A/N: I do NOT own anything related to Transformers or Beast Wars. If I did, I'd be rich, and I'm far from rich.

Background: This story takes place after the final episode of season 3. However, I changed the ending to make this story. In the new ending, the Nemesis crashes, but is still used as a base my Megatron and his remaining predacons, Dinobot, Quickstrike, and Inferno. Waspinator has defected to the Maximals. Rampage and Depth Charge are still destroyed, but Tigerhawk is very much alive. Now enjoy "COMING OF AGE"

Night scan shift. Quite possibly to most boring shift of them all. And Cheetor was assigned to it. He was in his room, trying to think of a way to get out of the shift, but it was no use. He finally gave up and made his way to the com room. Rattrap was waiting for him.

"Nice of you to finally show up," Rattrap said, obviously upset at Cheetor for being late.

"Lay off me, cheese breath," Cheetor grumbled as he took his seat at the scanner console.

"Hope you got enough sleep, 'cause you're gonna need to be awake when Silverbolt and Blackarachnia call in," Rattrap said as he was leaving, "They may have spotted some Pred activity."

Cheetor rolled his eyes. "It's probably just gonna be news of another jamming tower," he thought to himself as he began his sector scans. He began thinking about how Silverbolt and Blackarachnia always get the recon missions. "I should be out there, he thought, I'm faster than Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. Why doesn't Optimus ever give me a chance?" He finally let it go and continued scanning.

Suddenly, a blip appeared on the screen. Cheetor was alert at once and began tracing the signal. It was a Cybertronian signal, and it was Maximal.

Silverbolt and Blackarachnia decided to take a break, as they had been traveling for awhile now. Silverbolt hovered to the ground so that Blackarachnia could get to her feet before finally landing himself. They both sat down on a nearby log and looked up at the sky.

"It's quite a beautiful tonight. The beauty of the stars almost matches your own," Silverbolt said as he put his arm around his love.

"Oh, Bowser," Blackarachnia said, resting her head on his shoulder, "You do have such a way with words."

They sat in silence for a few moments. Then, Blackarachnia's attention turned skyward.

"Look Silverbolt," she said, "A shooting star."

Silverbolt stood up and felt the hair on his back stand on end. "I don't think that's a shooting star, my love," he said.

They watched it light up the night sky for a moment, then Silverbolt activated his com-link.

"Silverbolt to base," Silverbolt said.

There was nothing but silence until Cheetor's voice garbled back.

"Silverbolt, this is Cheetor. What's up?" he asked.

"Cheetor, Blackarachnia and I have spotted in unknown object in the sky. It seems to be heading towards Predacon ground," Silverbolt responded.

"I'm ten steps ahead of you, Silverbolt. I've already identified it. It's a Maximal ship," Cheetor said.

Silverbolt and Blackarachnia looked at each other for a moment.

"Cheetor," Blackarachnia said, "Send us coordinates, we'll check it out. And notify Optimus."

Silverbolt and Blackarachnia tracked the rapidly descending ship through the woods. They also silently hoped that they would reach the ship before any Predacons learned of its existence.

"Megatron!" Dinobot exclaimed, "Come quickly!"

Megatron pushed past his Predacon soldiers, who were all staring up at the sky, and approached Dinobot.

"What is it?" he asked, "It had better be good."

Dinobot directed Megatron's attention up to the flaming object in the sky.

"It is a Maximal ship," Dinobot said.

Megatron studied the object carefully. "That is not just any Maximal ship," Megatron said as an evil grin appeared on his face, "That is a Maximal prison ship!"

Dinobot and the rest of the Predacons stared at Megatron, dumbfounded. "Quickly," Megatron said, "We must recover the ship before the Maximals identify it." With that said, the Predacons set out to find the ship's crash point.

In the depths of space, a single star cruiser floated towards an unknown destination. Inside it were five Maximal prisoners and a heap of destroyed Maximal guards. The prisoners were operating the ship now.

"Course reset," one of them said, turning to the Maximal next to him, "Now tracing warp signature of Ravage's ship. Do you think we'll find him, sir?"

"I don't know," he replied "If Ravage is out there, we'll home in on him." The five of them were startled by a proximity alarm.

"Alert," a mechanic computerized voice said "Unknown temporal anomaly occurring."

The five Maximals looked ahead and saw space itself open up and swallow the ship whole, engulfing them in a bright light which seemed to cover them. Each one howled in pain as their bodies altered. The light faded and they were now heading towards a strange, yet familiar-looking planet. Their ship started shaking as they descended quickly into the atmosphere.

"We're gonna crash!" the female one shouted.

The two at the helm tried their best to steer the ship. But it was no use. All the systems were down and they were going to have a bumpy landing.

"Brace yourselves!" they both shouted as the ship collided with the ground, launching all five of them forward. The ship rolled a few times and slid before finally grinding to a halt. The two at the helm attempted to get the computer systems back online. After managing to get some power back, the computer's voice echoed through the wrecked ship.

"Alert. Energon detected," the voice said, "Preparing bio-scan and transformation sequence."

"Override," one of them said, "Computer, load data track, code name: Ravage Kin." He took out a small disk and inserted it into the computer's hard drive.

"Confirmed," the computer voice said, "Beginning transformation sequence now."

"Cheetor to Optimus," Cheetor said, still trying to track the ship.

Unknown to Cheetor, Optimus Primal had just entered the room.

"What is it, Cheetor?" Optimus said, startling Cheetor.

"You scared me, big bot," Cheetor said, chuckling to himself, "A Maximal ship just crash landed in sector vega. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia are on their way there now."

Optimus checked the energy signature from the ship. His eyes widened with terror.

"Cheetor," he said, "You have to warn Silverbolt and Blackarachnia."

Cheetor suddenly became confused. "What is it, Optimus?" he asked.

Optimus sighed and said, "That's a Maximal prison ship. And if it's carrying who I think it's carrying, Silverbolt and Blackarachnia are in danger."

Cheetor immediately turned back to the computer console. "Cheetor to Silverbolt and Blackarachnia," he said. "Return to base immediately. Do not approach the ship. You are in danger. Silverbolt? Blackarachnia? Come in, both of you."

Cheetor beat his fists against the console. "They must be in Megatron's jamming zone," Optimus said, "Hopefully, they got the message."

Cheetor sprang to his feet. "I'll go find them," he said.

"No, not alone," Optimus said, " I'll go with you. Tigerhawk, this is Optimus. Meet Cheetor and I at the following coordinates. Rattrap, come in. I need you to take Cheetor's place at the computer console."

Optimus transformed into jet mode as Cheetor transformed into beast mode. Cheetor hopped on Optimus and the two flew out towards Silverbolt's signal.