay." "Yes sir." Rei said.

Kai turned to Rei and said. "Listen Rei, I have to go. Keep an eye on the others for me." "But Kai, you just got back why don't you stay a while." Rei said. "I can't but you know why I can't stay Rei." "Yeah, I know. But Max is going to miss you a lot." "I have to go no matter what you say and you can't stop me." Kai said. "Fine, be careful while you are out there." "Aren't I always." And with that Kai left. "Oh boy I don't know how Max is going to react. I need to keep an eye on the others. Oh man…I'm going to need some help."

Rei went into Tyson's room. He saw his crush on the bed asleep. Walking a bit closer to the bed Rei saw that Tyson had bandages that the doctor had mention during their conversation outside in the waiting room. Luckily Max was asleep at the time. "Hey, Tyson how are you?" Rei asked. Not a word came from his crush. "Oh, boy this is going to get very crazy here. I have keep an eye on you guys and also keep a very close eye on Max. Kai asked me to do this." Still no response from the other boy. "You see Tyson, Kai needed to leave again. Though I wish he hadn't. Max is going to go crazy when he finds out that Kai is gone." Rei sighs. "And I thought the whole thing was over and that you and I could live our lives as we see fit but no Boris has stepped into it. He's focus on hurting us and I think his best bet is using Max as his little pawn against us. Especially Kai, he knows that Kai will do anything for his friends. Hey you know all that stuff no wonder you trust him so much." Tyson lied on the bed with his eyes closed pretending to be asleep as he heard Rei speak. "It's funny Kai seems to know what he wants. You would think that he's in love with Max, but then again that cold captain exterior has come back every time something goes wrong. But I really don't know. I'm beginning to think I'm falling in love with you Tyson. I don't know what I would do without you. Although I think Kai has been used to leaving his friends so they won't get hurt. You know how it is." Rei sigh. "Yeah, I know that." Tyson said. "Hey, how are you." Rei asked. "Good now that you are here." "I don't know if you were listening to me while you were asleep but Kai kinda left." "I kinda did hear you. And I heard you say that you loved me. Is that true?" "Yes, I did say that and it was true. I love you Tyson and no one can ever separate me from you. If you want me to." "Yes, I do Rei. I do love you." Tyson said as he looked up at Rei.

Rei looked into Tyson's eye full of passion and leaned in for a kiss. Rei claimed Tysons lips and began to explore Tysons mouth. Tyson began to moan and melt into Rei's arms. The sound of the door opening loudly made them both jump out of their skin. There as they looked stood a very tearful and angry Max. "Why Rei, why did you let him leave? Why!" Rei looked at him in silence. "I tried to stop him Rei but he wouldn't listen to me." Kenny said. "It's alright I need to talk to him anyways why don't you stay with Tyson for a while Kenny." Rei said. "Okay." Kenny said. And with that Rei left with Max hand in his hand.

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