Liberty News

Residents in Cedar Grove have been coming to terms with the emotional aftermath of a full-blown war that hit the area this morning. Local resident Clive Denver described to police a single gunman that he saw fleeing the scene with a dark haired woman.

The sound of explosions shook nearby homes as people ran for cover. Several citizens were injured in the panic as gunfire was exchanged between ground forces and a helicopter circling the dam. With the death toll already over twenty, police are still finding bodies. There have been no official denials concerning rumours that the dead were members of the Colombian Cartel, and still no leads as to the cause of the massacre.

In other news, a local citizen of Liberty City, Thomas Anderson, was found dead in Francis International Airport late last night. An FBI spokesman claims Thomas, who once had valuable Organised Crime connections, was resisting arrest and fleeing from an unnamed gunman, when he attempted to climb to the roof of one of the hangars and was shot to death by his pursuer. The mystery killer somehow managed to evade the Federal Bureau of Investigation's most valiant efforts to take him into custody and remains at large.

The FBI refuse to comment on a possible connection between Anderson's killing and the events which took place earlier today. More on this story as it develops, but for now, that's all she wrote.

Just another face in the crowd, just another meaningless death to chalk up on Liberty's sprawling blackboard.

Gone, and soon to be forgotten.

They came to Liberty together in happiness.

They left in torment and anguish.

Now, buried together, a memorial not only to their fate, but to the untold, but always thought about, story of Liberty City's ironic monicker, they were at peace.

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The first half of this report was adapted from GTA 3's ending.

Thanks to the reviewers for keeping me supported on this, and thanks to ryando for co-brainstorming the original idea with me, then graciously handing full license over to me.