I'll Love You Forever Part 1



PG13 (for language?)

"I love you", there she finally said it.

Please don't leave me over this

Janet just stood in the doorway wondering why she even bothered getting out of her car, she had sat there, summing things up in her mind, going through all the possibilities. It was bad enough she shows up to Daniel's and her daughter's car is in the drive but then to find this? Her mind had told her to just stay in the car, or even leave but her heart said no, it told her to stay, go inside and see what really was happening, be it good or bad she had to know, she had made her way silently though the house and headed into the spare room where she heard noises, she swore she heard Cassie's voice saying 'I love you'.

"What the hell is going on?" Janet couldn't help but scream her words out at the sight in front of her; Daniel was sitting on the side of the bed, stroking Cassie's hair out of her face while she lie there in a tee shirt and Daniel wasn't that well dressed either, only in a t shirt and boxers.

"Mom?" Cassie couldn't hide the shock from her voice, jumping from the bed when she heard Janet's voice.

"Janet" Daniel's quivery voice came a little louder than Cassie's.

"Look, forget I asked that! I DON'T want to know." She shouted as she walked away.

"Jan wait! Baby, please wait." Daniel begged as he began to follow her.

"Why? So I can watch my daughter prancing around in my boyfriend's SHIRT?"

"Mom, I can explain" Cassie began to follow the two through the house.

"You can explain why you are wearing his shirt? I don't want to hear that explanation." Janet went for the front door but was stopped by Daniel's hand on her arm.

"Look Janet, come inside, sit down, and let us explain." She couldn't say no to him, not with the way he was looking at her.

"Fine." She stubbornly let him lead her to the couch and sat down, awaiting her explanation.

"Okay, what in hell is going on here?" Janet demanded after they had all sat in silence for ten minutes, Daniel and Janet on the couch and Cassie in a chair to the left.

"Mom, my car broke down last night in front of Daniel's houseā€¦ It was pouring down rain outside and Danny helped me push the car into the drive. When we got inside..." Cassie trailed off not knowing what to say.

"When we got inside I noticed that Cassie was soaked and I offered her a shirt to put on while her clothes were drying. By the time her clothes were done she had fallen asleep. I carried her up to the spare room." Daniel finished for her, trying to take Janet's hand but she snatched it away.

"Okay? So nothing's going on between you two?" asked Janet warily.

"No mom, there is absolutely nothing going on, I swear." Cassie now stood in front of Janet and Daniel, now not afraid of what Janet would do.

"Besides do you really think I would do that to the woman I love, Jan? I would never cheat on you ESPECIALLY not with your own daughter, no offence Cass, I promise you that." Daniel had moved down in front of Janet between her and Cassie, pushing Cassie out of the way a bit, he held her hands to his heart as he spoke.

At the end of his little speech Cassie stood there trembling for a minute before sobbing and running out of the room and out of the house only stopping to grab her car keys before speeding off home. 'Please don't let mom find out' she thought as she started the engine.

Later on that night Janet had returned home, not mentioning anything to Cassie, she was having a hard enough time as it was trying to figure out why she had bolted earlier.

'Maybe she's having man problems' Janet thought as she settled down on the couch next to Cassie who flicking through stations

"Cass, can I ask you something?" Janet said as she placed her mug of coffee down on the table in front of them.

"Sure mom, what's up?" Cassie turned her attention from the television to her mother.

"If there is nothing going on with you and Danny then who were you saying ' I love you' to?" Janet leaned forward a little looking Cass straight in the eye.

"Alex, I was on the phone with him when you got here. We had a fight last night which is the ONLY reason I was even driving in that weather." Cassie was amazed she'd been able to tell her that so fast and without stumbling over anything, or just blurting things out.

"Oh, I'm sorry I overreacted then." Janet placed a loving kiss on her for head before turning towards that TV, Just then the doorbell rang, and Janet lifted her self off the couch and went and opened the front door to find Daniel, she brought him into the living room where Cassie looked up at him nervously before looking back towards the screen.

Daniel went over to Cassie and wondered why she's so distracted.

"Hey, you've been distracted ALL morning. What's up?" he crouched down so that he was eye level with her and turned her face so she looked at him. She had tears streaming down her face.