Title: Age of False Innocence

Chapter: Seven

Warning: Adult situations ahead. You are warned.

Author's Note: This fanfic is currently on HIATUS. I don't know when the next installment will be put on here, as I haven't written it yet and have no desire to at this moment. There are things going on in my life beyond my control that I would like to focus on now. Thank you to the many people who left reviews, this chaper is for you :D

The ride home seemed to drag on for hours to Will. He knew he shouldn't be driving with the hangover he had, but there was no one at the party that he knew to bring him back, and he doubted any of them would have cared. The good thing was, it was so dark and so late, that no one could see him swerving in the street, and there were no cops around to catch him trying to speed home. To get as far away from everything as possible.

The worst thing was, there was nowhere to go to be alone. He had to go back and face Jack. Just thinking that confused him. He didn't have to deal with him at all. In fact, he could throw him out, out of his life forever, and never look back. But something told him that getting rid of Jack could never be that easy. Plus, for the week and a half that he had been staying with him, Jack had become one of Will's only friends. Rob was always around Ellen, Joe and Larry were always running off together, and Will knew that Grace wouldn't exactly want to hang out with him and be bestest friends forever after what he had just confessed.

It wasn't even true. Not to him, at least. No matter how many people he confessed that he was gay too, there wasn't anything he could do to prove it to himself.

Will pulled up into the driveway of the Columbia campus. He sat there in silence, looking up the stairs to his dorm. Jack is in there, no doubt. It isn't really likely that he would leave just because I yelled at him. It would take a crowbar to get him away from me at this point, Will thought tiredly.

Opening the door to the dorm, he found Jack sitting on his bed, eyes red from rubbing them. They had gotten rid of the couch a few days earlier, because it was falling apart, and they slept in the same bed anyway, so there wasn't any another real place to sleep, but Will found himself still getting angry. It had just been such a fucked up day.

"Get off of my bed, now," he demanded, firmly but not yelling. He doubted that he could yell without breaking down again. Jack obeyed, but slowly. He gathered a blanket in his arms and settled on the carpet, wishing that they hadn't gotten rid of the old couch the day before. It was falling apart, but that was better than the hard ground.

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. Jack tried and tried to sleep, but the resentment from Will's bed above radiated like some kind of lantern, and rest seemed like an impossible feat.

"Will?" Jack asked tearfully, looking up gently from the floor. Stray pieces of his hair fell in front of his eyes, but he didn't seem to be paying attention to his looks this time. When the older man didn't respond, he tried again. "Will, please listen to me..."

"What?" Will shot back coldly, not moving from his spot. His eyes shut stubbornly, and he swore to himself that he wouldn't look at Jack. Not when he felt so confused.

Jack went on, "Are you okay? You haven't said a word since you've been back."

He didn't answer. Will couldn't tell him what had happened at Grace's or at the party that night. Jack couldn't know anything. After all, he was just a kid he had picked up on the street. He didn't need to know if Will didn't want him to. He had no obligation to tell him at all.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired."

Jack nodded. He shifted on the floor, trying to get comfortable on the blankets Will had laid out for him to sleep on. It was hard to get well-situated when his shoulder blades were being mashed against the rough carpet. "Will, can I sleep in your bed? It's really hard to—"

"No." Will interrupted him suddenly, shooting him a severe look. Jack's face fell. He never knew Will could be like this. The Will he had originally met was a warm, caring person, someone who had cared enough to open his home to him. It was all so confusing. He had expected him not to take the obvious news well, but he never thought he could be like this.

An uncomfortable silence settled between them, when Jack boldly spoke up, "It's not like I'm going to rape you in your sleep tonight. I like my victims to be awake, anyways."

Will let out an irritated sigh and moved over on the mattress. He didn't say anything, but Jack took it as a cue to get on. He gathered his blankets and placed his head on the pillow next to Will, who had turned his head away from the boy next to him.

The silence mingled with the sound of Jack's loud breathing. Will could feel the teen's warmth all around him, and it was intoxifying.

"Jack?" he asked suddenly, not moving his head. His voice had grown softer, but there was a certain other emotion intertwined in his vocalization. Something that sounded like sadness to Jack.

"Yeah?" he answered, turning his body towards his friend.

"I told Grace this weekend", Will said delicately, crossing his arms across the front of his chest. Jack wasn't sure if he was telling him, or confirming it within himself.

"Told her what?" he ventured. He noticed Will gave a little sigh as he answered reluctantly.

"I told her I was gay."

Jack smiled sarcastically to himself. "So you're finally admitting it now? You finally realize that I was telling you the truth all along?"

Will didn't say anything. His face gained a contemplative look, and he looked like he was lost in his thoughts. "She kicked me out of her parent's place. She told me she never wanted to see me ever again."

"Yeah, well, sometimes that happens."

"Did it happen to you?" Will asked, genuinely curious. "Did any of your friends and family abandon you like that?"

Jack paused. He had told all of his friends, who in turn vowed never to speak with him after that. His father had kicked him out of the house, and he didn't have the heart to tell his mother, who he knew loved him and was probably sick out of her mind trying to find him. But he couldn't go home. He wasn't about to tell Will about it.

"Some of them did. Well, most of them," he admitted, but continued on quickly as Will's face fell. "But some of them were very supportive of me." Jack smiled, wondering if Will knew that he was talking about him. "Even though they knew I was gay, that didn't keep them from staying by my side and loving and caring for me, no matter who I was. And even when I bugged and annoyed the crap out of them, as I am often known to do, they are always there."

Will smiled and let out a little laugh. Then he got quiet and his face grew serious. "How did you come out to your family?"

Jack swallowed hard. Of all the questions he could ask, why did he have to ask that one?

"Well," he started awkwardly, "When I was about twelve, my mother got this crazy idea to put me in pee-wee football. She said it would give me more friends and improve my athletic ability. I mean, come on! If I wanted to be athletic, I would take ballet or cheerleading; you know, important sports," he ignored Will's nodding, who was entranced by Jack's wild story.

"So when I'm at my first practice, I say to my Mom, 'you know what mother, I do want to play with those boys over there'. While she was telling me that she knew that I would love it, I dropped the bomb. 'Mother,' I said, staring her straight in the eye, 'I don't mean football. I want to play with them off the field. I'm gay.'"

He spoke quickly and dramatically, often stumbling over his words, and he hoped that Will would believe what he was saying. The older man just sat still, though. "What about your father?" he asked innocently.

Apparently, this was the wrong thing to bring up. Jack's face fell, and suddenly he looked close to tears. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Will quickly mentioned, grabbing onto his hand.

"I told him about two weeks ago," he confessed, rubbing the back of his arm with his other hand uncomfortable. Will thought about letting go of Jack's hand, but decided against it and instead gripped it tighter.

"He...he hit me. I never thought someone who I thought loved and cared about me for all these years could seem like he hated me so much. He called me a faggot and told me to get out of the house. So I did. And I was walking to see where I could go, and—it was dark outside. I was walking in the street, and I didn't see the car coming. And then—"

"And then I came along," Will finished for him. Jack nodded, his eyes faded and glassy. Will felt his chest tighten as he remembered he had done the exact same thing to Jack.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered apologetically, meaning every word with every part of his heart and soul. Tears rolled down Jack's cheeks, though the boy looked like crying was the last thing he wanted to do. But another one rolled reluctantly. Then two more.

The next thing Will knew, Jack was gathered in his arms, crying into his knit shirt. He felt the damp tears meld into the fabric, soaking his chest.

"Shh...don't worry Jackie. It'll be okay, I promise," he consoled, holding onto the teenager tighter. He still wouldn't stop. Will felt like he was in hell. It seemed so wrong, seeing Jack cry. It was so unlike him, showing such deep emotion. He was hurting inside all this time, just like Will was. "Christ, Jack, please stop it. It's going to be ok. He's not here right now, I am. And we're going to be okay."

Jack looked up at Will, smiling through the tears shining in his eyes. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours to Will, though it was only a few seconds.

Jack's face continued moving closer to Will's, until their lips were touching. But unlike their last kiss, which was sudden and urgent, this one was smooth, sensual, passionate; every pleasant word Will could find in his vocabulary. They stayed that way for a moment, neither of them daring to go any further.

Jack laced his arms around Will's neck, and moved his hands down to the zipper of his jeans.

"Jack," Will gasped, breaking the kiss immediately. His face flushed a bright scarlet, and there was something that looked like fear sparkling in his brown eyes. "What are you doing?"

"It's okay," Jack reassured, kissing him gently on the lips before speaking again. "You trust me, don't you?"

"I can't do this. I mean, I've never done this before..."

"Shh," Jack silenced him, giving him another kiss to comfort him. "I'm not going to try to make you feel better by saying it's no big deal. Because it is," he confessed breathlessly, " But it'll all be okay in the end. You'll still be Will Truman. Nothing will change. There's nothing to worry about. Just do what comes naturally. Don't worry about it and do what your body feels is comfortable. Remember, you don't have to do this. We can stop."

Will looked into the crystal blue eyes piercing into him. What was that hidden there? He seemed so sure of himself, and his voice was strong and soothing, as if he knew somehow that everything would be all right. But there was something else there with them. Jack was scared. They were both afraid of the same thing.

Will bit his lip and nodded, smiling slightly. A few minutes earlier, he had felt so much younger compared to Jack. The teenager was so much more experienced, even though he was so much younger. That thought made him almost disgusted with himself, and there was a split second where he thought he should stop. But he didn't.

And as the weight of their clothes became less and less, he finally felt equal. As Jack pulled the lubricant out of his pocket and prepared Will with it, Will had never felt more scared about anything in his entire life. Even during that presentation he had to give in front of the entire school when he was seventeen. That counted for eighty-five percent of his entire grade, and decided whether he graduated or not.

He smiled to himself. I bet I'm the only person who thinks about high school right before he's about to have someone fuck him. He thought, and he almost laughed aloud. Jack placed his palm flat on his lower back, quieting his thoughts and preparing him for what was about to happen.

He cried out sharply as Jack slid into him as gently as he could. Jack switched his emotions so quickly, he noticed. First he had been crying about his father kicking him out of the house, and then, he changed right in front of Will's eyes. He wasn't crying, there were no tears even close to falling. He looked placid, and very calm, just trying to help Will along. He moved smoothly, rubbing along Will's shoulders gently. He moved his mouth close to Will's ear, reassuring him along the way.

"It's ok, just breathe Will. You're fine," he said through clenched teeth, trying to keep his breath steady. The more he pushed forward, the less Will felt he would be ripped in half like a sheet of Velcro. He shut his eyes and got lost in all of the feelings. It actually wasn't as bad as with the woman at the party. Now that he could have done without. But he didn't want to think about that right now. All he could think about was Jack's hands gripped at his hips, pulling him deeper inside. He let out a breath that felt like he had been keeping inside for day; years even.

People said to him all of his life that this isn't what was natural. That there was a reason men couldn't have sex like they could with women, and that was because it wasn't right. But to him, nothing felt more right in the world, him and Jack, together. Literally inside of each other, sharing something that was so terrifying, and so painful and pleasurable at the same time, but still so natural. So right.

Jack's hands gripped his hips tightly, like he was afraid to let go. Like maybe through the middle of this, Will would shoot up and dash from the room, not taking a second to look back. He let go and moved forward again, rubbing Will's neck in comfort, tracing invisible patterns on his flushed skin. His breathing became more erratic, and he whimpered as they moved in an iambic rhythm. Will gasped out loud, the pain leaving him behind and bliss taking its place.

Will's eyes opened slightly, looking back to take a quick glance at Jack. The boy didn't look quite so much like a boy anymore. He looked determined and steady, and while his mouth hung open somewhat from the overtaking feelings; he seemed older. Much older than Will. And it was almost like when Will had looked outside his window those few times, seeing the pure animalistic lust surpassing his gaze as he looked at him.

"Mmm, Jack…" Will managed to moan, before gripping onto the sheets tighter and coming heatedly, eyes shut tight and whimpering into his pillow, burying his face in it. Contractions of pleasure rippled throughout his body, and with a final shudder, they took him over, rushing over his being until he gasped and fell, spent, on the sheets beneath him. Jack followed moments later, panting and groaning slightly into his ear.

They lay in silence, the only sounds being the erratic huffs of air from their mouths reverberating against the empty walls. Will pressed backwards, gathering Jack's arm in his hand and wrapping it around his waist, desperate for warmth. His eyes closed, and he whispered gently so that anyone else would have to strain to hear, "I…I love you."

Jack didn't say a word. He just pressed his forehead against the firm muscle of Will's arm, and let sleep take him over.

To Be Continued…