Hey everyone, this is hazel-dream!

I know that the new rule is don't reply to your readers through your story, but I pray that none of you would report me! If you do….well…..I hope you feel good about making me cry. Just kidding..


I have decided to end Highschool Daze there so THAT'S IT BABY!

But do not fret, I am no where near done yet!

I'm not going to do a sequel because I have no idea what to write.

But I have other plans for Inuyasha and the gang…..

author pauses to eat cookie dough

I was thinking, and I want everyone's opinion…

For my next story….

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?


I was thinking, for my next story.

And this is just a short summary, it is bound to change a bit….

Kagome is the daughter of a drug dealer (her dad is still alive…for now) anyway, Mr. Higurashi didn't tell his family about his second job and one night Kagome is kidnapped by none other then Inuyasha, and other people, probably Kouga and Miroku. Kagome finds out that her dad has stolen from his arch rival drug gang which is lead by none other then Naraku (SHOCK). ANYWAY, Kagome is pissed, yada yada yada. She meets Sango who is the weapons master of the gang. Inuyasha is her guard person. Kouga a horny weirdo (To all of you Kouga lovers I apologize but Kouga isn't my favorite so he will not be portrayed well in this fic!). Inuyasha protective for some…..odd reason. COULD HE HAVE FALLEN FOR HIS CAPTIVE! Dun dun dun…..

So yeah that's all I have so far. Well actually I have more in my head but I don't want to give it away now!

I plan to make this story very…..lusty, I guess would be a good word for it. I am making it this way because…..well…..BECAUSE I CAN SO THERE!

It will still be teen….or mature if it gets too bad. But once again, I DO NOT write lemons! I probably would if my sister didn't read my stories, but since she does…that would be awkward at the dinner table so yeah, too bad!

I just started grade ten and it is going to be busy for a while. I will start the story like…..now I guess. I will post the first chapter when I have at least six chapters done, just so I am prepared.


If you don't like it…..well…tough…..maybe I'll write a comedy later….