Chapter 1: Tomeda High

"Good morning Tokyo Japan! It is a beautiful Monday morning and the beginning of a great day-"

Kagome Higurashi turned off the alarm clock and rubbed her eyes, yawning. She stretched and waited for her big brown eyes to focus to the light that was shining through her bedroom window.

She groaned when she remembered what day the radio announcer had said it was…


"Kagome dear?" a female voice called through the door, "Are you awake yet dear?"

The door slowly opened and Kagome's mom poked her head in, smiling.

"You are awake! Today is your first day at your new school! Are you excited Kagome?" she smiled.

Kagome yawned again, "Not particularly…"

"That's the spirit honey!" her mom said and then left.

Kagome rolled her eyes and then got out of bed. She went into her bathroom and washed her face with hot water. Looking up into the mirror Kagome ran a brush through her long ebony hair, fixing it into a suitable style.

After applying some dark brown eyeliner, mascara and a bit of natural eye-shadow, she went back into her room and opened up her closet.

"At least this school doesn't have a dress code," she mumbled to herself.

The last high school she had gone to had been very strict and all students were forced to wear tacky uniforms. That was the only good thing about Kagome's new school. She could dress how she wanted. Other then that, she hated the thought of it. She had left all of her old friends back at her old school and now had to try to make new ones…

Kagome had a more unique sense of style. She enjoyed looking different from everyone else, but didn't go overboard. Putting on a pair of faded jeans that were ripped at the knees and on her left thigh, she scanned her closet for the perfect top. She decided on a plain black shirt that was long enough to go past her butt, and she put a pale blue belt over top of the shirt and jeans. She put on a pair of pale blue dangling earrings and necklace to match.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Staring back at her was a pretty girl. Not movie star gorgeous, but still beautiful.

"Something's missing," she said to herself, "Oh, I know!"

Sorting through the bottom of her closet she pulled out a pair of black and pink converse shoes. Once they were tied and on her feet she grabbed her book bag and smiled.

"Perfect!" she smiled.

When she got downstairs her younger brother Souta and her mother were both sitting at the table, eating French toast. Kagome sat down at the empty seat and began to eat her own.

Kagome's father had died a long time ago of cancer and she had barely known him. Although she remembered how he used to read her bedtime stories every night. Souta had been only a few months old when he died and so he had never known him at all.

"Where's grandpa?" Souta asked.

Their grandfather had been living with them as long as Kagome could remember…

"I think he's out at the shrine out back," her mom answered.

They had moved into an old shrine in Tomeda Japan. Kagome had to admit that it was beautiful. There was at least a dozen cherry blossom trees on the grounds and even an old well house out back. Although it had been sealed and hadn't been in use for years.

"Thanks for breakfast mom!" Kagome smiled.

Her mother nodded, "Are you taking the car to school or do you want a ride dear?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "I'll drive thanks."

That would be way to embarrassing for words! Showing up on your first day of grade eleven with your mom in the drivers seat! Knowing her mom, Kagome wouldn't be surprise dif her mom started crying…

After Kagome was finished she kissed her mom's cheek, ruffled her brother hair and then ran out the door.

Jumping into her black Volkswagen bug she drove off to school. The car had been a gift from her mother for her sixteenth birthday last year.

Within ten minutes, Kagome pulled into the student parking area of the school. The school was huge… there was two floors that seemed to be all windows on one side. There was a large basketball court and beach volleyball court on one side. In the distance, behind the school, Kagome noticed a football field and a track course. It looked amazing.

A boy pulled up beside her car and got out. He was very handsome. His long black hair was up in a pony tail and he wore dark denim jeans with a brown Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. When he saw Kagome he walked over to her a smiled.

"Hey," Kagome smiled.

"Hey," the boy said, "my name is Kouga Wolfe. You're new here aren't you?"

Kagome nodded, "Yeah I am. I'm Kagome Higurashi."

Kouga took her hand and kissed it gently. Kagome could feel her cheeks flush.

Kouga smiled at her and it was then that she noticed his abnormally long canines.

"You're a demon?" Kagome smiled.

Kouga looked at her proudly, "You bet. Wolf demon."

She almost laughed at how his last name related to him…

Kagome was use to the fact that demon and humans lived together. Her grandfather had told her stories about them as a child and she grew accustomed to being able to pick them out in a crowd. She had also been born with the powers of a priestess, so it made it easy to pick out the demon auras.

"See you later Kagome," Kouga smiled and the took off towards the school in a run.

He was fast…

Locking her car Kagome entered the school. Hundreds of students bustled around her, some glancing at her as she passed.

She located the office easily enough and as she approached the secretary some one ran into her, knocking her to the ground.

She could hear soft snickering and when she looked up she came face to face with a pair of amber eyes.

"Watch where you're going!" the boy yelled down at her.

Kagome got to her feet and glared at the boy.

"Pardon me?" she yelled back, "You ran into me! You should be watching where you are going, not me!"

The guy growled at her and Kagome noticed a pair of white dog ears on the top of his head.

He was a demon…no wait…he was half demon.

Kagome looked him over. He was hot…his long silver hair went past his lower back and he wore dark jeans with a red form fitting t-shirt.

"What are you looking at bitch" he hissed.

Her eyes flamed, "don't call me a bitch!"

He smirked and walked past her, making sure she bump into her shoulder as he passed.

"Stupid wench," she heard him say as he walked out the office door.

Fuming, she went up to the secretary who looked up at her with big terrified eyes.

Taking a deep breath Kagome forced herself to smile sweetly.

"Sorry about that," she smiled, "my name is Kagome Higurashi. I was wondering if I could get my schedule."

The secretary smiled back at her and printed out a schedule.

"Have a nice day dear, and welcome to Tomeda High," she said.


By the time Kagome walked out into the hall, it was deserted.

"Great, I'm gonna be late for my first class…" she mumbled.

Hurrying down the halls she found her first class.

History in room 112 with Mr. Myoga.

She knocked on the door softly and waited for someone to open the door.

When the door opened she was shocked to find the doorway empty.

"Miss. Higurashi I assume, please take a seat," a voice said.

Kagome looked down to see…or at least kind of saw…a flea standing before her.

"My name is Mr. Myoga, I will be your teacher for this semester, welcome," he said and then bounced back to the large desk in the front of the class.

He stood under a huge magnifying glass that enlarged the look of him so that the class could see him.

Kagome tried not to laugh.

The only empty seat was at the back of the class beside a girl. She had long black hair and her bangs fell into her eyes that had pink eye shadow on the lids. She was wearing a denim skirt and a black hoodie with a broken heart on it.

When Kagome sat down the girl turned to her and smiled.

"Hey, I'm Sango Tinashi," she said.

Kagome smiled back, "I'm Kagome Higurashi."

Sango nodded, "You're a priestess aren't you?"

Kagome was startled. How did she know? Kagome couldn't sense any kind of powerful aura around Sango.

"How did you know?" she asked.

Sango smiled, "I was trained to sense the auras of others, my family are demon slayers."

She nodded. That explained it.

Suddenly Kagome felt something rub up against her ass. She turned sharply to see a boy's hand sitting comfortably on her ass. Holding back a shriek she slapped him hard across the cheek and he fell back into his seat.

"What a-"

"Lecherous monk, I know!" Sango sighed, "he does that to me at least ten times a day!"

"He's a monk?" Kagome just noticed his aura, "you couldn't tell by the way he acts."

He was handsome though…his shoulder length black hair was done up into a small pony tail at the base of his neck and his violet eyes shone with mischief. His wore a pair of faded jeans with a black shirt and a black leather cuff around his wrist.

"My apologies dear Miss. Higurashi," the boy said, "I just couldn't control myself around such a beauty!"

Kagome felt Sango tense beside her.

There must be something going on between those two, she thought.

"Just make sure it doesn't happen again," Kagome said through gritted teeth, "and you can call me Kagome, no need for formalities."

The boy smiled, "Alright then Kagome. My name is Miroku Haichi."

"Ahem!" Mr. Myoga cleared his throat, "Please keep your socializing until after class please."

"Sorry sir," Miroku said.

As Kagome read from her textbook on the Feudal Era Japan her eyes wandered around the class.

Most of the students were human, but she could sense a few stronger auras. There was a boy in the front row with a Mohawk that was demon, and a girl with long reddish hair in pigtails that was also demon. Glancing back at Miroku she noticed that the boy who had knocked her down in the office was busy sleeping in the desk beside Miroku.

Kagome nudged Sango.

"Who's that sitting beside Miroku?" Kagome asked.

Sango glanced at the boy.

"Oh, that's Inuyasha Takahashi. Why?" she asked.

Kagome's eyes narrowed, "He knocked me down in the office. He seems like an ass."

Sango laughed softly, "He is rather hot tempered and a little bit cocky and rude, but other then that he's an ok guy."

"I highly doubt that," Kagome said to herself.

Sango smirked, "Can I see you schedule?"

Kagome nodded and handed it over.

"We have first, third, fourth and sixth period together," Sango said.

As she handed it back to Kagome, Miroku snatched it out of her hand and read it.

"Give it back Miroku!" Kagome hissed.

"Cool! We have first, fifth and sixth period together!" he smiled and handed it back.

Kagome tucked the schedule back into her book bag.

"Hey Kagome," Miroku came up to her after class.


"Would you kindly consider bearing my children?" he smiled hopefully.

Kagome looked at him as though he had grown another head. When she realized that he wasn't kidding her face flushed.

"Don't bother Miroku, they'd turn out ugly kids anyway," Inuyasha said rudely as he walked by.

Kagome was about to yell at him when Sango grabbed her arm and pulled out of class.

"Don't worry about it Kagome, he's always like this around new people. He's just showing off," she smiled, "I'll see you in third ok?"

Kagome nodded and then headed off to her second period class.

Math, room 213, second floor with Mrs. Jenkins

When Kagome walked into the class only a few students were there.

"You must be Miss. Higurashi," a very pretty woman came up to her. Her long blonde hair curled down her back and bright blue eyes shone. She was human.

"Yes," Kagome answered.

She nodded and pointed to a desk where Kagome could sit.

Kagome sat down just as the bell went and more students piled in. as she watched the students come in she noticed one girl in particular.

She looked strangely like Kagome, and yet different. She had long black hair that was straight while Kagome's was slightly wavy. Where Kagome had a kind, happy face, this girl's eyes were cold and she seemed distant.

Kagome noticed that she too had the same aura as she did, the aura of a priestess.

Kagome watched her as she sat down. It was not often that she came across another priestess. They were so rare in these times.

Mrs. Jenkins was the nicest teacher yet, although she gave out loads of homework.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relief when the bell went. As she stood up and cold hand touched her arm and she turned to she the strange girl standing there.

"You girl," she said, her voice was haunting, "You have the powers of a priestess."

Kagome nodded, "So do you."

"My name is Kikyo Hamasaki."

"I'm Kagome Higurashi."

And with a small nod, Kikyo turned and left.

Shivering slightly, Kagome went to her third period.

Art, room 54 with Miss. Harada.

When she walked in the spacious classroom, she instantly spotted Sango who was waving at her. Smiling, she went and sat with her near the window.

"How was second period?" Sango asked.

"Ok I guess. The teacher, Mrs. Jenkins was nice and I met this girl named Kikyo. She was really strange, but she's a priestess like me," Kagome said.

Sango frowned, "Kikyo was Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend. I don't know why they even went out, they are totally wrong for each other. Inuyasha is so…I don't know… full of life while she acts like the living dead half the time."

"Then why would they go out?" Kagome asked.

Sango shrugged, "Miroku said that Inuyasha just needed someone to talk to, and she was there at the time. I guess things just worked themselves out after that."

Kagome nodded and started to sketch a flower with charcoal.

"Hey Kagome, do you want to eat lunch with us?" Sango asked.

"And by us, you mean you and Miroku?"

"And Inuyasha," Sango said.

Kagome stopped her sketching.

"Oh come on Kagome! He's not that bad honestly!" she smiled, "and besides, from what I could see from your schedule, you two have first, fourth, fifth and sixth together. You might as well try to be friends."

Kagome sighed, "Alright, I'll eat lunch with you guys. But if Inuyasha pisses me off, then I cannot be held accountable for my actions."

Sango laughed.