Restraining to say Sit!

Summary: Kagome in a strange turn of events gives Inuyasha a Sit free day, but at what price? The crazy-o-meteor goes sky rocketing!(not the best summary in the world but…oh well) Review please!

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Rated for Inuyasha's language and fluffiness nothing to bad but oh well.

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Chapter one: Sit free!

Keade sighed and shook her head as she saw Inuyasha and Kagome approaching; arguing as usual. 'What is it this time?' Keade wondered as she went out side to greet the two.

"Kagome I still say I didn't need to be sat! That damn wolf deserved in!' Inuyasha yelled. Then Kagome glared at him fire in her brown eyes now she was mad.

"Inuyasha... SIT BOY!" Kagome screamed and then looked satisfyingly down at the Inuyasha shaped crater. "That's what you get for cussing and besides, Kouga was just being nice and then YOU had to go and start a fight. I can't believe you it wasn't like Kouga was doing anything wrong!" Kagome snapped at Inuyasha who was now just getting up.

Keade had heard the whole thing and then she got an idea although no one would guess what she was thinking(except me and the people who read the summary! and the title) this plan was risky, yes, but even though it probably won't work it will be amusing... "How are ye two" Keade asked as she greeted the two. "Where are Miroku Sango, and Shippo?" Keade then noticed the missing people.

"There at Sango's village fixing weapons and so on" Kagome replied almost mechanically. Everyone then went into Keade's hut and sat down to eat.

"Ye two wait here. I have a proposal for ye two." Keade said calmly but on the inside she was laughing evilly( okay who thinks that's weird?).

Kagome and Inuyasha stared at each other something wasn't right here. Before anyone could say anything Keade arrived with two pieces of parchment that appeared to have nothing on it.

"Kagome sign this Inuyasha you sign this" Keade said calmly and coldly but she couldn't help but grin.

Kagome took the pen hesitantly in her hand.

"What's this for?" Kagome asked Inuyasha was wondering the same exact thing when he took his pen.

"You'll find out soon enough now both of you sign!" Keade answered and yelled.

Kagome and Inuyasha did what they were told and then the writing began to glow and then faded.

"What's going on you old Hag what did you do?" Inuyasha howled his golden eyes filled with anger.

"Quit howling Inuyasha all I did was make it so you two have to do something the other wants for one whole day."' Keade explained calmly.

Kagome looked questionably at Keade and then asked "what do you mean 'do' something the other wants?"

"Ye know like Kagome you can give InuYasha a sit free day while in return Inuyasha has to 'do' something for you!" Keade explained happily. At the sit free day Inuyasha's ears twitched but then fell at the something for her part.

"So let me see if I get this straight if I pick tomorrow for a day of no sit and I won't get sat even if she says it ,but I have to do something for her?" Inuyasha asked happy if that's how it would work!

"Yes but remember only for 24 hours!" Keade explained.

"All right a Sit free Day" Inuyasha cheered loudly! Kagome looked at Inuyasha unsure if this was such a good idea then Kagome thought 'but then again he has to do what I want as well but what do I want hmmm?'.

"Well Inuyasha tomorrow will be your day." Keade said bringing Kagome out of her trance.

'Tomorrow's going to be a long day!' Kagome thought miserably little did she know how right she was going to be.

To Be Continued!

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