Elizabeth Parker lived in Roswell, New Mexico all her life. She grew up to be a gorgeous with luscious dark brown hair. She was slim, and had beautiful amber brown eyes. She was a straight-A student at high school and was now in her second year at Northwestern University. Maria DeLuca was a strawberry blond girl the same age as Liz. They've been best friends ever since Elementary School after they bonded over saving a little bird. Naima Lucas, a sweet half Mexican, half American girl is Liz's close uni-mate. Up until now, despite the number of guys after her, Liz Parker only had one ex-boyfriend: Kyle Valenti. Up until one fateful day…

"Hey miss? I kinda lost my way around; do you know how I can get to the Roswell hotel?" Liz turned around and saw the most gorgeous guy standing in front of her. He was tall, had a build and he had the most amazing green eyes she'd ever seen. Somehow, to Liz, those eyes looked familiar but she couldn't seem to place them.

"Er, miss? I'm sorry to disturb." Max was shocked when Liz turned around to face him. He loved her amber brown eyes; they sparkled whenever the light shone at her. "It's down the road on the right." Liz spoke softly. "Thanks." Liz carried on with her work while Max stared at her one more time before leaving the café. Outside, a blond girl rushed up to Max. "I was wondering what took you so long." Jen Daye, Max's girlfriend of two months said to him. "I got the directions, let's go." Max said as he took the wheel and in a flash, the two drove off in Max's sexy convertible.

That night, Liz was on the phone with her best friend Maria. "I'm telling you girlfriend, you like him." Maria said excitedly to Liz. "I just met him once; I don't even know anything about him. Anyway, I have to go now. I gotta get up early for class tomorrow." Liz said goodbye to Maria and went to bed. She finally placed where she first saw those beautiful green eyes. Miss Connor, at Roswell kindergarten, introduced two new students one day. She made the boy sit next to Liz. Six months later, their parents moved so Miss Connor told the class that the new students weren't coming back. Liz was glad she finally remembered when she'd seen those green eyes but she couldn't remember his name. She fell asleep hoping the image of that guy would slip out of her mind.

Six months later, there was a huge commotion at Northwestern University in the morning. Naima came running up to Liz. "Liz, did you hear the latest news that's been going around for two days?" Liz was not really into campus gossip so Naima was the one who always updated her. "No, what's the latest?" "The new star of the latest movie Carpool is holding an autograph session at the garden stage at 2pm today!" Naima said, almost screaming with excitement. "Ok, Naima, who is the new star that has you drooling over?" Naima held up the official Carpool movie poster. "Max Evans, he is to die for!" Liz stared at the poster in shock. It was him the guy with the most amazing green eyes. "Liz? Liz? Earth to Liz!" Naima said. "Are you gonna go for the autograph session?" Liz took another look at the poster and said "Yeah, sure, why not?"

Five hours later, at 2pm, Max Evans was on stage, much to the delight of his screaming female fans. "Thank you, all of you, for being here today. I'm so glad to be at Northwestern!" With that, Max started the autograph session. All and sundry were there and some teenagers actually drove six hours to get to Northwestern to see him! "Oh Liz, I can't wait. Max Evans is just so hot!" Naima said, excited that it was going to be her turn. "Hey Liz, I'll meet you at the coffee bar after this, yeah?" "Sure, I'll see you there." Liz told Naima. When it was Liz's turn, Max was just dumbfounded. 'It's her,' he told himself. 'The gorgeous girl you met in that café.' Max had been trying to find out who she was ever since he met her. It had been a difficult past three weeks as he had broken up with Jen, breaking her heart when he told her he was in love with someone else and not her. And here she was, the girl he was in love with even though he didn't even know her name.

Liz sensed Max's eyes on her as she walked up the stage. "Hey there," Max said softly. Liz couldn't help but notice his green eyes that were looking directly into her brown eyes. "Hi, I'm Liz. Would you sign my poster for me?" Liz managed to ask, before blushing. Max just smiled at her, and then autographed her poster. "Wait, Liz." Max stopped Liz before she went off. "Can you pass me a piece of paper, please?" He asked his minder, Josh. Max quickly wrote his number down and folded the paper, handing it to Liz. "I hope you'll put that to good use." Max told Liz. "Tank you," Liz replied before blushing again, and then she rushed off in the direction of the coffee bar.

"You know her?" Josh asked Max. "No." Max said sheepishly. "Then why did you give her your number? You like her, don't you?" "Hey Josh, that's enough interrogation." Max laughed and continued signing autographs for the Northwestern crowd. At the coffee bar, Liz found Naima sitting at one of her favourite lounge chairs. "What took you so long?" Naima asked. "Oh, I went to the bathroom." Liz lied. She didn't want anyone to find out what Max gave her. She hadn't even looked at it yet. Naima easily fished the paper out of Liz's hands when she was caught in her thoughts, and opened it. "Alright Liz, 'fess up. Whose number is this?" Liz blushed as Naima looked at her inquisitively. Liz was absolutely stunned; Max Evans actually gave her his number. She figured he wanted her to call when he said to put it to good use. "Liz?" "Yeah, it's, it's Max Evans' number. Don't tell anyone." Liz told Naima softly. "Oh my goodness, how did you get it?" "He gave it to me." Liz answered. "What are you going to do about it? Are you going to call him?" Naima questioned her. "I don't know, Naima. I don't know."

Liz drove home that evening, just in time for dinner. It bugged her that Max Evans, a movie star, had actually given her his number. She paused by her table and stared at the message Max wrote for her on her poster for the first time. It read 'Dear Liz, you have the most gorgeous amber brown eyes I've ever seen. I think you're really beautiful. Love, Max Evans." Then she decided to pick up her phone, and she dialed Max's number.

Max had just returned to his suite at the Roswell hotel. It was the second time he was there. The first time had been a trip for Jen's birthday but now, he was back here again, trying to find the woman he fell in love with at first sight. He started thinking about Liz; he imagined holding her in his arms and having her by his side. Just then, Josh came in and handed Max his ringing phone. "Hello?" Max answered. "Urm, hi, is this Max Evans?" came the sweet, gentle womanly voice Max recognized instantly. "Liz, hi! I didn't think you'd call." Max was so glad to hear her voice. "I just thought I'd call and see if you picked up. Well, I guess you did." Liz said. "Well, how are you?" Max asked, starting their whole conversation.

Max loved talking to Liz. He called her right back when she told him she had free incoming calls. He didn't want their call to cost her. They talked for 3 hours, both enjoying the chat they were having. Max felt at ease talking to Liz and Liz loved hearing Max's voice. They both realized that they had indeed met at kindergarten but neither could remember much as they were really small. They talked about their lives, their dreams and their private love lives. Liz said she only had one boyfriend before and that was Kyle Valenti. Max told her about his recent break-up with Jen. They talked about their families and their friends too. They both lost track of time and the next time Liz looked at the clock, it said midnight. "Max, I had a great time talking to you but I have to go to bed or I'll never be able to wake up for class tomorrow." Max didn't want to let her go, even if it was just their first chat. "Meet me for dinner tomorrow?" Max asked earnestly. "Ok," Liz agreed. Max asked her where she stayed and he arranged to pick her up at 7.30 the next evening.

Liz's phone rang the moment she ended her call with Max. "I thought I told you everything already?" Liz questioned. "Huh? What?" Liz laughed, realizing that it was Maria who called her, not Max. "Sorry girlfriend, the midnight air gets me cranky." "You're lying. I've been trying to get you for the past hour! What have you been doing?" Maria asked impatiently. Liz told Maria about all that happened that day, including the phone call she had with Max Evans. "I can't believe you're dating the Carpool movie star." Maria told Liz. "I'm not dating him, Maria. I'm just going to have dinner with him."

The next day, Naima waited for Liz impatiently outside the lecture theatre. She gave Liz a hug before bursting with glee, asking Liz "So, what happened between you both last night?" Liz gave Naima a playful smile, then ushered her into the lecture theatre where she told Naima the full story. At lunch, Naima and Liz were eating when Naima suddenly said, "Liz, you like him a lot, don't you?" Liz just blushed. "I guess I do like him a little." "This is so exciting. You better invite me to your wedding." Naima joked. "Hey, why are you going so far when I haven't even had a first date with him yet? Besides, you know you'll be invited to my wedding regardless of who I marry!" Liz laughed it off. Deep inside of her though, Liz couldn't wait to meet Max for dinner that night.

Exactly at 7.30pm, the doorbell of Liz's house rang. "I'll be back later, mum." Liz shouted as she went to open the door. "Wow!" was all Max could say when he saw her. She was wearing a gorgeous red spaghetti top and a black skirt that covered three-quarters of her thigh. She wore a slight tinge of make-up and her hair was tied up in a neat, high ponytail. She was absolutely beautiful. "If your mouth stays open like that, I swear a fly would go in soon." Liz joked as she closed the door. "Hey," Max said to her, and then took her hand up to his lips and kissed it. "My driver's waiting so let's go." Max's offered his arm to Liz, which she happily held on to. He looked even more handsome in a long-sleeved shirt and jacket. Liz loved it. The limo Max had waiting out in the front just took Liz's breath away. "We're going in this?" Liz asked, surprised by the ride. Opening the door, max said "Welcome to my world" and ushered Liz into the limo.

"So, what have you been up to since yesterday" Max asked Liz. "Nothing much, just the usual uni classes again." "What do you study at Northwestern?" Max asked, loving the way she looked at him with those beautiful amber brown eyes. "I do the science stuff, like biology. It's fun." Liz told Max, enjoying his company. Max placed his arm over Liz's shoulders, which shocked Liz a little. Liz knew she shouldn't do anything but having Max's arm over her felt so good that she just rested her head against his arm. "Had a long day?" Max asked. "Yeah, uni life isn't that easy, you know?" Liz answered, smiling. "Well, just take it easy yeah? Here we are." Max said, opening the door and helping Liz out of the limo. Liz looked at the restaurant they were in front of. It was Chamber-X, the most elegant, most expensive restaurant in Roswell. "Max, why did you bring me here?" "A special girl deserves a special date," Max replied. "I know it sounds stupid but I've never been here before." Liz said, slightly embarrassed. "There's always a first for everything." Max told her gently.

Max led Liz to the table he had reserved earlier that day. Dinner was great and Liz was really enjoying herself. They had a nice conversation over dinner where they found out each others' birthdays and horoscopes. They found out that they both had quite a lot in common. Both loved the Killers and No Doubt and both loved astrology. Later on, the music band played classical music, as they did every night at Chamber-X. Max held out his hand and asked, "Liz, would you like to dance with me?" "Sure, I'd love to." Liz said, a little surprised by Max. He led her to the dance floor where they both slow danced together. Liz rested her head on Max's chest as he held her. "I wish this night would never end," Max told Liz softly. "I wish the same." Liz looked up and said to Max, smiling. Max loved the way she looked at him, the way she talked to him. He bent forward and kissed Liz gently on the forehead. Liz smiled and they continued swaying together. It was close to 11 when the restaurant manager told all diners Chamber-X was going to close for the night. Max then called his driver and he took Liz back home.