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And now, Raven and Lightning present . . .

Rogue White and the Seven Mutants.

Scene 9: Happily Ever After.

Jubilee and Amara limp in followed by a rather happy looking Rogue and Gambit. The two girls in the lead stop to catch their breath. Gambit grins. "Boo." he says.

Both girls jump. "Ahh!"

Scott walks by wearing ear muffs and shivering.

Rogue shakes her head. "He's really losing it."

Mini Jean, who was right behind them, answers, "I know. . . He's been to four psychiatrists this parody alone. . ."

"Can't find one y'all like?" Rogue asks.

"Nope, can't find one that believes him. . ."

"Oh brother. . ." Rogue says, shaking her head and trying to hide the laughter.

"Rogue, Scott has a serious problem!" Mini Jean says slightly upset.

"Ah, you're just upset cause you t'ink it's funny too," Gambit says, grinning.

"Shut up!" Mini Jean says, walking decidedly away.

"Okay, peoples! Enough bickering," Raven orders, glaring at Piotr who happens to be holding Lance by the neck.

"Places everyone! Let's get this show on the road! Last scene!" Lightning calls.

A roar of joy escapes form nearly every lip. Scott, who's earmuffs aren't working very well, begins to cry.

"Lights! Camera! Action!" Raven calls and the play begins.

The scene opens as the door to the cottage opens and Mystique comes out laughing. She looks over and sees all the IAR animals, Rahne, and the Shrunken Mutants heading straight for her through the rain Storm is creating. She takes off in the opposite direction.

Toad stops his IAR buck long enough to say, "There she's goes!" and they all follow her. The IAR buzzards follow the chase eagerly.

Mystique runs through the woods, gets tangled in some vines, but keeps going.

The shrunken mutants follow quickly. They're gaining on her.

She reaches a rocky hill and begins to climb. Toad is the first to reach the hill. He climbs up and turns to the others, "Let's go! After her, yo!" He turns around and continues to climb, or rather hop, up the hill while the other climb up after him.

Mystique turns and looks behind her. Seeing the mutants, she gasps and climbs faster. She reaches a flatter place and begins to run. The shrunken mutants run after her. She reaches a taller rock and has to hold onto a branch to climb up. She gets up and begin to continue, but finds herself at the top of a very high cliff. She gasps, "Drat! What will I do? The meddling little fools!"

The IAR buzzards have caught up and land on a nearby branch. The shrunken mutants are running quickly. She has to think fast.

Amazingly, there happens to be a huge boulder and a long broken branch on the same cliff as Mystique. Forget the fact that they pretty much weren't there two seconds ago. Thank you, Pietro. The boulder happens to be those fake kind they use at the zoos. She picks up the long branch and puts it under the boulder and starts to add leverage, hoping to knock the giant boulder on top of the shrunken mutants. "I'll crush your bones, little mutants!" she shouts to them, laughing evilly.

They've reached the ledge just under her. "Look out!" Toad calls as the rock starts to move.

Just then, fate, and Storm, decide to lend a hand and a lightning bolt strikes the ground just in front of Mystique. They rocks crumble underneath her her feet. She screams as she falls backwards. The rock falls after her. The IAR buzzards watch her fall. The shrunken mutants rush to the edge of the cliff to watch her fall as well.

At the last second, Pietro saves Mystique from her death as the rock crashes into the ground. But that's only because a good shapeshifter is hard to come by, according to his father.

The mutants act as if she really if dead. "Ding dong, the witch is dead. . ." Tabby sings.

"Wrong movie, Tabitha," Raven groans.

"Oops, sorry."

The IAR buzzards begin to fly in circles over the fallen queen.

The scene changes, as soon as the costumes are dry, to the inside of the cottage, where Rogue is laying, looking very dead. Flowers and candles surround her bed. The mutants are all there, holding their hats. Off stage, Gambit is watching with a grim look on his face and moist looking eyes.

Kitty is crying. She's pretending Rogue is really dead and is nearly uncontrollable. She closes her eyes, but the tears still fall.

Jean, Tabby, and Kurt are standing together and crying as well. Jean is pretending Rogue is Scott. Pietro has squirted lemon juice in Tabby's eyes. And Kurt is crying because, well, it's his sister laying there pretending to be dead.

Toad is leaning against a chair and sobbing just as bad as Kitty, if not worse. Mainly, this is because he saw Wanda blow a kiss to John just before the scene started.

Beast is crying because Logan proved one of his theories wrong and is holding Evan who is sobbing because nobody loves him.

The IAR animals and Rahne are standing in the rain, looking in the window sadly.

The scene fades out to a board that looks like the sky with a tree in fall. The words on it read. "So beautiful, even in death, that the mutants could not find it in their hearts to bury her."

The next board has the same tree during winter and reads, "They fashioned a coffin of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side."

The next board has the same tree during spring and reads, " The Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin." Remy is heard singing, "One song. . . Remy has but one song. . ." He keeps singing as the scene changes to show Rogue laying in the glass and gold coffin with flowers falling from the tree and the wax lips in her mouth. Fortunately, Forge's version of this coffin comes complete with a ventilation system so she can breathe.

The IAR animal bring flowers to surround the bottom of the coffin. The shrunken mutants come walking up slowly and sadly, carrying bouquets as well. They take the lid off the coffin and Kurt places a bouquet in her hands. Then they all back up and kneel down in sadness.

"This is ridiculous," Jean mutters.

"Be nice," Lightning warns.

Jean rolls her eyes, but proceeds to look very sad indeed.

On a hill nearby stands the singing Remy, next to the Ray and Bobby horse. He takes of a rather ridiculous feather hat. He finishes his song as he walks slowly down the hill to the coffin. The sad mutants stand and make way for the prince as he walks straight up to it. He leans down and removes the wax lips, so quickly only Rogue notices as he leans further down and kisses her lips. Then, he passes out beside the coffin.

Raven groans, "I knew this was going to happen. I knew it! I knew it!"

"Then why didn't you stop it?" Lightning asks.

Raven turns to him, eyes glowing with rage. "That was what the wax lips were for!"

"I'm just saying, if you knew he would just take them off, why didn't you just use your telepathy and stop him?" Lightning questions.

"It was a hunch! I'm not about to take over my father's mind on just a hunch!" She growls.

"Yeah, well, next time you should."

"There had better not be a next time!"

"And how are you planning on making sure of that?" Lightning asks her, very amused.

His amusement is really bugging her. But before she can send him flying out of his chair and into a brick wall, Remy groans.

Raven comes up on the stage and leans close into Remy's ear. "If you ever do that again, I'll make Toad believe you're Wanda."

Remy gulps and Raven goes happily to her chair.

Remy pretends to have just kissed Rogue and he kneels down on one knee and hides his head under his arm. The mutants kneel down as well.

The IAR animals and Rahne bow their heads.

Rogue's eyes flicker open and then shut again. She stretches and yawns.

Kurt is the first one to notice. He lifts his head and his eyes open wide. The other shrunken mutants follow suit. Then, the IAR animals and Rahne notice.

Rogue sits up, still stretching. She looks around, smiling and suddenly notices Remy who is kneeling down looking very sad. He looks up and sees her alive. Sheer joy is written on his face as she reaches her arms out to him and he scoops her up into his arms. Both of them look so happy that Raven's foul mood is gone and she is suddenly happy as well.

Beast and Toad hug each other and the shrunken mutants dance around merrily. The IAR animals and Rahne join in the happy dance as Remy carries Rogue to the Ray and Bobby horse. Rogue is waving her hand at the mutants while the other one clings to Remy. He sets her up in the saddle and gives her the wax lips back.

Then he lifts up Kurt to her level and Rogue "kisses" Kurt's forehead. "Goodbye." He lift's up Toad, and she "kisses" his forehead. "goodbye, Toady." Next, Remy lifts, Beast, Tabby, and Jean. "Goodbye," she says and "kisses" each of their foreheads. Then, he lifts up Evan, who still seems to expect Rogue to kiss his lips, as he has them puckered. "Ah, Porky," she says, grabbing his ears and pulling his head down, she "kisses" his forehead. (1)

Remy then leads the horse off into the sunset. "Goodbye!" she calls, waving and blowing them a kiss.

The camera zooms in on a distant castle and then the scene changes to the book as it reads, "And they lived happily ever after."

"Cut!" Raven calls. "That's it! This play is over!"

"Hurray!" Everyone shouts.

"Well, it's about time for us to leave," Lightning announces.

"Wait!" Mini Evan calls. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"What?" Raven shrugs, "I never forget anything."

"So, you'd just leave us like this?" Mini Beast asks.

"Hey, we aren't the ones with the shrinking machine," Lightning says, pointing at Forge.

"Oh, all right," Forge concedes as Raven and Lightning take off. He points the machine at the seven shrunken mutants and makes sure it's in the reverse mode. Then he presses the button and a ray come out and hits them. Slowly they start growing. Evan seems to grow slower than the others.

"What is with these thing!" Evan shouts.

"I told you man, it just doesn't like you."

And everyone is laughing when they are suddenly surrounded by men in SWAT-like uniforms. "DPD! Freeze!"

Scott rolls his eyes. "You missed them again. . ."

"What? Again? How in the world does this keep happening?" The one called Manning shouts.

"Maybe it's our watch. . ." another says.

"How can it be our watches?" Still another says. "They are set for every dimension there is!"

"I was just saying. . ."

"Well, don't!" Manning groans. "The Chief will have our heads. . ."

"Not to mention our badges. . ." The DPD disappear in a flash of light.

"Ah going ta go soak in a long bath. . ." Rogue groans. "No, Remy, don't even say what you're thinking. Ah'd rather kill you."

The End

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