TITLE: No Longer


DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, just this story and the made up stuff about this show…such as Tristan Dugrey this late in the show or them getting married.

SUMMARY: Tristan divorces Rory, but fate disagrees.


'Yes, Mr. Dobkins…I really appreciate it.' Rory said and hung up the phone.

She had finalized her divorce to Tristan DuGrey just a year ago. Her lawyer had called just to make sure everything was going well. They had been married for two years when Tristan, ironically, wanted a divorce from her. Because Tristan was one of the richest men in Hartford, with no help from his parents, the divorce was somewhat public.

Rory got up from her desk. She was a well-known journalist for the Hartford Paper, which unfortunately made the divorce even more public. As well she wrote books. She walked to cafeteria and got lunch. She sat down and read a magazine.

Her mind wandered back to Tristan though. She missed him still...she hadn't seen him in over a month, and tomorrow was her birthday. Even at turning 26 her grandmother still found it acceptable to throw her a party, and Tristan was most likely going to be there. Her birthday was on a Friday that year so she didn't have to worry about work the next day. She could get drunk and be allowed a hangover the next morning.

She finished her lunch and went back to her office. She finished her story for that day and went home to the house that Tristan and her used to share, until he moved out. The house was not large but it was a little big for one person, but Rory kept it anyway. She ate her dinner around seven and then retreated to her room to sleep.

She woke up early the next morning to a ringing phone. She mumbled and picked her phone up answering it.


L-Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthdau mini-me, happy birthday to you!

R-Thanks, but how in gods name did you manage to get up at…6:30?

L-I am married to Luke aren't I?

R-yea, that's true.

L-Oh, here he wants to say hello.

L-hey Rory, happy birthday!

R-Thanks luke! Does this mean I get more coffee?


R-Damn, but hey a girl can dream.

L-So feeling any older?


L-You will tonight, don't worry.

R-So my mom made you go too.

L-Rory, I'm a different story…you're the birthday girl you HAVE to go, but me, I'm just your stepfather.

R-Will you go for me?

L-Sure, here's your mom again.


L-So, my daughter's 26! It's just all so exciting!

R-for who? You or me?

L-Is this about Tristan?

R-No, well I don't know, it's just even though we were not happy together, we still put all that aside and we celebrated my birthday like old times. Now, well he probably doesn't even know it's my birthday.

L-So he didn't call you?

R-Mom…..it's only 6:30.

L-Mom said he wasn't coming tonight.


L-Yea, look, I'll let you get some more birthday sleep and I'll see you tonight.


L-Love you.

R-Love ya too.


Continuation next chapter…