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Ohayo minna-sama! D.S. here with her newest story! You heard me right. To you this is story number 3, but honestly, it's story number 14- her actual newest story! This is a collaboration between D.S. and Yash-san, our friend from our story Crushed. He wrote his little bits and pieces of side humour on the tops of pages, and I'm very sorry you won't see them. One involves a paintball fight between him and the others from our stories. Yeah. We had a different greeting here, but you all wouldn't understand it. Gomen ne. And now, on with the story. We hope you like it.

One last note- This has nothing to do with Silence or otherwise. Some of the –ahem- affects may be the same, but NO. The ideas were simply coincidental. And yes, I know the weirdness with it being next to each other but... let's put it this way- Silence is Story 2, Wish is Story 14. That's all.

Disclaimer- Look, I don't own Inuyasha, but I do own Yash Shikon, my alternate personality to Inuyasha. I messed him up myself. Oh- and an Inuyasha art book and calendar. Heh.

-Wish, Chapter One. -

The quest was nearly over. They, the motley group of heroes and heroines that

they were, had finally obtained almost a half of the Shikon no Tama. Their nemesis, the evil

hanyou Naraku, also had about half.

The brave group, which consisted of the inuhanyou Inuyasha; the futuristic miko, Higurashi Kagome; the cursed houshi with a lecherous streak, Miroku; the orphaned kitsune Shippo; the Taijia, Sango; and Sango's firecat companion Kirara, would fight him for the rest of the shards soon.

-That is, if the first two of the group don't murder each other first.

It was another typical day in the Sengoku Jidai. The weather was good, there was no rain, they just found another shard, and the sound of fierce bickering filled the air.

Or, at least, it was.

This was no ordinary fight between Inuyasha and Kagome. Ms. Higurashi was sick and tired of all the mean, disgusting, degrading, and most of all downright rude things about her that spewed forth from Inuyasha's big, fat, fanged mouth. She just couldn't take it anymore.

So... she snapped.

Grabbing the small plastic container of the Shikon no Kakera around her neck for support, she stomps up face to face with the equally as angry Inuyasha and promptly slaps him.


"Kami Inuyasha!" she yelled loudly, jarring the now stunned hanyou's sensitive ears, "I'm sick and tired of you calling me all these horrible names! I-I wish that you would just be silent and actually listen to people!" she swore, as unnoticed by all save Inuyasha that the Shikon half started glowing as she said this.

Sobbing now, the distressed, angry young woman pushes past the silver haired hanyou and grabs her oversized yellow backpack. "I'm leaving!", she choked out, making a beeline to the Bone Eater's Well.

Inuyasha reached out to stop her, opening his mouth to call to her, but nothing comes out.

Infact, nothing did.

One clawed hand shot up to his throat as he tries to call out again. However, there is the same reaction.

Oblivious to his struggles, Kagome jumped in the well, still sobbing. As she did, Inuyasha dropped to his knees, shocked and horrified.

A few minutes later, the rest of the Inu-Gumi came into the clearing.

Miroku cleared his throat before addressing the motionless hanyou. "Inuyasha", he said sternly, "did you tell off Kagome-sama again? How dare you insult such a wonderful girl?"

Shippo jumps up in anger. "YEAH! Ya big jerk!" he shrieked.

Sango frowned. "Yes, Kagome-chan has very delicate feelings. You shouldn't-" she gasped as Inuyasha turned halfway, on his knees, his eyes wide and lamp-like, before he fell to the side, unconscious.


End Chapter One

Ohayo minna-sama! D.S. here again. Look, I know the thing's really short. First chapter, my friends, first chapter.

Plus, having the whole thing marked out in a notebook isn't that good either.

Uh... Yash-san (in one of his notes) wanted to remind all of you that this IS an Inu/Kag. However, the pairing won't get action until later on. But... until then, Inuyasha won't be with anyone. And no, NO Kikyo. I'll be skipping a lot in time, so it won't be long. Yeah...

Now, I don't have this story fully planned out yet, unlike Silence and Crushed (it's not out yet). So, I don't know what'll happen. I have an idea, but it's not fully formed. Reincarnation maybe in order (like Crushed, to give you a spoiler). Whatever.

Now, I'm pretty mad I only got 2 reviews for Silence, which I actually have a plot for. ADWN was a joke and got 20+ reviews. –sigh- Now, I'm going to say this, like I said in Silence- IF YOU ARE REVIEWING, USE YOUR USERNAME. NO UNSIGNED REVIEWS. I don't know how to switch that off, so yeah. Thanks. Ja until next time,

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