Okay readers, some of you have been dying to know what gonna happen now. This first chapter is just as my last story left off, so expect some mild "Sexual Themes." Now, as I said before, I own none of any of the show's characters that are here, as before, all I own is the Team World Tournament Rules, some of the Team World Characters, and a few cards. At one point or another, I'll use an idea that was used by another author or something that I saw at the web site: If I do, I give credit where credit is due. Now on with the story already!

Our story begins in a dark and misty place, unknown to anyone, there were no trees, no street, nothing, just darkness. A dark figure appears from the shadows; the figure walked towards where there was light, and was soon revealed to us as Seto Kaiba. He looked around with a confused look on his face, as if trying to figure out where he was. It was then at this point, another dark figure was seen just behind him, Kaiba felt this presents and turned for face it.

Kaiba: who's out there?

The figure said and did nothing, but areas around whatever body it had was starting to glow faintly of red and blue. For its arms, there were three bands of light (one side red, the other blue) on each arm (both arm's light was that red was shown away from the torso, and blue was towards the torso). one that connected the shoulder to the torso, another which was centered between the shoulder and the elbow, and one which was centered between the hand and the elbow. The elbows and knees also had a patch of light, the right was red, left was blue. Light was also around the palm of the figure's hands, same deal as the bands of the rest of its arms, half red, half blue. Light was also around the figure's collar, a line of light was in the center of its torso (possibly a zipper), and what looked like a utility belt was on this figure too, the right side of the collar, zipper, and belt was red, the left side was blue. Kaiba studied the lights around this person, if it was a person. He knew that he has seen that pattern before, but from where? It soon hit him: if the lights were all blue, it would be a resemblance to Kim Possible's battle suit, the one she used during the whole diablo fiasco. But if this was Kim's battle suit, why was half of it red? He didn't have time to figure that out, because the thing with the suit was at a fighting stands. Kaiba was about to activate his duel disk, when he realized that he wasn't wearing it. Without his duel disk, he couldn't summon any of his monsters, nor could he activate his Blue Eyes Battle Armor, and any fighting moves he knew became completely oblivious from his mind. As of right there and then: he was completely defenseless.
Kaiba didn't know what this thing was, but for all he knew, it was dangerous, the only thing that went through his mind was "Get away from it as fast as possible!" So he started running away from the figure, but then, it raised its right arm, and Kaiba ran towards a barrier of some nature, he then started ramming it, thinking he could break it, but it felt too solid to break down with just him ramming it. He then ran towards another direction, but he hits another wall. Every direction he headed to have met the same fate of being stuck. Kaiba then saw that the figure was now closing in on him, he was breathing heavily as it came closer.

Kaiba: no! GET AWAY FROM ME!

He was cornered, trapped like a rat by this mysterious person in the glowing suit. The only thing that showed on the person's face was its evil-ish smile, and its eyes, which were two colors: right eye was brown, left was green. Kaiba then closed its eyes, waiting for it to be all over. The person's hand was reaching towards him; the light showed that the hand was a white glove with the red and blue glow. The hand took a hold of Kaiba's shoulder, but it was gentle, the person then spoke gently, but it spoke like three voices were talking at once, two were male, one was female.

Person: don't be afraid, Seto.

Kaiba was feeling confused to what was happening; he then opened his eyes to face this person.

Person: this won't hurt a bit.

As it said that last part, it revealed the rest of its face. Kaiba's pupils shrank as he saw its face, which was, besides its eyes, an exact mirror image of himself. He then let out an ear-piercing scream, which echoed all around him.

The scene vanished before his eyes and Kaiba jerked awake. His eyes eye sprang open and he let out a short yell as he sat up, breathing heavily. He looked around to see that he was in the room he and his team was staying in. It was morning, he looked at the clock on the table and it read as 7:31 am.

Kaiba: (sighs) it was just a dream.

Kaiba soon realized that he had developed a cold sweat on his forehead. He then wiped it away with his hand, but his eyes widened in fear as he looked at his hand. The entire base of his right hand, from front to back, was glowing a red and blue band, just like the person in his dream. The red half of the light band was on the side on the index, middle finger, and thumb, while the blue part was on the side of the ring and pinky finger. Right down between the middle and ring finger was was where the two colors split.


Kaiba's scream seem to have woken up all of his teammate, because he heard them go "What the hell was that?" and "what just happened?" Mako also heard it and jumped out of his bed and he went into an attacking position near a door.

Mako: what's going on? Are we under attack?

Yugi then rushed to the door that lead to Kaiba and slammed it open, hitting Mako at that moment because he was near the door.

Yugi: Kaiba! I heard you scream and-

He was cut off as he saw Kaiba's glowing hand. His eyes went a bit wider as he rushed to him to get a closer look.

Yugi: whoa…

Joey: (walks in) hey, do you mind turning down the volume of those screams?

Tristan: yeah, some of us sleep past 7:00 am.

Mako: (behind door) uh… little help here?

Duke gets up and frees Mako from the door that hit him.

Mako: thanks. Now what's going on here?

Mai, Serenity and Tea followed after. It wasn't long until they all saw the glow on Kaiba's hand. Everyone was silenced first, then…

Duke: um… anyone care to explain why Kaiba's hand is glowing like that?

Kaiba: (sarcastically) if I knew that answer, I wouldn't be worrying about it, now would I?

Duke: well you don't have to be sarcastic.

Yugi: Kaiba, was anything happening to you when you noticed this?

Kaiba: yeah, I had this bad dream.

Yugi: what was it about?

Kaiba: well, I was confronted by this… person.

Duke: what did he look like?

Kaiba: …well… it was strange, but… he looked like me.

Joey: he looked just like you?

Kaiba: not exactly like me, there were some differences.

Mai: like…?

Kaiba: well his eyes were two different colors, and he was wearing a battle suit, like the one Kim had.

Tea: you mean that white and blue one she used with the giant robots?

Kaiba: only this suit was half blue and half red.

Joey: like what's on your hand?

At that point, the glowing on Kaiba's hand stops.

Yugi: this is weird. You think this has anything to do with what you felt last night?

Kaiba: I don't think Yugi, I know. (Gets out of bed) this is far too crazy to be just a coincidence. Something is happening to me, and goes back to when we saved Kim and during that memory thing.

Joey: Yeesh! Can this day get any crazier?

Kaiba: (looks around) hey, where's Mokuba?

Serenity: I think he's still in bed.

They all look at the top bunk-bed where Mokuba was sleeping, no sign of him being disturbed.

Joey: there's no way he slept through us talking and Kaiba screaming. I know you're faking it Mokuba!

They all see that he still didn't stir, not a bit. Kaiba was then worried.

Kaiba: Mokuba? Are you awake?

He pushes him slightly, and repeats his name again, trying to wake him up, but still nothing. He was still sleeping, caught up in an intense dream.

We now focus on the dream that Mokuba is having: he's in a strange area, nothing but white all over. A door appears out of nowhere and he sees this.

Mokuba: huh, wonder where this goes?

He walks to the door and opens it, only to gasp at what he saw. The only thing shown was the two shadows on the floor in front of him of a boy and a girl holding on to each other. And voices were heard from the two, which was both of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

Kim: (giggles, then in a low tone) Ron, you're so good at this, take me now!

Ron: Kim, if anyone here is good at this, it's you.

He then starts kissing her, the shadow shows both of there tongue entering each others mouths and Mokuba's eyes widen even more.

Just then, the scene vanished before his eyes and Mokuba jerked awake. Like Kaiba, his eyes eye sprang open and he let out a short and loud yell as he sat up, he started breathing heavily.

Kaiba: Mokuba, are you okay?

Mokuba looks over and sees everyone was looking at him.

Mokuba: um… I'm alright, just a bad dream, that all.

Joey: you sure? You seem nervous about something. And you look like you've seen a ghost.

Mokuba: (under breath) worst then that.

Joey: what?

Mokuba: I said it's alright, I'm fine.

Mokuba starts to make his way out of the bed, but as he was climbing down the ladder, he slips and falls, but luckily, Kaiba caught him before he hit the ground.

Kaiba: are you alright?

Mokuba: I'm alright, just slipped, that all-

As he was walking along, he tripped and fell again.

Kaiba: Mokuba. You're keeping something from me, aren't you?

Mokuba: (laughs a bit) what? "Keeping something from you"? What makes you think that?

Kaiba: because every time you try and hide something from me, you always slip, or trip over your own feet. Now come on, what's wrong?

Mokuba: (defensive) nothing! Nothing is wrong! Nothing is eating me up inside! Everything is fine!

Joey: okay- you're definitely keeping something from us. Spill!

Mokuba: (pauses) …UH! ALRIGHT! If I don't get this off my chest, I'll go crazy!

Yugi: what are you talking about?

Mokuba: well, last night, I had to use the bathroom. I couldn't use the one here 'cause someone was using it (eyes Tristan), so I went to the one downstairs. (Realizes) that reminds me, we need to get a room with more bathrooms.

Joey: quit stalling!

Mokuba: okay, okay. Well anyway, when I was coming back, I realized that I took the wrong key and opened the door to where Kim and her team were staying in. That's when I saw it.

Yugi: what was it?

Mokuba: …well… it was both Kim and Ron…

Joey: and?

Mokuba: ...they were alone…

Duke: uh-huh.

Mokuba: (Pauses)… in the same bed…

It was then at that point, when Yugi was thinking about what he heard, his eyes widen in fear as he realized the solution.

Yugi: OH…MY…GOD!

Our story continues in another one of the hotel rooms. We only focus on a person sleeping face, which was Ron Stoppable. His eyes start to stir a bit and they slowly open as he starts to wake up. As soon as his eyes were completely opened, he looks all over the room and then notices Kim in the same bed he is in. He freaks out a bit, but then he remembers the events of last night and smiles. Ron wanted to wake Kim up, but didn't know how exactly, until an idea came to him. He slowly moved his head closer to Kim's and started to kiss her lips in a sweet and gentle way. He soon feels Kim waking up and kissing him back, her eyes were still closed, but she moved her arms and they made there way around his neck. About a minute passed and they both parted from each other with an audible sigh, Kim finally opened her eyes to see Ron.

Ron: hey there, beautiful.

Kim: good morning, hansom.

Kim moved closer to Ron and started to hug and cuddle him, and she also was making a purr-like noise.

Kim: (sighs) last night was… amazing.

Ron: I know. I can't believe we actually did that. Um… this is probably a stupid question, but… I was good, wasn't I?

Kim got up more to look more into his eyes. She then let out a heavenly smile.

Kim: it was like heaven, Ron. You were so gentle; (sighs) and your touch sent shivers up my spine.

She then kissed him again, pulling him even closer to her then he was now. They stayed that way for a while until they needed to stop for air. Kim was now on top of him, drawing little circles on his chest with her finger.

Kim: so… feel like taking a shower… together?

Ron: … well, it is tempting, but I don't want to risk the others knowing. I fact, I'm not sure if we got away with anyone knowing or not, you did scream pretty loud. No offence.

Kim: come on Ron, pleeeease?

She then lowered her eyes slightly and her lower lip started to quiver. This was her famous "Puppy Dog" Pout, which she knew he wouldn't resist.

Ron: ohh... no, not the "Puppy Dog" Pout.

He tries looking away, but it didn't help, she just kept doing it. Even to this day, he couldn't resist the "Puppy Dog" Pout.

Ron: (sighs) you're lucky these rooms come with three bathrooms. But let's make it quick so no one notices.

Soon both Kim and Ron got out of bed and made there way to the bathroom for there "Shower."

Kim: No Big, Ron. I told you, the rooms were sound proof, and no one heard us. We managed to go all the way and no one is the wiser.

Ron: but Kim-

Kim interrupts and silences him by putting her finger on his lips.

Kim: relax Ron, There's absolutely no way anyone will know.

Meanwhile, back with Team Yugi…

Mako: (to Mokuba in shock) you saw Kim and Ron go all the way?

Mokuba was now sitting down on bed his brother was sleeping in. he was looking down on the floor with wide, fearful eyes. Kaiba was next to him.

Mokuba: uh-huh.

Kaiba: oh, God, no wonder you've been acting so traumatized. (Hugs him) It'll be okay, Mokuba, I'm here for you.

Mokuba: thanks Seto.

Yugi: man, I can't believe this. I mean, I knew they loved each other and all, but who would have thought they would go that far? And this soon, even?

Serenity: I guess it's true what they say: love makes you do crazy things.

Duke: guys, what are we gonna do about this?

Joey: I guess we could talk to Kim and Ron about it, and they could help Mokuba.

Duke no, I mean about Kim and Ron actually having sex.

Kaiba: what?

Mai: he's right. I mean, if Mokuba saw them, then there might be a good chance other people here might know about it too.

Kaiba: let me get this strait: (Gets up, with an angry tone) you're actually defending those two horny kids? After what they did to my little brother?

Duke: well, it wasn't there fault, they didn't know Mokuba was there watching them.

Kaiba: well you're making it sound like it's his fault, and I don't like it when people blame my little brother.

Mai: relax Kaiba; we're not blaming anyone-

Kaiba: (interrupting) you shut up, Valentine! You've already said enough!

Mai: hey! Why don't you suck my-

Tea: (interrupting) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everyone calm down, let's not start saying anything we can't take back.

Kaiba: you stay out of this! I am getting sick and tired of you and your need to butt into everyone else business! Let us handle this out way!

Soon, everyone was fighting and arguing, and Yugi was the only one silent. He looked at everyone nervously, figuring out how to end this quarrel.

Yugi: (thinking) uh, Yami, a little help here?

Just then, Yugi's millennium puzzle starts glowing, and the light consumes him.


The light fades away, and Yami Yugi appears. But no one noticed because of the constant fighting.


At the sound of his voice, everyone stop and forgot what they were saying.

Yami Yugi: this incident is no ones fault. What we have here is an accident that no one could have predicted, and fighting about it isn't going to fix it. First things first: we'll confront Kim and Ron about the situation before they leave the hotel. Hopefully, we'll develop a solution to this problem that will hope to fix everything.

Duke: … Yugi's right. (To Kaiba) we're sorry if anything we said was disrespectful to Mokuba or you.

Kaiba:(Sighs) I suppose I owe you two- (Tea clears her throat, then in an annoyed tone) you three an apology as well.

Mai: apology accepted.

Kaiba: same here.

Yami Yugi: good, that one problem solved. But remember, this must not known by anyone else. If that happens, things might get worst.

Joey: Yugi's right. These kinda things have been known to find a way of getting out. We must absolutely, positively not let another soul know that Kim and Ron went all the way last night.

Tristan: you know I just wish that, just once, we go to a Duel Monsters tournament and have nothing crazy happening.

Duke: you and me both, brother.

The scene cuts back to where Team Possible was staying. Most of the team was already up and dressed for the day; they were dressed in there regular attire, like Monique was wearing her red blouse and skirt that she almost always wore, and Arnold was wearing his plaid shirt under his blue sweater with the shirt tails sticking out. Felix was turning on Wade's duel-Bot, it slowly got up and the screen activated, showing Wade's face.

Wade: morning guys.

Felix: hey Wade, how'd you sleep?

Wade: good, you?

Felix: yeah, it was quite peaceful.

Just then, Jim and Tim enter the room, wearing there regular attire.

Tim: morning guys

Jim: so what's the game play for today?

Wade: well, we have to make up for a lot of lost time if we're ever going to make the semi-finals.

Gerald: that's a given.

It was at that point that Kim and Ron were leaving there room, and prepared for the day, with Kim wearing her heart shirt and pink cargo pants, and Ron wearing his red hockey jersey with the black long sleeve shirt under it and his beige cargo pants.

Monique: well, look who finally decided to wake up today.

Yori: good morning Stoppable-san and Possible-san. (Bows)

Ron: relax Yori, you don't need to be formal or anything, we're all friends.

Yori: of course.

Felix: what took you guys so long?

Ron: what can I say? The beds were real comfortable.

Kim: (laughs a bit) yeah, real comfortable.


Everyone paused when that was happening, and then they looked at each other.

Monique: Jim! Tim! I though I told you not to leave that TV on.

Both Jim and Tim were looking down on the floor with shame.

Studio Audience: WHU-OOH!

Sorry readers, I have to cut it here for now. Next chapter, Team Yugi confront Kim and Ron about the situation, what will happen? Will anyone else find out? And what happening to Kaiba? You have to keep reading and reviewing to find out.