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Chapter One: The "Creature"

The sun arranged itself on the horizon, sending bursts of color, oranges, reds, pinks, purples, and blues across the sky in a vibrant splash of color. He was the only vampire that could survive seeing it… None of the others knew of the beautiful image.

He sat there, imprinting the scene into his head for a later painting. Catching his attention for the seemingly 20th time that day, his pendant glowed. He had no idea why, it had been doing so all day and it hadn't done so before, to his knowledge in all the time he remembered having it.

A chuckle escaped his lips, it was strange, that such a little thing could protect him the way it did.

Satoshi Hikari wasn't like other vampires; he didn't have the pitch black hair of his kind, the one-tone maroon eyes, the waxy skin, the excitable personality… He had sparkling ocean blue eyes like ice and hair to match; he was cold, distant, pretty much having the personality of a rock most would say. Not to insult all the rocks out there! Some rocks have nice personalities! He scowled, if it weren't for his fangs most would not notice him of being of his race.

"Satoshi-sama!" a creature squeaked, its little bat-like wings batting furiously as it landed on his shoulder. It was one of the few dark creatures that could go out before the sun was fully down without dieing. "Master sent me out to bring to your attention an important matter!" its voice was still squeaking somewhat comically as it tried to stay balanced on his shoulder.

"I have a mission from my father?" he turned his head slightly, no being able to see past his dark blue hair. His eyes showing nothing as he looked at his father's servant.

"Yes, Sir! You have a mission to kill a creature that threatens out society!"

He unceremoniously grabbed the little Demon and deposited it on his knee. Trying to look at something that was on his shoulder was paining his neck and eyes. "Name? Age? Appearance?" He paused a moment, "Well? Hurry up! How will I know him?"

The little Demon huffed angrily, "Name: Daisuke Niwa. Age: unknown. Estimated to be between thirty to fifty thousand-"

"That OLD?"

"-years old, red eyes, red hair," it ignored Satoshi's uncharacteristic exclamation, "appears to be slightly younger than you. His estimated height is to be 5'4''…"

"Short…" He had been trying to picture in his mind the boy who would pose such a threat that his father would send him out.

"His looks are deceivingly innocent."

Well, that had completely ruined what he had so far.

The creature finished doling out the information it had for him and left, to report back to his master.

"Innocent…" Large bat wings folded into existence on his back and he flipped his cape between them and out of the way.

"He should be about here…" Satoshi Hikari had been searching for about a week—much longer than he usually took to find his prey—he was a slippery one, all his leads had lead up here though…

He sighed irritably and touched down with a slight thump. Where was that little thing he was supposed to find!

He was startled—although he didn't show it—by a yell coming from nearby. A large explosion sounded and he was surprised to see his target running his way, panic evident in his posture, his head turned the other way.

The collision was unavoidable; he hadn't seen the smaller boy until it was too late. Wham! The boy ran into Satoshi's unyielding body.

"E-e-excuse me!" Daisuke stuttered, a blush alighting his face. He tried to dodge past but Satoshi caught him by the arm in such a way that if the boy tried to run… To put it simply it would hurt!

"What's wrong?" he asked quietly, his grip tight on the panicking boys arm.

"D-D-Demons!" He was behaving like a human! He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened in fear. "It's coming!" A misshapen creature burst from where he had come from. It looked like a cross between a reptile and a Panther with leathery wings.

Satoshi stared at the creature, trying to gauge its strength, if the wings were any indication—and they usually were—then it must be pretty tough.

Satoshi took a katana out of the folds of his cloak where it was discretely hidden, his cold eyes daring it to come any closer. He had to admit it to himself, he was curious at why such a threat to his community could be so scared of such a little Demon!

The Demon, lunged, its stupidity apparent, aiming for Satoshi's throat. "Ahh! Watch out!" Daisuke shoved him out of the way, surprising him into letting go of his arm. The Demon darted past, leaving a tear in the sleeve of Daisuke's outfit. "You okay?" He paused a moment, "Good." He darted away again, heading out into an open area, away from buildings and people alike.

Satoshi got up, aiming to follow the boy, and quickly headed off in his direction.

Where was he! He knew he'd seen him come off in this direction; all he had seen though was the mutilated body of the Demon. He idly wondered how it had come to its demise but dismissed the thought. Satoshi sighed irritably; this was getting him no where! He felt his wings materialize close to his body and flipped his cape between them, preparing for flight. He could feel his sword against his spine amidst the heavy folds of his cloak.

"Oh. So you are a Demon… Strange… I thought I would have known…"

Satoshi heard the voice behind him and whipped around; it was Daisuke, a soft frown marring his features. What really startled him were the ruby red wings protruding from his back.

"What are you?" Satoshi's voice was expressionless.

"Angel." He answered simply, thumping his heels against what he was sitting on. "Who are you?"

"Hikari, Satoshi. And before you ask, I am a vampire." He was stunned, even though he didn't show it. An Angel? Here on earth? What ever was he doing here? All Angels were in heaven when the gates were locked!

"Really! I thought all vampires looked alike!" he exclaimed then blushed at what he had just assumed. "Sorry! I'm not trying to insult you!"

"So that's why." He muttered to himself, that was why they never told him what type of Demon it was… They wanted him to kill him before realizing what he was! Satoshi disliked Demons immensely; when the gates were open he had preferred the company of Angels instead, "Deceivingly innocent my foot!"

"What are you doing down here?" he asked quietly, inspecting the Angel before him. He wore a loose red robe, little pieces of gold dangling off it here and there and a hooded cape that seemed to be part of the outfit its self.

"I'm finding the Keys! The Keys to the Gates of Heaven!" He grinned. "I've already found the first one!" his expression dampened. "But I—" he sighed sadly, "I can't get it out of its place…"

"Where?" Satoshi asked.

"In a cross…" He jumped down off his seat and landed with a feather light thump.

"Why can't you get it out? Can you show me where?" he asked, looking down at the smaller boy.

"Are you going to help me? 'Cuz they said someone would find me who would help." He pouted, "They wouldn't really tell me anything else." Suddenly curious he asked, "Were you trying to find me?"

Father's orders, be damned. There was no way on earth he was going to kill an Angel! "Hai. Now where is that cross?" His expression deterred any questions.

"Well… They are sure guarding this well." He now saw what his fathers note meant by saying that he considered Daisuke a threat. Many, many, many, of his fathers men were guarding the cross; they even had a shield around it! None were vampires and all were dressed like human police officers.

"Hey… Hikari-kun? I thought crosses hurt vampires… Won't it hurt you?" They were hiding in shadows like thieves; Daisuke had temporarily discarded his red robes for a more fitting outfit to the occasion. He was wearing solid black tight fitting clothing and a hat to hide his ruby red hair. He melded into the shadows surprisingly well for one of his kind. His wings seemed to go with his mood and were darkened to such a dark shade of red they were nearly black, he had them folded up tightly next to his back.

"Iie, Niwa-chan, I share very little in common with other vampires." He whispered and frowned, "You seem at home with what we are doing." He too was wearing solid black, but then again, he almost always was, he had discarded his cape because he feared it would make too much noise.

"You should look up the Niwa name. It's a family solely made of thieves."

"Nani? Thieves? And they still let you into heaven?"

"Hai, it's not like we were bad thieves, we stole and sealed corrupted and dangerous artwork. We were a help to many." His body tensed as a Demon came close to their hiding place and passed it by. He smirked; something Satoshi hadn't expected him to be able to do, and for some reason, it disturbed him greatly, "We didn't help the museums much though."

Satoshi chose not to reply to that. Humans either became Angels or Demons when they died and very few remembered much about their previous lives. In fact, Satoshi remembered nothing of his previous life.

"Ready to go Niwa-chan?"

"Hai, let's do it!" Daisuke nodded; a look of determination on his face.

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