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I was weak.

He always called me weak. Telling me train instead of a flirt. I always watched his back, along with Naruto's, while they both protected me, because I was too weak to save myself. Even though I was the weakest in our team I was still proud to be a ninja, considering myself their equal. I would still flirt instead of train. Still, dreamed of a one-sided love.

I was blind.

I was blind to offer my heart, soul, and body so willingly to him. Sasuke was never going to care about me, and the way I cared for him.

I was a fool.

I was a fool to be ready to throw my life away for him so he could be happy, when he would never care about anyone but himself.

And now im empty.

My heart was once full of love for him, just ready to be claimed. He trampled that, leaving my once full heart an empty shell.

Now he'll watch my back and realize how it feels.

When he returns from his so- called justified revenge he'll have no reason to call me weak. Because now that he's gone, I have no one to dote on. I'll train to be stronger, so that I'll never be the same weak girl I once was.

When he returns, he'll watch my back the way I watched his