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Kerry could hear her parents talking in the kitchen.

"Should we tell her" Kerry's mom Elizabeth Weaver said.

"No we said we would tell her when she was old enough to understand" Henry Weaver Kerry's dad said.

"Henry she's 10 years old and she's mature for her age" Elizabeth replied.

Kerry's POV

I was in the living room watching my favorite TV show . I wanted to know what my parents where talking about. So I grabbed my crutch and walked into the kitchen.

"Tell me what" I said.

"Nothing honey go back and do whatever you were doing" My mom said. So I went back into my room and started working on my school project.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kerry Elizabeth Weaver. Kerry after my grandmother who died a few weeks after I was born and Elizabeth after my mom. I am 10 years old and in grade 5. I am the smartest in my class. I don't really have many friends because I'm the teachers pet and also I use a crutch. My parents told me it was because I had something called congenital hip dysplasia. I have it because I was born breach which means my bottom came out first instead of my head.

"Kerry dinners ready" My mom yelled up the stairs. I looked down at my paper. I was supposed to be writing about things that live in the ocean but I was day dreaming instead. I got up and walked down stairs. My mom and dad had already sat down.

"Kerry were moving" My dad said

"Where" I asked him.

"Africa" My mom replied.

"Why" I asked.

"Because its for my work" My dad said.

"Fine" I said. The rest of dinner was silent. I was sort of happy we were moving. Maybe I would make some friends in Africa. When I went to bed that night I dreamed of what life would be like in Africa. Then my mom came and woke me up.

"Mom its 7 AM on a Saturday" I said.

"Yes but we have to pack were leaving tomorrow" my mom said. So I got my suitcase out of my closet and put it on the bed. I packed a few clothes and books. My dad came in the room with a lot of big boxes. He took apart my bed and desk. My mom had been packing everything else.

I did have one friend. Her name was Emily. She lived across the street from my house. I could see her bedroom light on from my window.

"Mom can I go say goodbye to Emily" I asked my mom.

"Fine" my mom said. So I walked across the street over to Emily's house.

I knew her so well I didn't have to ring the doorbell. Her mom was dusting the living room.

"Hi Kerry Emily is in her room" told me.

"OK" I said. I walked up the stairs and knocked on Emily's door.

"Em can I come in its Kerry" I asked.

"Sure" Emily replied.

I sat on her bed. She was organizing her stuffed animals.

"I'm moving" I told her. "I will never see you again" I added. Then we both burst into tears. A few minutes later I told Emily "I guess I should go home".

"I'm going to miss you" Emily told me.

"I'll miss you too" I replied. Then I walked back home.

My mom had lunch on the table.

"Sit down and eat lunch Kerry" She said. I sat down at the table and put a tuna sandwich on my plate.

"I know this is hard for you Kerry but its important for your father he goes" My mom said.

"I know" I said. "I know" so after I finished my lunch I decided to go and pack the stuff that was in the basement. I found some old crafts I did in kindergarten. Then I found a piece of paper it said

I Helen Mary Kingsley give up care of my son/daughter to Elizabeth Anne Weaver and Henry William Weaver.

I wondered what it was but I just put it in the box my parents told me to put important papers in. I packed some other toys and stuff and went back upstairs. My dad was packing the things in the living room.

"Dad what about school" I asked him.

"We sent a letter to your teachers" My dad replied.

"Am I still going to go to school" I asked.

"Your mother will home school you" he replied.

"Will that lower my grade point average" I asked.

"Your 10 years old don't worry about that sort of thing yet" My dad replied.

"Will we come back" I said.
"Back where" he asked.

"To the states" I said.

"I don't know" He replied. "I just don't know".

"That night as I lay awake in my room in my sleeping bag I couldn't help but wonder what Africa would be like. Soon I fell asleep.

At 4 AM my mom woke me up to go to the air port. The moving truck was going to take our things to the airport and a plane would fly them to Africa. Wee got on the plane.

A stewardess walked up. "Would anyone like something to drink" She asked. Her name tag said Sally.

"Waters fine" My mom replied.

Sally picked up the pitcher of water on her trolley and poured 3 glasses. She handed one to my mom one to me and one to my dad. The rest of the flight was uneventful. A few hours later the plane landed. We got the carry on bags we had brought and traveled by jeep to the reserve we would live on. There was a tent that had all our stuff. I found the box with the books and took out my math text book to review while my parents were at some welcome feast that I wasn't aloud to attend. I saw a boy walk over to me. I was sitting on a rock that was outside the tent.

"My name is Mlungisi what's yours" He asked me.

Kerry" I replied.

"That's a nice name" He said.

"Thanks" I answered.

The next few years Mlungisi and I became inseparable. We did are lessons together. He killed a lion to protect me once even. That was really scary. Then one day a few weeks before my 13th birthday my parents said to me "Kerry we are going back to Wisconsin"

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