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"This is so darn frustrating! How am I supposed to know what to get him for Christmas." Sakura screamed to no one.

Sakura was sitting in the middle of her overly pink bedroom looking through a couple thousand gift catalogs so she could get the perfect Christmas gift for her beloved Sasuke-kun.

"Naruto is a given...ramen, a big pack.. I could get Kakashi- sensei a gift card for a book store so he could get some of those stupid perverted books he likes so much. But what about Sasuke!

"I HATE CHRISTMAS" she screamed and started throwing the catalogs across the room scarring her fat tabby cat that was walking into he room.

The ringing of her pink phone shoe snapped her out of her throwing catalog rage.

"Hello." Sakura said in a deadly tone.

"H-Hello S-S-Sakura-chan."Hinata spoke timidly. "Ino and I were wondering if you w-w-would l-like to go C-Christmas shopping with us? And I need help finding a present for someone." Hinata stammered.

"OOOOOOHHHH Hinata! Are you getting a present for Naruto!" Sakura said forgetting her earlier frustration at getting Christmas presents.

"W-w-well y-yes. Please don't tell Naruto! Im not sure if he'd accept a gift from me." Hinata stuttered.

"Of coarse he will Hinata! And sure! I'd love to come. I still need to get presents to. When and where should I meet you?"

"Hey Sakura, its Ino, meet us in front of the mall in half a hour, okay." Ino said

"Ok, that gives me plenty of time to get ready, see you later." Sakura said hanging up the phone and practically skipping to her closet to pick out a outfit.


Half hour later in front of the mall

"Ino, Hinata, im over here!" Sakura said waving at her best friends.

"Are you ready to shop, it'll be a mad house in there." Ino said her cheeks turning pink form the cold.

"Yep."Sakura said cooly

"Y-yes." Hinata stammered

When they entered the mall however. "I WANT THIS WRAPPED!" "DO YOU HAVE ANYMORE OF THESE!" "I NEED THIS NOW!" people were shouting and pushing and ripping things out of other people's hands. At the site of grown people fighting over stuff like children all three girls sweatdropped .

"L-lets find a l-less crowded store." Hinata said.

"I agree with her." ino said pointing at Hinata

"Yeah, lets go." Sakura said


Two hours later

"Hey, the other end of the mall isn't to crowded!"Ino said happily.

"YES!" Sakura screamed.


After a few minutes of walking and looking into stores Hinata saw the perfect gift for Naruto...a giant orange sweat with the words I ADORE RAMEN on it in four inch Yellow words.

"That is sooooo perfect for Naruto Hinata!" Ino exclaimed.

"I'll I could find for Shikamaru was a book." Ino said holding up his Christmas present 100 Ways To Be Less Lazy. Which made both girls burst out in fits of giggles.

"I still haven't figured out what to get Sasuke-kun." Sakura pouted.

"Sakura, he's a human ice cube, he won't care if you get him something or not!" Ino argued.

"Thats not true!" Sakura argued back.( It is true. It doesn't matter what I get him, he either 1) won't care or 2) reject me while I try to give it to him.)

"I think im gonna go home now guys, bye Ino, bye Hinata." Sakura sadly walking out the doors

"Sakura! Wait! Im sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" Ino yelled to Sakura's back.

"Its okay Ino, I'll talk to you later, ok." Sakura said not bothering to turn around.

"I t-think we hurt her feelings." Hinata spoke worriedly



"Ino was right, he wouldn't care. But I still want to give him something, its only right, he's my friend and teammate. Wait! I got it! Hahahaha Sakura Haruno you are a true 100 genius!" Sakura said and then started running down the street to a different store.


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