Chapter One: The First Encounter

Harry… a soft feminine voice trailed off as Harry's quill barely touched the ink in the ink bottle. Looking around to see where the voice came from, Harry put down his quill and decided to call it a night.

Pulling his shirt over his head and grabbing another one from his trunk, the voice called out again, this time, slightly louder.

Harry…Harry turned his head quickly and found nothing but the door and a poster of the Gryffindor seal. This time, he was starting to think that his drowsiness was getting to him. Then with that, a cold gush of wind brushed against his bare chest, just as he realized that he left the window open. He looked at Hedwig's cage to see that she was sound asleep and she hadn't flown out into the night again. As soon as Harry gripped the window frames to pull it down, another cold gush of wind blew past him, sending shivers up his spine.

No more late night work…This time, you're doing it BEFORE dinner…Harry reminded himself as he closed the window and put a shirt on.

After what seemed like almost 45 seconds, Harry drifted off into La-La Land.

The skies were gray and the wind was quite strong. There was no sign of any student on the grounds, whatsoever, but Harry still seemed to be in the school grounds.

Pulling the cloak over his head as the rain started to pour, Harry jogged over to the nearest tree and hopefully stay there until the rain died down.

Harry ditched his robe to the side and removed his leather shoes, just when a silhouette caught his eye. Despite the fact that his white blouse was already soaking wet, he walked a little closer to where the silhouette was and saw it walking towards him.

As moments passed, the silhouette started to look like it belonged to a woman. Harry, on the other hand, removed his glasses to wipe it. Once he put it on, he came face to face with deep chocolate brown eyes.

"Who—" before Harry could even get to his question, a soft finger was placed on his lips as she told him to say nothing.

As Harry started moving back little by little since "she" started to move closer and closer, soon enough, Harry's back was flat on the tree's trunk.

"Who—"Harry once again attempted to speak, but he was silenced by the softest lips he's ever come across.

Slowly and gently, her hands made her way up and removed Harry's glasses, throwing them to the side. At this point, he didn't care anymore.

Then with that, she let out a soft moan and her hands made their way to the top of his shirt, slowly unbuttoning them one at a time as Harry did the same to her blouse.

As soon as she finished unbuttoning his shirt, she ran her hand through his hair and parted her lips from his.

"Harry, I just wanted to let you know that YOU BETTER WAKE UP THIS INSTANT, YOU BLOODY COUCH POTATO!" Harry groaned as he opened his eyes and saw Uncle Vernon turning into several dangerous shades of purple and standing in his doorway.

As the day went on, the only thing on Harry's mind was, "Who was that girl?"

End of Chapter One