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Chapter 12: The Fifth Key

"I'm not the one trespassing! This is MY Fortress!" Aiko glared spitefully at the Vampiric Hikari. His hands were twitching sporadically, as if just dieing to wrap themselves around something, or more likely, someone. His glare was venomous in its intensity. "What are you doing here?" he spat once again, repeating himself for what was probably the fifth time, depending on how you looked at it.

"I'm here looking for a Key, Aiko-sama." Satoshi still felt like backing up wearily but managed to hold his ground. Had Satoshi's heart still been able to beat it would only just have been slowing down.

There had always been a lot of stories floating around about Master Aiko, from when Satoshi was still just a young Vampire. There were stories of his strength, of his iron rule; they were stories bad enough to make a young Demon quake in their boots. It was only wise that Satoshi was being cautious.

"Key?" a slightly confused shadow of an expression melded over Aiko's dark expression for a moment almost to brief to note. "Which Key?" a calculating look over took his face whilst he waited for an answer. Aiko had not completely stopped his pacing, though it had slowed. He was too restless to stop his patterned gait.

"To the Gates of Heaven," Satoshi answered cautiously, though his cautiousness didn't show in his hard cobalt blue eyes or body language. He had regained his stoic presence, after a bit of work admittedly. Satoshi's eyes scanned around the room, searching for any hint of hidden doors. There had been enough already. Who was to know if getting to the Key would take him through another?

"Aah," Aiko nodded shortly in comprehension. The smug smirk that came next would have been a bit worrying for anybody.