The Choice

Chapter 1

Theresa knew that she and Little Ethan were gonna have to hurry if they were gonna catch up to Ethan at the airport.

"How could he leave to rescue our daughter without telling me?" Theresa thought.

When Theresa arrived at the airport, she took Little Ethan by the hand and they ran to the terminal where Ethan's plane was preparing to take off.

"Whew!" Theresa exclaimed in relief when she saw that Ethan's plane was still there.

"Wait a second," Ethan said as Theresa and Little Ethan boarded the private jet. "What do you think you're doing?"

"We're going with you to rescue Jane," Theresa replied. "But in the meantime, I really need to talk to you about the decision you're gonna have to make once we get to the Crane Compound."

"What decision, Theresa?" Ethan asked.

"You know very well what decision, Ethan," Theresa replied. "You're gonna have to choose between me and Gwen once and for all."

"Theresa, not now," Ethan said. "As soon as I know that Fox and the others are all right, I'll make my decision. Until then, I would appreciate it if you would stay off my back about it."

"No, Ethan," Theresa replied. "I will NOT get off your back about this. I need to know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with—me or Gwen?"

"Look, Theresa, I told you I'd make my decision once we get to the Crane Compound," Ethan replied. "Could we please talk about something else until then?"

"Okay," Theresa replied. "We can discuss Gwen's upcoming trial."

"Theresa," Ethan said. "There will be no trial because I got my dad to drop all the charges before I left."


"Theresa, she was out of her mind!" Ethan replied.

"I could care less about her mental state, Ethan," Theresa said. "She has ALWAYS been unstable—both mentally AND emotionally, okay, so don't even try to play on my sympathy because I have none for Gwen. I know this sounds harsh, but it's the truth."

"Theresa, please—" Ethan began.

"Please what, Ethan?" Theresa answered back. "The second Gwen found out you were in love with me she made it her life's mission to make my life a living nightmare."

"Come on, Theresa," Ethan said. "You don't really believe that do you?"

"Yes, I do," Theresa replied. "In fact, I plan on refiling ALL the charges against Gwen as soon as I return to Harmony. I also plan on obtaining a permanent restraining order keeping Gwen and her mother from coming within one thousand feet of me AND my children."

"You wouldn't really do that, would you Theresa?" Ethan asked.

"Yes, Ethan, I would," Theresa replied. "And that's just for starters. I know Gwen will use the insanity defense at her trial, but it won't matter if she does or doesn't. If she uses the insanity defense, she's going to the state mental hospital; furthermore, if she doesn't, she's going to the state penitentiary. Either way, she's up the river, Ethan, and you know it. As for Rebecca, I plan on charging her with aiding and abetting a known fugitive, accessory to kidnapping, and harassment. That way, I won't have to worry about any interference from her, because she'll be going away for a long, long time."

Moments later, the jet arrived at its destination. Once it came to a standstill, Ethan, Theresa, and Little Ethan made their way to the Crane Compound.