Dearly Beloved

Summary: This is what could have happened if Chris & Lorelai had decided to get married. Most likely one-shot. Will probably end up L/L also.

A/N: The title comes from the song "Dearly Beloved" by Faith Hill, and that is mainly what this fic is based on! It is a funny song...and it is how I am starting this fic out! It is from her new CD "Fireflies" that came out yesterday (8/2/05) and if you don't have it...then you should know that it is great! This may sorta be song fic-ish at the beginning.

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Dearly Beloved

Good morning, dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To watch two people we know
Make a big mistake
They'll stand up at the altar
And solemnly swear, "I do"
They'll be together forever
'Til they find somebody new
Her daddy's in the front row
Muttering, "Oh no
Here we go again
They had a couple dates
Now she's three months late
And its twenty bucks a plate I spent, oh"
Good morning, dearly beloved
I'd like to welcome ya'll
To see the side-effects
Of sex and alcohol
Please bow your heads and join me
In a prayer for these two
Who'll be together forever
'Til they find somebody new
The bride is a flirt
And the groom is worse
As he's putting the ring on her
He's checking out the bridesmaids
Thinking that he might take
The maid of honor's honor, oh
Welcome, dearly beloved
We are here this afternoon
To throw rice as these two
Drive down the road to ruin
With cans tied to the bumper
And a draggin' muffler too
They'll be together forever
'Til they find somebody new
So raise your glass and join me
Here's to the bride and groom
They'll be together forever
'Til they find somebody new

Today was her wedding day. Every time that she had thought about this day she had always thought that she would be really happy, but here it was and she wasn't. That was because she was marrying Chris. She loved Chris and he was good for some fun but she had never considered him the one. Everyone who was even at her wedding knew that she and Chris weren't meant to be together. They knew that the only reason they were getting married was because she was three months pregnant. She knew that somewhere out there was that guy that she was meant to be with but she didn't think she would ever get the chance to find him. And it was all because of one drunk night when she and Chris hadn't thought about what they were doing. But now here she was, three months later, on their winter break getting married.

She wore a beautiful dress as her dad walked her down the aisle. Neither of her parents was glad about this whole situation, but they were at least glad that she and Chris were getting married, because that was the "right" thing to do. Lorelai didn't really think that getting married was the "right" thing for her right now but she was doing it for her unborn daughter. She hadn't been told if it was a girl or boy yet, but she knew. And that was why she was marrying Chris, so that their little girl had both parents.

She reached the altar and turned to face Chris. The minister asked "Who gives Lorelai to Christopher?"

Lorelai felt like blurting out that she was not some object to just be given away but she refrained and Richard said, "Her mother and I do." Her dad lifted her veil and kissed her cheek and then went to sit down in his seat in the front row.

She turned to face Chris and hear her dad muttering something about her being three months along and how much this whole wedding was costing him. She tried to block him out, but she knew he was right. Not that she cared how much she had was just pennies to her parents...they just cared that everything was done the way it was supposed to be done. They didn't care that their only daughter didn't want to get married yet. Or that she didn't want to get married to Chris. They just cared about what society thought of them. They didn't really care that their daughter had been going out and getting drunk and having sex at the time...but not that she was pregnant they cared. But not about her...just what to do and what their friends would think.

The wedding was short and before Lorelai knew it the minister was saying a short prayer for them and asking them to recite their vows. She knew that she was not ready to commit but Chris was checking out Savannah, her maid of honor, while he was sliding the ring on her finger. She wanted to hit him over the head with an anvil or something heavy like that but she refrained, knowing that she was a flirt too, but not like Chris. She knew that Chris would have probably slept with Savannah before the reception even really started. He was like that. While they were together, before she got pregnant, it had been just her but now he was back to his old ways. The minister finished whatever all he was saying and said something about them being together until death do they part. But Lorelai knew that it would last less than a week. She knew it would more than likely be over way before least way before her death anyway.

The minister said, "You may now kiss the bride." And Chris did. But it wasn't filled with passion like the kisses had been the night that their daughter was conceived. He was looking over Lorelai's shoulder at Savannah the whole time. Chris and Lorelai walked back down the aisle to the back of the church holding hands, but both knew they would be lucky if it lasted to the airport for their honeymoon.

They rode to the reception in the back of a limo and didn't talk the whole way. When they got to the reception they were pulled away from each other by the guests. And after about 5 minutes Lorelai was sure that she saw Chris pulling Savannah into a closet of some sort. That was when Lorelai just snapped. Her husband of less than an hour was in a closet screwing her best friend. That was when she excused her self from the people who she was talking to and walked calmly to the nearest exit.

When she got outside she ran to the limo that she and Chris had recently vacated. The driver was still there and for that she was grateful. When she ran up to him she asked him, "Take me somewhere, anywhere, just away from here please."

The driver looked unsure of what he should do when a bride came up to him and asked him to leave her own wedding. But one more look at Lorelai and he realized that she really wanted to get away. He sighed, "Okay, get in the back." He opened the door for her and she climbed in.

Once the driver had driven for about twenty minutes, Lorelai lowered the partition between them and asked the driver, "Where exactly are you taking me?"

"Away," the driver simply answered, "I know this small town that is about ten more minutes. I thought I would take you there. It is no so far away that you can't go back, but it is far enough away that you are away from the people who knew you and the place you lived."

"That sounds nice," Lorelai said. "Are you going back to the reception hall after you drop me off?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Okay, well would you mind not telling my parents or my," she paused "husband...where I am?"

"I guess I could do that, because you seem like a nice person who just got caught up in something that you didn't want to really be a part of in the first place."

"Yeah, something like that," Lorelai stated. She handed him a note she had written during the first part of the ride, "Could you give this to my mother or father? It is just to let them know that I am okay but won't be back for awhile."

"Yeah, I could do that. Here we are Mrs. Hayden," the driver said as he pulled to a stop.

"Thanks for the ride. And just so you know, I'm going to be going back to Gilmore." Lorelai climbed out of the back of the limo into what looked like a town square of some sort.

Lorelai wasn't sure why she was here. Or what she was gonna do now that she was here. She just knew that she had to get away from Chris and find someone new to be with. She needed to find a place to live for her and the daughter she was about to bring into this world. To tell the truth, Lorelai still wasn't exactly sure where she was...she had seen a sign that said something about a hollow or something, but that didn't tell her much.

She thought for a minute and realized that what she wanted was some random guy to be with. After all, her husband was screwing her best friend, so why not find a new guy. Then she saw him...that some random guy...and that was all he was...was a random guy walking down the street. He looked like he was about 18 or 19, just a few years older than Lorelai. He didn't really look like Lorelai's type, but hell, she didn't really know what her type was. She had only ever been with Chris. And her type definitely wasn't the type that screwed her best friend on her wedding day. Maybe Mr. Random guy in flannel was going to be her new type.

She ran across the street and walked up to the random guy in the flannel and jeans and a backwards baseball cap. She walked right up to him, still in her wedding dress, and kissed the random guy right on the lips...and the surprising thing came when he wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her back. Lorelai was making out with a random guy, who wasn't her husband or anything like him, in the middle of the street of some strange town on her wedding day.

After a few short minutes she pulled back from the random guy and said, "Hey. I'm Lorelai. Nice to meet you random guy."

The random guy looked at her with a strange look on his face, "I cannot believe I just did that. I made out with a girl I have never met in the middle of the street." He was sort of pacing and then he stopped and looked back at Lorelai, "I'm Luke by the way. Oh, my god, you are wearing a wedding dress." He seemed to have just realized how Lorelai was dressed. "Oh crap," he looked at her, "but you are gorgeous."

At that, Lorelai started kissing the random guy named Luke again...and he resisted at first. But after a few seconds he gave in to the gorgeous girl in a wedding dress who he had just met. The whole time that Lorelai was kissing this random guy she was thinking, this is so much better than Chris, and I only just met this guy. Oh my god, I think I am falling for this guy I just met and started kissing. She abruptly stopped kissing him and said, "Thank you." Then she ran off down the street in her wedding dress.

Luke stared after the gorgeous girl named Lorelai who he had just made out with on the middle of a sidewalk for the past ten minutes and whispered, "You're welcome crazy lady." But he only wished that he knew how he could reach her.

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Again-the song is "Dearly Beloved" by Faith Hill.