"I gave up long ago trying to make her hair stay flat."

"Oh, yeah?" Inuyasha paused, surprised at his brother's attempt to start a conversation. It was sort of surreal. Well, as long as Sesshoumaru wasn't trying to kill him, why not go along with it?

"Why did you even bother to try?"

"Because it did not befit my image to be seen running around with a human hedgehog."

Inuyasha blinked. Was Sesshoumaru joking?

"And now...?"

"Do not make this Sesshoumaru repeat himself. Besides, I have discovered that Rin is not really human."

"Oh no?" Inuyasha wanted to hear his explanation for this.

"No. Rin is an unstoppable force of nature."

Inuyasha watched as Rin and Sango played a game that involved slapping their hands together while Kagome simultaneously attempted to tie Rin's hair into an elaborate braid.

"Aah. I think I know exactly what you mean."