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"Battle chip, Longsword, slot in!"

A red flash sliced through a cluster of viruses, leaving behind fading clouds of data.

"Battle chip, Spreader, slot in!"

A waver of the hand delayed the chip's entrance into the slot momentarily, though it was almost imperceptible. Almost.

One spray of yellow and the last of the viruses dispersed into nothing.

"Good work today, agents," Meijin complimented.

Instead of a boastful, "Of course!" or some similarly arrogant response, all he received was a "Thanks." While it retained Netto's usual cheery tone, somberness also hung heavy from it. Enzan, naturally, simply gave a small nod.

"Netto? Is something wrong?" inquired Meijin.

"Hm? Oh, um, no, nothing! Nothing at all! I just worked up an appetite doing that mission! Man do they have a way of tiring you out! Well, gotta go, see ya tomorrow, Enzan, Meijin-san!"

Netto hurriedly replied as he put on his skates. After securing them, he took off, almost instantly becoming a white and orange blur.

"How many times do I have to tell you! The –san is not necessary!" the bespeckled honorific detester shouted after the blur.

Enzan narrowed his eyes, watching Netto's form quickly diminish into the distance. Sure, Netto was always hyper, but that seemed a little too hyper, even for him. Plus he was always the one charging headlong into battle, yet lately he had been hesitating more. Not necessarily a bad thing, considering he had chastised him for being reckless at times, but Netto wasn't one to change his ways so quickly. Something was definitely off.

He started after him.

"Netto-kun? Is something on your mind?" Rockman asked.

"For the last time, no! Why is everyone asking me that today!" Netto retorted.

"Well, you have been acting strange lately. And only Meijin-san and I have asked you today."

"Strange! How! I'm acting the way I always have! And I was referring to every time after a mission! It's been going on for over a week now!"

"For one thing, you've been zipping around like your pants are on fire or something. Plus you seem more distracted lately. I've noticed a slight delay between the time you declare which chips you're slotting in and when they actually go into effect. Oh, and you only said today."

"I have no idea what you're talking about! And I know what I said!"

"Uh huh."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

A sigh. "Forget it."

"Hey! Rockman…!"

The blue clad navi noticed the slight falter at the end of his name and his operator's breath shortening. "Netto-kun…?"

In between breaths, Netto waved off his concern. "I'm fine… just need… a breather…" He finally slowed to a stop and leaned on a streetlight.

"About time you stopped."

Netto jumped at the sound of the familiar smooth, cool voice so close behind him, so much so that his wheeled feet flew out from under him. He would have slammed his head and back into the concrete if not for two arms holding him - and a body acting as a landing pad.

For a moment he lingered in the soft warmth. When he finally realized that he had knocked his benefactor off his feet as well and turned to apologize, he saw blue – but not that of the sky.

Jumping to his feet and brushing himself off, Netto stammered, "E-Enzan? How long were you behind me? Um, sorry about that, let me help you up – Ah!"

Enzan ignored the proffered hand, swooped up, and grabbed Netto up by the collar and shoved him against a wall. "Alright, Hikari. Talk. Now."

"H-Huh? Talk about what? A mission? But we just finished on-"

"Cut the crap, Netto. You've been acting odd lately. Something's wrong, and I want to know what."

"N-no, everything's fine, I've, um, just been a little sick lately…"

"…Didn't you say earlier that you were hungry and tired?"

"W-well, being sick makes you those things…Hey!"

A hand slipped under the blue bandanna bearing Rockman's insignia and rested on the forehead beneath. Chocolate eyes shot wide open.

"W-What do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm seeing if you have a fever. You did say you were sick."

"I know what I said!"

Two voices in unison sounded, "Uh huh."

The brunette glared down at his PET. "You're supposed to be on my side here."

Rockman shrunk back slightly abashed. "Sorry, Netto-kun, but I have to agree, it does look like something's bothering you, and you won't say what. I'm worried"

The corners of Enzan's lips raised themselves into a smirk. "Heh, see, even your navi's agreeing with me." The hand under the bandanna started to migrate down Netto's cheek.

Netto squirmed, flailing his arms. "Y-You've gone crazy!"

He tried to break free and slip away, but a forearm pinned him to the wall. The pale hand trailed down, flipped over, rested on Netto's right cheek, then crossed over to the left one.

"Hm…your cheeks are a bit warm…but not warm enough to signify a fever."

"O-Of course they're warm! If they were cold, that would mean I'm dead, right?" Netto retorted.

The pearl and onyx haired boy didn't reply, but simply lightly placed two fingers on the side of Netto's windpipe. The pinioned boy couldn't hold back a gulp. Though Enzan's face remained straight and the movements seemed clinical, somehow a semblance of tenderness permeated each of them.

"Your pulse is racing, and you're tense. Plus your cheeks are turning even redder-if that's even possible. Not to mention your horridly clashing excuses." An inky eyebrow rose. "Something is definitely bothering you."

"I-I just have a…a sunburn, that's all!"

A headshake and a little laugh. "Netto, you're probably the worst liar I've ever encountered."

"W-Well…I just…If you just…um, I mean…Argh, it's all your fault! Mind your own business, willya!"

In a flash, Netto finally broke away and shot down the street, rapidly fading into a speck.

Enzan stared after him, eyebrows slightly furrowed, and sighed. "Well, that confirmed my suspicions" A small smug grin crept onto his face. 'Though watching him squirm was fun.'

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