Juvenile Behavior




"Hey, how come you're always giving Shippou things?"

Kagome raised her head.

"Why? Do you want presents, too?"

"No!" said Inuyasha very quickly, "All I'm saying is you're going to spoil the brat. He'll think he can get anything he wants."

"And what's wrong with that? Shippou's little. He's still a growing boy!"

"So am I!"

"Oh yeah? How old are you?"

"Uh..." Inuyasha's face flushed, "I...don't know precisely. I suppose Sesshoumaru might...I sort of lost count when I was a kid. It didn't really matter then. Survival was more important..."

"Well I have seen ten winters!" Shippou hopped up to Kagome's shoulder. "I know 'cause it was right after my ninth that my parents were killed."

"Oh, Inuyasha, I-"

"If you don't count the fifty years on the tree," Inuyasha loudly cut her off, refusing to let her say anything that might possibly be pitying, "I think twenty-something..."

"Really? You don't look over twenty-"

"Yeah, well youkai age differently," Inuyasha cut her off once again, "Sesshoumaru's almost two centuries old, I think. Shippou's over ten, but he looks hardly older than a human four year old. Mind matches his body, too, eh, runt?"

"Butthead!" shrieked Shippou, using one of his favorite Kagome-time words. He was unable to wreak vengeance, however, as Kagome clamped him tightly to her front, so he settled for sulking into her shoulder and sticking his tongue out at Inuyasha. Inuyasha retaliated in kind. Kagome relaxed.

"So if the same applies to Inuyasha," mused Miroku, watching their little exchange, "I'd say he'd be the equivalent of fifteen or sixteen years old. I suppose that explains away his juvenile behavior-"

"Who the fuck asked you, bouzu!"

Miroku blinked and bolted. And suddenly they were engaged in a game of Chase-the-Miroku. Inuyasha won, of course. Miroku acquired three new bruises for his pains.

"Juvenile behavior...what a hypocrite," Sango snorted.







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