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Cheetor's eyes widened. "Prime?" he asked.

Leo looked back at Cheetor and nodded.

"It is written that another great war will begin," Leo said, "And in this war, you become Prime and it is written that you will lead the Maximals to victory over the Predacons. But, now that you're a Predacon, your destiny is going to alter. Cheetor, you have such power flowing through your circuits. You shall be Prime. And as Prime, you will destroy the Maximal High Council and their soldiers. You shall lead in the next great war. And in the end, it will be your choice as to who will serve under your command."

Cheetor was speechless. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Him, Cheetor, was destined to be crowned the title of Prime.

"Cheetor Prime," he said, "It's got a nice ring to it."

"And you shall take your first step towards your destiny," Leo said, "By destroying the Predacons and Maximals that are on this planet."

Cheetor was stunned. "You mean," he asked, "I gotta kill Optimus?"

"Optimus Primal, as well as Megatron, must be destroyed," Leo said, "And their followers with them."

Leo looked back at Quickstrike.

"As for you," he said, "Tell Megatron nothing and we shall spare your spark."

Quickstrike nodded. Leo lifted him to his feet and shoved him towards the door. Quickstrike left, scared out of his circuits about his fate.

Rattrap and Frostbite had been scanning sector alpha for what seem like an eternity. Rattrap scanned for anything hazardous to the area, including Predacons, while Frostbite took thermal readings and recordings of the surroundings.

"You almost done, fleabag?" Rattrap asked.

"Almost, vermin," Frostbite answered.

Rattrap chuckled. "That's what chopperface...er...Dinobot used to call me," he said.

"Were the two of you close friends?" Frostbite asked.

"It was a mutual respect," Rattrap said, "Though, we were friends enough for me to be the saddest when he died."

Frostbite looked up from his console with a confused look on his face.

"I thought Dinobot was one of the Predacons now," he said, "When did he die?"

"The real Dinobot is dead," Rattrap said, "This Predacon is a clone. A copy of the original."

Frostbite shrugged and looked back down at his console. Rattrap had finished up his scans when he was alerted to approaching Predacons. Rattrap drew his blaster and warned Frostbite to be careful. Frostbite began looking around for any visual signs of Predacons when a missile caught him square in the chest, knocking him back into Rattrap. Inferno appeared from the shadows, blaster drawn.

"Maximals," he said, "Prepare to burn in the fires of inferno."

Inferno started to fire his flamethrower when it jammed. Frostbite smirked and fired a blast from his wolf hand, which blew Inferno's head off.

"Frostbite to base," he said, "We're in a bit of Predacon trouble here. Need some backup."

Rattrap struggled to his feet when he caught sight of Tigerhawk. Rattrap raised his blaster to fire when Cheetor stepped in front of Tigerhawk. Rattrap's eyes widened.

"Cheetor?" he asked.

Cheetor smirked, raised his blaster, and fired.

Optimus and Silverbolt were soaring through the air towards sector alpha. Blackarachnia was on Silverbolt's back. On the ground Waspinator, Rhinox, and Stampede were keeping pace. They had received Frostbite's distress call and were hoping that they weren't too late.

They arrived at the clearing to find Frostbite and Rattrap fighting off not only the Predacons, but the Pride as well. Optimus transformed and began firing at the Predacons. Waspinator and Stampede transformed and helped Optimus. Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, and Rhinox transformed and fired at the Pride.

Silverbolt caught sight of Tigerhawk. "You," he said, "I shall find great satisfaction in destroying a traitor to the Maximal name."

He prepared to fire a wing missile when a quasar blast struck the ground in front of him. Silverbolt looked to his left and saw Cheetor.

"If you wanna pick a fight with a Maximal," he said, "Try me on for size."

Silverbolt growled and narrowed his eyes. "So," he said, "You have gone the same route as Tigerhawk and betrayed Optimus?"

Cheetor scoffed. "Betrayed?" he asked, "Hardly. More like realized that I was fighting for the wrong team."

Cheetor dove at Silverbolt and tackled him. The two brawled in the same fashion as they had done back at the Maximal base shortly before he left. Optimus was distracted by this fight and saw Cheetor. His spark felt heavy at the sight of Cheetor bearing a Predacon symbol where his Maximal symbol was.

"No, Cheetor," he said, "It can't be."

Cheetor flung Silverbolt into a tree and stared at Optimus.

"See what a lack of faith in someone can do?" Cheetor asked sarcastically, "You never had any faith in me. You never gave me a chance and you drove me out."

Optimus lowered his head. Megatron and Leo, seeing Optimus lower his guard, both fired at the Maximal leader. Both shots knocked Optimus to the ground. Megatron and Leo slowly strolled over to Optimus.

"Well, well, well," Megatron said, "If it isn't Optimus Primal, broken and defeated. Yes."

Optimus looked to Cheetor for help. Cheetor turned his head. He knew that this was wrong. He looked toward Prowl, who had the same look on her face.

"And now," Leo said, "We shall rid this planet, and the Maximals, of their precious leader."

Leo and Megatron both raised there weapons when Cheetor's voice rang out.

"Wait! Stop!" he shouted.

Both Megatron and Leo stared at Cheetor suspiciously.

"Don't destroy him yet," Cheetor added.

"And why not?" Megatron asked, "I grow weary of your Pride, Leo, and their suspicious actions."

Leo glared at Megatron, then at Cheetor.

"You are not prime yet, Cheetor," Leo said, "So I am still your commander. Explain yourself."

"Take him to the Nemesis," Cheetor said, "Hold him hostage. The other Maximals will come to rescue him. Then, you can take them all out with the Nemesis' defenses."

Megatron tapped his finger on his jaw as he thought. "An excellent idea," he said, "Predacons, return to base."

Megatron transformed into beast mode and flew away as Leo hoisted Optimus Primal onto his shoulders.

"You almost had me worried, Cheetor," he said, "Worried that you'd return to those same fools who drove you out."

Cheetor grinned. "No worries, Leo," he said, "You don't have to stress about where my loyalties and my priorities lie."

He shot a glance over to prowl, who had her head bowed. Cheetor once again felt sick at this whole situation. They both transformed and followed Leo.