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Anyway, since I'm a benevolent authoress and all that jazz, I'll give you guys what I had written for Wish back way back when when I still had time. Which was a year ago. Eh...hehheh... Yeah. Don't kill me!

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A few weeks later...

Grumbling mentally, Inuyasha drags an unconscious Miroku back to their temporary camp, making sure he went through every single sharp-thorned bush and hard rock. At the camp, as the fire crackled merrily, he threw the hoshi onto the hard ground, snarling.

Damnit you hentai hoshi! Again! I swear, you'll never learn! He signed furiously, not realizing that Miroku wasn't coherent enough to understand him. Oblivious, he kicks him.

Miroku just rolls over, giving out a loud snort. Inuyasha, who was walking away, does a double take. 'Wait. Snort...?' Slowly, he walks back to the mound of purple and black robes, poking him with one long claw. Miroku just snorts again, shifting a bit. Inuyasha's golden eyes widen. 'He's sleeping?! Why that little...'

The hanyo snorts and noticing the large bruise on the hoshi's head, actually nods in appreciation. 'Hm, Sango did a nice job. That must've been a real good throw...Heh.' Smirking, he shakes his head then sits down against the trunk of a large tree, waiting for Sango and Shippo to return. Or for the idiot to wake up. Whichever came first.

A bit away, at a semi-hidden onsen, Sango turns toward Shippo. "Is he gone?" she asked in an undertone to the young kitsune.

Cocking a pointed ear to the side, Shippo listens for a few moments then nods. "Hai. Inuyasha-otosan must've heard the noise and dragged him off. I heard his footsteps."

"Ahhh..." Sango sighed in relief, sinking deeper into the murky, steaming water. "That's good." Pillowing her arms behind her head, the taijia leans against the smooth rocks. She shivers suddenly. "Ugh! Kami-sama, this whole thing's just so... so... eerie! Usually that baka hanyo is so loud! It's so creepy! And this... I dunno... just seems to be happening too fast." she trailed off in a whisper.

"Dai-Daijobu ka, Sango-chan?" asked Shippo softly, looking uncharacteristically uncomfortable.

"I..." started Sango then, in a fit of anger, slams her fist into the water, splashing them both. "ARGH!" she burst out, "This is just so- Chikuso, I miss Kagome-chan! She... She'd know what to do."

Shippo remained silent, feeling torn. On one hand, she was his mother and he was completely devoted to her. Yet... he did not want to burst his surrogate aunt's bubble by saying that it was indeed her fault that this whole mess had begun. Feeling horrible for even thinking that way, he looks away from the now softly crying girl.

A few minutes later, Sango rubs the tears from her eyes, sniffling quietly. She looks at the small fox boy with a small, broken smile. "Oh Shippo-chan! Gomen nasai! I've been so caught up... No one's asked you how you feel about all this. I know you miss your mother. Daijobu ka, Shippo-chan?"

Shippo was quiet for a moment, not looking at Sango. He slowly gathers his thoughts together, taking a deep breath. "I don't... Inuyasha asked me the same thing a while back. I guess I do miss Kagome-okaasan. A lot. But... I know I know I'm going to see her again. In her era." He bites his lip. "And then I'm gonna hug her, then... I dunno... ask her why she sealed up the well. Did she... not want us anymore? Not want me anymore? And then I'm gonna cry, I guess. And hug her- and Inuyasha-otosan too."

Sango looks at the small boy in caring concern, eyes still red from crying. "Shippo-chan..." she said softly then, pushing off her sitting rock, gathers Shippo into her arms. "Shh, shh... It's alright, sweetie."

Silent tears run down the kitsune's face as he buried his small face into Sango's chest. "Oh Sango-chan" he hiccupped. "I miss Kagome-okaasan so much, but... I feel so horrible!"

"Why, sweetie?" was the soft query.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the old Inu-otosan! It's so weird now! I mean, he's been great to me and all but... he's so sad all the time! It's... what's that word Kagome-okaasan kept saying...? It's freaky!"

Sango softly laughs. "Hai, it does seem that way, does it not? However, I suppose, we will get used to it. Why, I'm sure some day we'll think Inuyasha not speaking perfectly normal!"

Clenching his fists, Shippo ground his little fangs together. "Well- what if I don't want that?!" he exclaimed. "What would you say if I said I wanted the old, rude jerk back?!"

Her expression softening, Sango gathers up the kitsune once more.

Aand, that's what I have. Shippo's part was originally different and a little confusing, but yeah. Ohh, it's a real pain in the ass getting used to the "" for regular speaking. My years of incorrect writing-conditioned mind tell me otherwise. Um. Gomen nasai again, I'm trying, I really am. Hell- I'm already in Part Two in the offline version. Please be patient- I'm doing all I can.