Final Truths

The girls look at each other, then the rest in the room. Those who had been living under Rei's magic rip off their necklaces and through them on the floor. The magical back lash causes Rei to fall to the floor, in shock. While, Rei is trying to get her eye sight back, Steven changes to his true form. Seiya now stands holding Usagi close.

Rei opens her eyes and stutters. "Where is…? When did…? You were STEVEN? Oh God… I have really betrayed my life."

"Oh, no Rei, you did not. You kept tabs on her for the last seven years. You made sure that she was taken care of and hidden from anyone's sight. And the people who had her were well paid. Think of it. You protected the Princess, as a SENSHI should." Ami says with an undertone of sarcasm.

Rei looks over at Ami, her anger again about to show. Until, the realization hit her. 'Ami is right…I did do that…and more…' Rei hangs her head. "I know not the father of my son. He was left on my door step almost nine months to the day that 'Steven' left. Since, he was a newborn, I claimed him as mine. I raised him, the best I could. I am sorry for what I did." Looking up at Usagi, and finally seeing the golden light of Earth surrounding Seiya. "I see you have stripped Mamoru of his powers. Thank you, my Princess. I was not myself these last 9 years. I…I had an affair with Mamoru. I think I was under his control. Just recently, I realized I had made a big mistake in what I did." Tears in Rei's eyes she looks up at Usagi. "Can you forgive this horrid scout, for betraying her best friend in the worst way possible?"

Usagi looks over at the other scouts. "She did as Ami said." Setsuna replies. Haurka and Michiru nods in agreement, "Rei protected you, though not in the way we may have." Hotura smiles softly. "She knew were you where. Save for the last four years." Chad also looks at Usagi. "Then it was our turn, and pleasure to do what was needed." Minako looks her cousin. "Though we could not sense you…" Makato smiles looking at her princess, "or find you, she made sure you were within safe hands." Ami nods in agreement. "The Yakuza, though they are gangsters, always protect their investments."

Usagi looks over at Luna, Art and now Diana. "We tried our best to protect the child she took in. We raised him to be a Knight of Mars. Though, still young he can not hold that power. However, the elder knight can." Luna says looking at Chad. "The knight of Mars would be the ideal choice. At least until either, Rei has a child of her own or until Marcus is old enough to understand the powers he would receive." Artemis says quietly.

"Be that what it may, according to the Lunarian Laws. Rei abused the princess. Rei abused her powers, by the charms. I believe that her powers should be stripped, and given where Usagi seems fit." Setsuna says quietly. Waiting for the others to agree or not. All, but Rei, raise their hands then look towards their princess. "What punishment is to be dealt, Usagi?" Pluto now asks.

Usagi looks at the others, with the look of pain. "I will not strip all her powers. For Rei was my best friend. I will however, strip her powers down to that of Star Power. She will never again be able to bring out the Crystal Power. I am sorry Rei, though this hurts it is for the best." Her own form changed to that of Moon Princess and Seiya to Earth Prince. They receive the powers of Mars, before settling them onto Chad. "Yes, Chad you are the receiver of the gifts from Mars. It will be your determination when Rei is ready to become a true princess of that planet once more. She is now just a lady in waiting. Also, with what Artemis says is true. When Rei has a child be it Daughter or Son, they will receive their powers from you."

Out of breath and power, Usagi falls back into Seiya's waiting arms. Looking over at Rei, Usagi sheds a tear.

"All you had to do was be my friend. I would never have done what you did to me." Usagi says crying softly.

Rei hangs her head and nods. "I am still a scout, though lower than the rest of you. I will follow my promises, until such time as the knight releases my powers back to me."

Smiling slightly, Usagi moves out of Seiya's arms and raises Rei to her feet. "Maybe, someday, when we are old and grey we can be best friends once more." Rei says as tears fall.

Usagi smiles and shakes her head. "How can I be mad at my best friend? Though you treated me bad, we always were fighting and yelling at each other? Why not we start anew now?"

Rei looks to Chad, finally noticing how he and Kakyuu are getting along. She hangs her head. 'I lost my prince to a princess of another world. Maybe there is another out there for me.' Rei thinks…