TITLE: No Longer


DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, just this story and the made up stuff about this show…such as Tristan Dugrey this late in the show or them getting married.

SUMMARY: Tristan divorces Rory, but fate disagrees.

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No Longer:

'Remind me again why we had this at our house?' Rory sighed plopping down onto the sofa next to Tristan.

'I believe we agreed that it would be much more special to us if we had it in the "comfort of our home" as you put it.' Tristan said looking at Rory and taking her hand in his.

'Why didn't you gag me?' Rory asked. They had just spent two hours cleaning the remains of the trash from the ceremony.

'I didn't think you were that kind of person, Mary.' He said smirking.

'Well you've been married to me long enough.' She retorted smiling.

'Done!' Dana yelled appearing. Ben was behind her holding a small wrapped gift.

'Thank god, what about Nana, Tori, Grandpa Luke, Aaron, and Georgia?' Rory asked. They had all been assigned a part of the house to clean.

'Almost done.' Ben nudged Dana. She nodded and pushed him ahead.

'Umm, I didn't want to come empty handed so I brought you both something. I didn't know what to get, so I hope it's okay.' He said holding out the present.

'Oh you didn't have to!' Tristan said. Rory elbowed him.

'Ow! What did you do that for?'

'I like presents. Here you can give it to me.' Rory said smiling. Ben smiled and handed it to her. She unwrapped it and uncovered a silver picture frame that had an elegant design of jewels around it.

'Oh wow, thanks Ben.' Rory said sincerely. Tristan nodded in agreement.

'You're welcome. I hope you can use it.'

'I'm sure we will.'

'See I told you they would like it.' Dana piped up.

'So while you two are here, we have some matter's to discuss. Take a seat.' Tristan said. They obeyed and pulled up a chair and sat across from them.

'You seemed to have disappeared today.'

'I had to go to the bathroom and Dana was showing me where it was.' He said quickly. Tristan looked at Rory who raised her eyebrows.

'I assume you two are a thing now, am I right?' They both looked at each other and nodded.

'Ben you hurt her, your ass is in deep shit, excuse my French.' Tristan said.

'I got that sir, but I wasn't planning on hurting her.'

'Kid, they never are. Just…she's special.'

'I know.' He agreed. Tristan smiled.

'Dana your mom and I trust you and we allow you to do a lot. Don't give us a reason to rethink that.'

'I'll try my best.'

'Can't you just agree to it and spare us the head ache?' Rory asked frowning.

'Yes mom.' Dana said smiling.

'Good, now Ben…' Rory started.


'My mom will be here watching Dana and her sister. I lived with her 24/7 for 18 years so I know how she works. Chances are she'll pretend she's still a teenager and flirt with you. Tristan can support that statement. She'll probably give you a talk too, but it'll be more direct, more uncomfortable, and definitely more intense. You may just want to have a tissue handy in case you start to sweat.'

'Mom! Can't you like tell her not too or something?'

'Dana you do understand what you just asked me to do, right?' Rory asked furrowing her eyebrows.

'Yea, never mind.' Dana mumbled.

'Is she really like that?' Ben asked hesitantly.

'No, my mom was under exaggerating.' Dana said annoyed.

'The best advice I can give you Ben, since well I was in the same shoes as you a while back, is to be honest and tell her your answers. Oh and don't try to weasel out of a question, she's too quick for that.' Tristan said hopefully.

'I'M DONE! I'M DONE! THREE CHEERS FOR ME I'M DONE!' Lorelai called jumping up and down until she came into the room and took a deep breath. She developed a guilty look on her face.

'I think I just knocked four of your pictures of the wall.' Lorelai said before turning around and confirming her suspicion.

'And since we know that you're that awesome, we know that you'll hang them back up!' Rory said happily. Lorelai stuck her tongue out and hung the picture's up. She came back with Luke.

'Wow, what a party today!' Luke commented.

'So what's it like to be officially married…again?' Lorelai asked.

'I have a feeling I'm going to love it.' Rory said smiling to Tristan. He smiled back and pulled her tighter to him.

'Holy cow, why did you get such a big house?' Tori asked breathing heavily and appearing. Georgia appeared moments later.

'We had this house built for us.' Tristan said.

'Okay, then why did you get it built so big?'

'We wanted to make sure we were ready to have anything we wanted in the house.' Rory said smiling. Tori nodded confusingly.

'I need to get going.' Ben said looking at his watch. They nodded and Dana walked him outside.

'I should really go too.' Georgia said.

'What?' Rory asked surprised.

'Well I have a few more stops I wanted to get to, and I need to get back to Boston for work by Tuesday.'

'Okay, well I'm glad you came. It means a lot to me.' Rory said standing up and hugging Georgia.

'It meant a lot to me that you accepted me.' Rory nodded.

'You have our number, don't forget to call now, okay?' Tristan asked also hugging her. She nodded and smiled then went to hug Tori. Dana came back inside.

'Hey Dana, I need to go, but we'll all be in contact.' Dana nodded and hugged her.

'I know we're not related, but don't punish yourself because of Christopher, okay? You're welcome here and in Stars Hollow, anytime. Okay?' Lorelai said hugging her too. She nodded and got her bag before leaving.

'Lorelai, we should get going, Aaron you too. Wait, where's Aaron?' Luke said. Everyone looked around but didn't see Aaron.

'Relax, I'm right here.' Aaron said appearing. He was holding a box, but it looked like he was having trouble. He set the box down and they all noticed that it was moving.

'Umm Aaron, why is that box…shaking?' Rory asked.

'Well this is your wedding gift from me.' He said and opened the box. A small brown dog stood up leaning against the top of the box peering out.

'Oh my god, you did not get me a dog!' Rory squeaked jumping up.

'Yea, I got it for all of you, not just you.' Aaron said smiling at Rory who was already playing with him. Dana and Tori walked over and sat down. Tristan stood up and peered down at the confused baby dog.

'What kind of dog is it?' Tori asked.

'It's a beagle.'

'Apple has a new friend now!' Dana said.

'Who's Apple?' Aaron asked.

'My dog. We leave her in a room when company is over. She's getting old so she doesn't bark much anymore.' Tristan explained bending down and picking up the tiny dog.

'Can I see her?' he asked. Dana nodded and went to open a door. She returned with a golden retriever following her.

'She's a good secret.' Lorelai said impressed. Tristan shrugged and kneeled down and allowed Apple to come near the small dog that squirmed in his arms.

'Shh, it's okay.' Tristan said. Apple lost interest and walked away towards Lorelai who ended up cornered by the dog before she moved on to Luke and then Aaron.

'Thanks Aaron, this is an awesome present.' Tristan said.

'Mhmmmm.' Rory agreed taking the dog from Tristan's arms.

'Sure, your welcome. So I need to get going. I've got a date with Kira.'

'You two getting serious?' Rory asked.

'We'll see.' He said smiling and hugging everyone. Luke and Lorelai then did the same and followed Aaron out.

'I'll see you girls in the morning.' Lorelai called before she shut the door.

'Can we see him walk?' Rory nodded and put down the dog. He sniffed the rug and took baby steps.

'So who watches him while we're gone?' Tristan asked.

'Mom will tell Aaron to come over I'm sure.' Tristan nodded and took a bowl out of the cabinet. He filled it with water and placed it in front of the dog. The dog took a few sips and then sneezed. Later they had dispersed into their rooms. Rory and Tristan were finishing the details of packing for their trip and Dana and Tori were in the family room playing with both dogs.

'There, my suitcase is done.' Rory said zippering the overstuffed suitcase shut. Tristan zippered his duplicate suitcase shut but he had space left.

'You know Rory, we are going for a week slash eight days. I really don't think you need that much.'

'But everything in there is for your own benefit.' Rory said frowning.

'Well if that's the case.' Tristan said lacing their hands together.

'So what time is our flight tomorrow morning?'

'8:43 I believe.' Tristan said.

'Eww.' Rory said frowning. Tristan shrugged and lifted both suitcases off the bed and onto the floor next to the door so they could easily get them the next morning. Rory yawned.

'What time is it?' she asked.

'9:30.' Tristan said looking at the digital clock on his nightstand.

'I think I'm gonna get ready for bed now. I'm pooped.' Rory said not bothering to even be discreet when she took her top off. Tristan walked over to her and ran his hand over her stomach.

'You're getting bigger.' He said smiling sweetly.

'Yea, I know.' She said covering her hand. He kissed her and moved his hands to her waist and pulled her close to his body. Rory broke the kiss.

'I'm cold, I need a shirt.' She said showing him the goose bumps on her arms. He allowed her to get a shirt and smiled when she pulled one of his t-shirts out of her pajama drawer.

'I think I've found the thief who keeps taking all of my shirts.'

'What's yours is mine, remember?'

'Oh yea, I remember, I just haven't noticed that you wear my shirts now.

'Well I figure I mine as well get used to it since I wont be able to fit into much of my stuff once I get bigger.' He nodded and handed her a pair of shorts from her drawer as she took her pants off. She pulled them on and climbed onto the bed. Tristan joined her having taken off his pants. Moments later, Dana and Tori, each bringing a dog entered their room and sat on the bed in front of Rory and Tristan. Dana helped Apple onto the bed, while Tori had been carrying the new dog and sat him down in her criss-crossed legs.

'Before you both leave we need to name him.' Tori said.

'Okay, well what could we name him?' Tristan asked.

'Can I say that dad can't give us his opinions?' Dana asked. Rory and Tori looked at the two of them with confused expressions on their faces.

'She still cant get over the fact that I named Apple, Apple because it was her favorite food and then just resorting to calling her girl.' Tristan explained.

'Dana's right, you don't have a say.' Rory said furrowing her eyebrows at Tristan. He pouted but then smiled nonetheless.

'How about Rover?' Tori said excitedly.

'How about no?' Dana retorted back.

'Oh, I know! Sandy!' Rory said.

'What is this? Let's see how many names from Annie we can come up with? Why not just name the thing Annie or Molly?'

'Those are girls names doofus, this is a boy!' Tori said sticking her tongue out.

'Umm Brownie, since he's all brown and stuff?' Dana suggested. They all smiled and laughed. Apple let out a low bark, which caused the baby dog to let out one his own. It came out as a squeak.

'What a rookie.' Tristan said. They all laughed.

'Hey what about Rookie?' Tori said.

'I like it!' Dana said.

'Me too! Good job, Tori.' Rory agreed which made Tori smile. Tristan scoffed and shook his head.

'What?' Rory asked.

'I'm the one who said Rookie.' Tristan explained.

'Oh…well good job.' Rory said. It wasn't enthusiastic but it didn't matter.

'Hey Rookie.' Dana cooed to the dog who let out a stronger less pitiful bark. The camera panned out on the scene showing the four of them plus two dogs sitting on the bed together.

No longer a missing piece, the puzzle now fit together…perfectly.

No longer sad tears, fore now they were happy.

No longer hoping and wishing, they had almost everything they'd ever wanted.

No longer confused, almost everything made sense now, even the small bark of the new dog.

And no longer apart, they were all now complete, and they were to remain like that…always.




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