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"Are you ready to go honey" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes" I replied and got out of the car. I walked up the front steps of the school and saw the office. I walked inside and said the the secretary "Hello I'm a new student"
"Whats your name" She asked me.

"Kerry Weaver" I replied.

"Okay Princeple Walker's office is right there" she pointed to a office across the hall.

I walked over and knocked on his door.

"come in" he said.

"hi I'm a new student. My name is Kerry Weaver" I said.

"oh yes I'll take you to your homeroom"

"Your Teacher is named " Principle walker said as we walked down the hallway.

and I walked down the hallway. We stopped at a door marked room 112.

"Class this is a new student Kerry Weaver she came here all the way from Africa" The principle said

"Welcome" said. "You can sit over there" she pointed to a desk in the corner of the room.

I had almost finished my math sheet when a boy asked me "Is that your natural haircoler?"

"Yes" I replied.

He said to the girl beside him "That's the hair coler I want"
"Hi I'm Leah and this is Thomas" The girl said.

"Its nice to meet you. Do you know where room 205 is" I asked them.

Thomas took my schedule and said "I think that's in the back building"
"Yeah that's in the back building don't worry we'll take you" Leah replied.

When math was over we got out in the hallway and walked outside. We were halfway through the back field and I didin't see the building "Um where is this back building" I asked.

"It burned down last year" Leah said.

"Don't worry we won't get you in trouble were your friends" Thomas said.

We sat outside for a little while talking about my expirance in Africa and some art shows Leah had been in.

"How do you spell your name Kerry" Leah asked,

"k-e-r-r-y" I replied.

"Here this is your guide to Westside "Leah handed me several sheets of paper.

"The one group you must stay away from is the popular girls" Thomas said.

"Theres there gym class now" Leah replied.

Leah pointed to a short girl about my height with long blond hair "That one there is Lucy Peterson she is the dummest girl ever"

"Last year she asked me how to spell orange" Thomas said.

Then Leah pointed at a girl a little taller then Lucy with curly brown hair "That's Victoria Hopkins. She thinks shes all popular cause her father is this big city lawyer"
"Shes full of secrets that's why her hair is so big " Thomas said.

Leah pointed to a girl with very bleach blond hair that went down to her waist who was being carried by 4 football players.

"That's Lisa Andrews she's the queen of them"

"Wow" I replied

"Yep big wow" Thomas replied.

I walked into the cafeteria and saw Leah waving towards me so I started to walk towards her but when I walked by the popular girls Lisa said "wait a minute sit down"

I sat. "Hi I'm Lisa"
"I'm Kerry"

"I love your necklace where did you get it" Lisa asked.

"My mom made it for me" I replied.

"It looks African" Victoria said.
"It is That's where I used to live" I said.

"Cool do you want to have lunch with us" Lisa asked me.

"Lisa" Victoria said.

"Hold on a minute" Lisa said to me. She whispered something to Victoria and Lucy.

"We agreed to let you have lunch with us for the rest of the week" Victoria said very exited.

Later that day in the washroom Leah said "You have to do it. You can tell me all the horrible things they say" Leah says and starts laughing.

"What are we supposed to talk about" I asked

"I don't know make-up or boys or something" Leah replied.

I went home and Elizabeth and Henry were out on the front porch
"How was your first day?" Elizabeth asked.

"Fine" I replied.
"Did you make any friends?" Henry asked.

"Yeah" I said

I walked upstairs and did my homework.

The next day I woke up and remember Lucy telling me "On Tuesdays we wear pink"

I realized I only had a pink scarf and a pink sweater which I never wore. I figured I had to wear them so I got on a pair of jeans, a white shirt, the pink sweater and my shoes.

When I got to school Lisa was standing at the front stairs.

"Do you want to go shopping with us afterschool?" she asked.

"Sure" I replied and put on a fake smile.

At lunch Victoria told me all the rules of the popular group.

After school we got into Lisa's car and she drove to the middle of town where all the good stores were.

"Come on lets go to the dress shop I have to get a dress for spring formal" Lisa said.

Lisa tried on the dress and said "It still doesn't fit I must loose 5 pounds"

I got a idea "My mom has these energy bars that make you lose a lot of weight" I said.

Really they made you gain a ton of weight. My mom used them to feed the children in Africa.

"That would be great" Lisa said to me.

For first term before the holidays I realized another trick I could play besides Lisa gaining all that weight.

That morning in history class when Thomas came to the class to hand out candy canes he said "One for Jane, wow 4 for Anna, one for Kerry and none for Victoria" He said and left the room.

"Whos that from" Victoria asked I read the card "To Kerry best friends forever love Lisa. Aww that's so sweet" I said.

We were backstage at the chrimas concert. The four of us were going to sing Jingle Bell Rock.

"Now Kerry, Lisa, Victoria and Lucy singing Jingle Bell Rock" Principle walker said.

We walked on stage and started to sing


Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

Jingle bells swing and jingles bell ring

Snowing and blowing and bushles of fun

Now the jingle hop has begun


jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

Jingle bells chime and jingle bells time

Dancing and prancing in jingle bell square in the frosty air


What a bright time it's the right time to rock the night away

Jingle bell time is a swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh


giddy up jingle horse pick up your feet

jingle around the clock

mix and a mingle in the jingle bell beat

that's the jingle bell rock


jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

jingle bells chime and jingle bells time

dancing and prancing in jingle bell square

in the frosty air


what a bright time it's the right time

to rock the night away

jingle bell time is a swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh

giddy up jingle horse pick up your feet

jingle around the clock

mix and a mingle in the jingle bell beat

that's the jingle bell rock

that's the jingle bell

that's the jingle bell

that's the jingle bell rock

I had chrismas with my family and when I came back to school Victoria told me all of Lisa's secrets.

One day in between classes when we were re applying are make up Victoria said to me

"Every Tuesday Lisa goes into the props room near the auditorium and cheats on Sam(her boyfriend) with Dave Allister"

I told this to Thomas and he came up with a plan.

I was talking to Sam and Thomas came up and stole my purse. When we went into the props room we saw Sarah Black with coach Horton.

I told Sam that Lisa had been cheating on him and he broke up with her. I realized that he might date me. Lisa wasent are friend anymore because she had been wearing sweat pants(Since all her other pants and skirts were to small)and sweat pant aren't aloud in the popular group. I was the new Queen Bee.

Henry and Elizabeth went out of town and left me alone. I had planned to have a small get together but I guess word got spread.

I was up stairs putting on my new black dress and I walked downstairs where Victoria and Lucy were waiting.

"You look awesome" Lucy said. The door bell rang and about a million kids walked inside.

It was only 8:00 and my house was a mess. There were spills everywhere. Some football players had broken Elizabeth's African Trible vases. I went upstairs to look for Sam. I walked into the bathroom and Victoria was in there kissing her boyfriend Alex.

I walked into my parents room where a boy and girl I didn't know were making out.
"Get out" I said. They left.

I walked into my room where Sam was looking at pictures of Mlungisi and I.

"There you are" I said.

"Yeah I'm here" he replied.

"Are you having a good time" I asked.

"Yeah its great" Sam replied.

We sat down on the bed.

"I lied" I said,

"When did you lie" Sam asked me.

"I pretended to be bad at math to get your attention" I replied.

"Why would you do something like that" Sam said.

"Well Lisa had all your attention she was following you around likeā€¦like she was your puppy" I replied.

"You know your just as bad as she is" Sam asked. I could the vomit in my throat rising cause I had been drinking then I threw up all over Sam.

The party eventually died and I went outside to think when Leah's car pulled up. She stormed out and started yelling at me "Forget to invite us to your party huh well you know what Kerry go to Hell. I'm not your friend anymore" she got back in her car and sped away.

When I went to school on Monday the nominees for spring formal queen were announced.

"The nominees are Lisa Andrews, Victoria Hopkins, Leah Long and Kerry Weaver" The secretary said over the P.A system.

I looked over at Leah and Thomas and Thomas was laughing "I couldent help it" he said.

During my 5th period health class me, Victoria , Lucy and I got called to the principles office. When we walked in we saw principle Walker with the "burn book" as we called it lying open on is desk.

"We didn't write that. Lisa did" Victoria says.

" why would call herself a "ugly slut"" principle walker says.

Lucy starts to laugh.

" this is no laughing matter" Principle Walker says.

"your all suspended for one day"he says.

Elizabeth and Henry grounded me.

The next night was the spring formal. I went with Lucy since me and her were the only ones without dates. At 8:00 when the nominees were announced all of us were up on stage. Marcie Wallerson (head of student councel) was on stage about to announce the winners.

"the winner for King is Dave Allister" She said.

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO" he said as he walked onstage and got his crown.

"And the winner for Queen is Kerry Weaver" a gasp came up from the crowd.

"I don't want it" I said and broke it into small pieces.

"I think everybody is royalty tonight" I said and threw the pieces into the crowd.

A few weeks later I graduated from grade 8 and spent the summer in Africa with my parents and got to see Mlungisi again.

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