Trouble seen from afar

On a planet far away from our known system Kinmoku, a young woman watches the stars towards the Orion belt. Feeling for the hope and love of a certain girl in that area, every night it is the same thing. She tries to detect if any danger is heading or is hurting the Hope and Love of that girl. It seems as if only yesterday that Sailor Star Fighter left her heart with Sailor Moon. Though it has actually been nearly 2 ½ yrs.

While thinking on the past, a sudden flash from that direction attracts her attention. Suddenly on alert, she searches once again for enemies or such that would hurt the Light and Hope of the universe. Nothing, however, the star that Fighter knows is Moon's has dimmed dramatically, by half. Feeling that something horrible is happening to her lover, fighter rushes off to the throne room to speak with Kakyu.

Arriving shortly, Fighter opens the doors and sees that Healer and Maker are already there speaking with Kakyu. Looking up Kakyu smiles sadly at Fighter, "It seems as if you may be leaving our merry band. Taiki and Yaten both have noticed as you have, Seiya, the dimming of the Love and Hope Crystal belonging to Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. I believe that the wisest course of action would be that all of us go to Earth to find out what has happened."

Fighter stands there with her mouth open. "You are gonna allow us to be men? What are we gonna do when we get there?"

Kakyu smiles, "I believe what you did before would be appropriate. I will be your sister though, and sing some back up and singles myself. As for your questions, it has known that all three of you have passed your male halves into fighting knights. So it will be easier life for us."

Maker, Healer and Fighter nod, and change into their male forms. Seiya now stand where Fighter once stood; Black hair in the ponytail while in a red shirt and black jeans, His blue eyes just offering a challenge to anyone. Taiki with is long brown hair in ponytail, a yellow shirt and black jeans, his amethyst eyes showing knowledge. Yaten stands where Healer once did; His silver hair also in a ponytail and soft blue shirt with black jeans, his green eyes show worry. Kakyu is in a red dress that is up to date on Earth. "We shall be leaving from the transporter room, so please go pack what you need. I have no idea when we will return home, if we ever return." Kakyu sighs.

The transport takes less then a day to arrive. They land in Tokyo wondering where to begin their search. Taiki suggest that they contact their old manager to help them "rebuild" their star status. Yaten and Seiya agree.

Kakyu looks about wondering. "How are we to find her? I have no way of doing that." Seiya closes his eyes, then opens his heart, searching for the crystal of Usagi. None can be found. "She is no longer in Tokyo. I believe she has headed west to the United States."

Yaten groans and mumbles, "Not another search for a princess."

Seiya looks around and so the new search for the Moon Princess begins.